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HitOrGetHit 07-24-2013 08:52 AM

***MMAF All Access***--July 2013--
MMAF All Access

MMAF All Access is back! It is new and improved and we are ready to get going! You will get all of your forum announcements from the Staff. You will be taken around MMA Forum with our most popular threads. Last but not least, there is the part that everyone always loves at the end. Our MMAF spotlight where we will get to know our members better every month! So kick back, relax, grab that cup of coffee and enjoy!

Forum Announcements

We would like to start off by welcoming our newest staff member to the team. We are sure he will do a fantastic job.

Ape City
The King of Apes
MMAF Member Groups are on the way! Public groups for your favorite fighters! Private groups for members that want their own group! Keep an eye out for the announcement regarding these groups!
Credits? What are they for? They used to be worth nothing. Soon they will be worth something! Make sure to make smart bets and save up your credits, as you may need them in the very near future!
We are still looking for Official MMAF Bloggers. If this interests you, be sure to get your blog going and keep posting content. Promote your blog in the appropriate threads and the staff just may come along and hook you up with your Official Blogger tag. Official Blogger's articles get priority when it comes to front page postings.

MMAF Spotlight

This month's spotlight features one of MMAF's most exceptional members. He is awesome to talk to on a daily basis and he won the MMAF member of the year award.

El Bresko
....Omar Comin'

Bresk! Let me start off by congratulating you on becoming the 2012 MMAF Member of the year!

How have you been?

I've been really, really good thanks. Traveling is one of my biggest passions in life and being able to do it while also training Muay Thai is nothing short of a dream for me. Life is amazing here, the people have nothing but they are happy. Everybody smiles, people in the Western world often act like they've got a shoe stuck up their arses and will think you are strange if you dare to smile at them or talk to them.

Let's get some insight on your life outside of the forum

What is your name?

My name is Matt.

Do you have any hobbies outside of MMA? Any other sports or forms of entertainment?

Training Muay Thai and NoGi, I played Basketball, Football (Soccer) and Rugby growing up but haven't played any of them since I left school. I love music and sometimes write and record some of my own. Good Television is a big thing for me and I am currently watching Parks and Rec, Community, Always Sunny and Shameless (US)

What kind of music do you record?

I am an MC, so I make hip hop music. I am really interested in starting an organic band with no manufactured beats, all real intruments.. I've never taken it that seriously, but I really enjoy it, maybe one day I'll record an album.

As most people know, you were in Thailand training. How is Thailand?

Thailand is incredible. I plan to eventually buy a property in Thailand and lease it out while I am not here. I've been living on a mountain in the jungle of Phuket for the last six weeks, looking after two Australian Bulldogs and nursing a stray dog back to health. When the owner returns I am moving on to another place, while I do have to pay for this one, it's only $90 per month including fridge with freezer, toilet, shower, tv, wifi and an airconditioner.

What was your favorite part about Thailand?

I love being able to wake up in the morning,y, smoke a joint and relax, then casually make my way down the mountain to breakfast, then hang out with some friends or relax some more, followed by intense training. I am doing my 2 favourite things every day. Fighting and relaxing.

I guess what I love the most about Thailand is how far Australian dollars will take you.

Tell us about the gym you were at. Their ser up, trainers, other fighters, etc...

Phuket Top Team is a world class training camp, as is evident by the quality and number of fighters that come through on a regular basis. It's not the largest gym as it is geared towards focusing on improvement for each individual student. The camp only accepts a maximum of 60 people training at one time, so every class you get 1on1 time with world class trainers.
There is two full size boxing rings, a large matted area outside for warming up with heavy bags and tear drop bags running on the outside. There is another small area just next to the main matted area with wallbags and some lighter bags aswell. This is the strength and conditioning and Muay Thai area.

Inside is a large airconditioned matted area for Wrestling, BJJ, Submission Grappling and MMA sparring.

This video was when it was first opened, some improvements have been made but it gives you a good idea.

Some of the trainers at Top Team are Prof. Olavo Abreu, Bellator fighters Anthony and Andrew Leone, JJ Ambrose, 2x Muay Thai world champ Nonsai Sor Sanyakorn, top 10 p4p Muay Thai of all time Samkor Kiatmontep and my coach, 1x Lumpinee Champion and 2x Rajadamnern Champion Kru Choek.

To be able to learn from and spar with guys of these levels of experience is a real blessing.

I am sure there is so much to take in training at a place like that, but what do you think is the best thing you took home with yourself after that experience!

I think I have really grown as a martial artist over the last 4 months that i've been here. I think the skills i've picked up while i've been here would have to be the best thing i'll be taking home. Well, either that or my 50 hours worth of ink that i'm soon getting done :D

I am sure a lot of people saw the toe injury in the WAYDRN thread. But for those that weren't in there, could you let us know how it happened and how it will set you back?

