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HitOrGetHit 01-17-2013 09:58 AM

***MMAF All Access***--January, 2013--
MMAF All Access

MMAF All Access is back! It is new and improved and we are ready to get going! You will get all of your forum announcements from the Staff. You will be taken around MMA Forum with our most popular threads. Last but not least, there is the part that everyone always loves at the end. Our MMAF spotlight where we will get to know our members better every month! So kick back, relax, grab that cup of coffee and enjoy!

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MMAF Spotlight

This month's issue will focus on one of our staff members. He is one of the most active members on our forum, and he also happens to be one of the nicest people around.

Continue ...

What's up Bud? How has life been treating you?
Life has treated me very well. I stay busy, and I stay happy. That and I get paid to go to school, so what's not to love?

Let's give the people of MMAF some insight into your life.

What is your real name?
Jacob - of Twilight fame.

Do you, or have you ever trained in any martial arts? If so, which ones?
I've done a little BJJ, mostly for social reasons as well as the fitness aspect of it. Never competitively.

I also did a bit of wrestling back in my highschool days, that's ages ago though.

What are your hobbies outside of MMA?
Well I love - LOVE - surfing and skating, those are my two big passions. Other than that I love older cars (Used to own an '82 Mazda RX-7), making short films with my mate who's a pro, gaming/getting nerdy, MMA and just hanging out with friends and family.

Also, one of my biggest interest is social education (In which I'll be getting my Bachelor's degree on monday if everything goes well)

I work in a pre-school institution and enjoy studying how children learn and develop both socially and individually.

A gamer huh? I must say I am a pretty big one myself. What is your favorite type of game and do you have a favorite?
Well as you can see from this screenshot I have a lot of games on my computer ATM. I'm currently on my seventh (or eigth?) playthrough of FF7 which I would probably also say is my favorite game of all time.

I love almost every game in the Final Fantasy series, but I also have a passion for real time strategy like StarCraft and such :)

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
In five years I'll be working as a teacher for other people looking to get that Bachelor's degree I was just talking about.

I hope to have earned my Cand.mag. in teaching by then.

Also I'll hopefully still be enjoying life and still be bossing people around in here ;)

Let's talk some MMA!

Who is your absolute favorite fighter in the MMA world?
Well when I first started watching it was mr. Griffin. Then one day he fought this guy I didn't know very much about. But he got absolutely destroyed in that fight. And instead of hating this guy for humiliating my idol, I became a fan of his.

It's a lovestory that's lasted through 54 UFC PPVs now, and I'm proud to say that my boy is STILL the UFC MW champion.

Of course I'm talking about the man, the myth, the legend - Anderson Silva.

Would you rather see Silva fight GSP or Jon Jones?
Both fights would be very special and I'd also love to see both. I still think the fight with Bones is most intriguing, so that would be my first pick.

How do you think those two fights would turn out if they were to happen at some point?
Silva vs. GSP would have Silva coming in as the favorite in my opinion. He's better than GSP at boxing from the outside (Which is GSP's go to style when standing) and he's hard to take down when he catches on to your technique as seen in the second round of Silva vs. Sonnen II. Also he's bigger than GSP and a much more effecient fighter, he wouldn't be afraid to go for the kill if an opening presented itself.

As for Silva vs. Jones for the first time in his UFC career (Barring his debut and maybe his fight against Griffin) he would be coming in as an underdog and deservedly so. Jones is larger, longer and dangerous at all times. How it would play out I have no idea, which is why I want to see it. Come on Dana! :)

Who do you think is the best MMA striker in the world?
Even if I was trying to look at this objectively, I'd still have to give to Anderson. The things he has done in the Octagon are just other-worldly. His clowning of Griffin, the knees against Sonnen and Bonnar. His general smoothness and mastery of almost every exchange he enters is just awe-inspiring.

How about wrestler?
I am a sucker for some Grecko-Roman wrestling and all-time it's between Randy and Hendo. Currently I'm gonna give it to Jones though - he's just so smooth with his TDs while controlling his opponents upper body and manipulating his movements to his will.

Don't like the guy - love his fighting though :)

And grappler?
There are a lot of very good grapplers out there that have adopted well to MMA. Some of my favorite moments in MMA has been submissions.

Diaz subbing Gomi, Andy saving his title against Sonnen, Chonan doing something ugly to Andy, Werdum finishing Fedor, Rousey subbing 68 people in a row and the list goes on.

The best grappler currently in MMA though has to be Vinny Magalhaes, that cat is smoooooth!

What are you top 5 favorite fights?
I might have to list a few more than just five, I apologize :p

In no particular order:
- Hendo vs. Shogun
- Lauzon vs. Varner (His fight with Miller was epic as well)
- Griffin vs. Bonnar (For historical significance as well)
- Silva vs. Sonnen I
- Henderson vs. Cerrone I
- Henderson vs. Pettis
- Diaz vs. Gomi
- Garcia vs. Jung I
- Sanchez vs. Guida

And many more - don't want to bore you.

Who do you think will win the upcoming fight between Vitor Belfort and Michael Bisping and how do you see the fight ending?
I think Bisping has a decent shot a winning, at least a better shot than many people seem to give him. He has great defensive wrestling so he will probably control where the fight takes place. He needs to stay on the outside and circle away from Vitor's power (Don't want another Hendo'esque highligh do we?) and pepper Vitor a bit when the opportunity presents itself. That way, he can win this fight.

Of course we all know how hard Vitor hits and he can submit people if need be. So it could end in a flash.

My prediction is Bisping via descision. If it ends before then - Vitor.

How do you feel about Strikeforce being gone?
It's always sad to see a competitor to Zuffa's throne go. But to be fair SF was already a shell of it's former self. Since Zuffa bought them it has been heading this way, slowly but surely.

I'm very glad that Bellator has upped their game though so.. GO WATCH BELLATOR PEOPLE - IT'S AWESOME!

How do you think the top talent from Bellator would stack up against the top talent in the UFC?
Well a lot of them would do decently, but probably not get near the titles anytime soon. Michael Chandler though would be very interesting and could fight his way into a title-fight I believe.

And I'm so psyched about Alvarez coming over, can't wait for him to get going!

What was your favorite Era in MMA?
Easy answer would probably be Pride vs. UFC era. But I'm gonna go a different route.

My favorite era in MMA is right now! 2013 has a lot of promise for MMA fans everywhere. From an injury standpoint it can only get better for the UFC. We also have Bellator on the rise. Women's divisions are growing, especially in Invicta and UFC has a women's fight headlining soon. Also the first openly gay fighter is headlining a UFC PPV soon which is awesome.

The future is bright and I can't wait to experience it!

As my farewell - A loveletter...
Oh MMA Forum, how I love you so. Posters far and wide, discussing that which we all love, MMA.

Seriously though, I love this place and I hope you guys never get tired of me. 'Cause you're never getting rid of me ;)

And big thanks goes out to Hit for putting this thing together and letting my 2010 self live his dream :)

That's all of the time we have this time MMAF! Thank you Budhisten for taking the time to answer some questions for us. Keep an eye on your inbox as YOU could be the next person featured. And as always be on the lookout for next month's issue of MMAF All Access!

luckbox 01-17-2013 12:55 PM

Always enjoyed these, glad they are back. Solid interview, I would have liked a bit more non-MMA questions, but still a fun read.

Budhisten 01-17-2013 01:10 PM

Great job mate - solid effort all around :)

LL 01-17-2013 01:25 PM

Very cool stuff, the interview with Budhi was awesome.

Killz 01-17-2013 02:17 PM

Awesome as always Hit!

Great interview too... Can't believe they let you near kids Bud :D

Budhisten 01-17-2013 02:18 PM


Originally Posted by Killz (Post 1696146)
Awesome as always Hit!

Great interview too... Can't believe they let you near kids Bud :D

They do - Believe it or not :p

Nah I take my work very seriously, unlike anything else in my life as you can see ;)

M.C 01-17-2013 05:33 PM

Good stuff, but can you guys interview someone who isn't a complete retard, please? :hug:

Nah, good stuff, glad to see this back.

Budhisten 01-17-2013 05:50 PM


Originally Posted by M.C (Post 1697018)
Good stuff, but can you guys interview someone who isn't a complete retard, please? :hug:

Nah, good stuff, glad to see this back.

Did not expect that from you :(

Bastard :p

M.C 01-17-2013 05:52 PM


Originally Posted by Budhisten (Post 1697074)
Did not expect that from you :(

Bastard :p

It's okay baby, I'll make it up to you tonight after Bellator. :wink03:

El Bresko 01-17-2013 09:37 PM

This is really cool guys, great idea.

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