My motorbike's keystart wasn't working so I had to place it on to the bottom stand and kickstart it, as i was pulling it towards me and onto the bottom stand by toenail got somehow caught underneath and ripped up as if it were a bottlecap being popped right off. I am really unhappy about it because it has taken my last 9 days of training away from me. I was meant to finish training at the beginning of May and then do all my tattoos before I fly home on the 15th, but now I am just sitting in bed on Tramadol all day.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years from this very day?

In 5 years from this day I will be in an excellent financial situation with a property and gym of my own. Zero lending = Zero debt!

Definitely nothing wrong with that! And with that, lets switch gears and talk some MMA!

Who is your #1 favorite fighter on the face of the Earth?

You could probably guess it, but:
Anderson "the Spider" Silva!

The women of the MMA world are making some noise with a popular champion and some awesome fights. What are your views on women fighters in the UFC?

To me WMMA is just the same as normal MMA. I don't understand why people don't like watching the little guys or the girls fight.. I am a fan of MMA and it doesn't matter what sex you are or what size you are, the only thing that matters is whether you are skilled enough to be in the octagon. If there are enough "UFC worthy" women out there at 135 then by all means the division should be there, same goes for 115 and 105. I'm not interested in seeing girls, small guys or super heavyweights fight in the UFC if the reason is for anything other than their fighting ability.

While we are on the topic of WMMA, what do you think about Robda Rousey and Miesha Tate coaching on TUF?

I think it's cool, I think the other plan, i.e Men and women in the same house is a little bit gimmicky, but who knows? It could turn out interesting. I'll certainly give it a go.

Lets get some insight on what you like to see when watching an MMA event.

First off, where do you like to see the majority of a fight take place? Do you want to see a striking battle, and back and forth grappling contest, or maybe a little but of everything?

I like a bit of everything. I can appreciate a technical striking battle and I can appreciate a slugfest, I can appreciate a back and forth grappling contest and I can appreciate a Demian Maia V Jon Fitch.

Now that we know what you like to see during the fight, let's see what you like to see at the end.

What do you think is more impressive. A quick knockout, a submission made to look easy, or a dominating 5 round decision?

I think what Cain did to Bigfoot is the most impressive way to defeat somebody.
I am not impressed by people that can finish but never really try to and anybody can get KOed by the right shot. If I can give an example it would be Cain V JDS, 5 rounds of dominance shows a lot more than a flash KO.

Well, that is all of the time we have for this interview. This was definitely one of the more interesting ones we have had along the way. Everyone be sure to thank El Bresko for taking the time to be here with us. I am sure he accepts reps for his services!

Spite 07-24-2013 09:03 AM

I've gotta say I'm little envious of Bresko!

I'm settled with a wife and kid now, and although I've had plenty of fun a few years back and visited a lot of different countries, I would have loved to have lived a part of my life in a different culture!

Good interview, Bresko!

El Bresko 07-24-2013 09:36 AM

Haha, I completely forgot about this... Thanks Hit

M.C 07-24-2013 03:11 PM

Good stuff, I like reading these.

I didn't you were in Thailand training. Be careful you don't wind up training with Tong Po, he might paralyze you and your brother will have to defend your honor.

LizaG 07-24-2013 03:47 PM

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Yay for All Access! I don't think we do enough of these on here :D love 'em!

Ape City 07-24-2013 05:31 PM

This is the best one yet because it features me!

Seriously though I love these. Always fun to get to know one of our finest members better.

By the way my name is Matt too :cool02:

Killz 07-25-2013 07:01 AM


Originally Posted by M.C (Post 2182289)
Good stuff, I like reading these.

I didn't you were in Thailand training. Be careful you don't wind up training with Tong Po, he might paralyze you and your brother will have to defend your honor.

and you'd have to do this:

same outfit, obviously.

No_Mercy 07-25-2013 07:29 AM

Nat-su-kow...juss realized it translates to white warrior. :laugh:

Had some Thai food the other day. It's great to take off to travel and $90 for rent...damn!

Where's the next destination...

El Bresko 07-25-2013 09:14 AM


Originally Posted by No_Mercy (Post 2183361)
Nat-su-kow...juss realized it translates to white warrior. :laugh:

Had some Thai food the other day. It's great to take off to travel and $90 for rent...damn!

Where's the next destination...

Saving to buy a property for the next 12 months then back to Thailand for some more training, my back piece and some Laotian and Cambodian adventures. I can train at the gym I trained at a few years back in Laos. I also want to go to Indonesia to play with some Orangutans.

Check the Bellator section, I just posted a great interview.

@Ape, I've come across a ridiculous amount of Matts this year. I am starting to think that it is the most common male name among the western world.

LizaG 07-25-2013 01:13 PM

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[QUOTE=El Bresko;2183601]I've come across a ridiculous amount of Matts this year. QUOTE]

That is some weird fetish you got going on there!

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