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***Official*** MMA Forum All Access Interview... Week 3... Toxic

[OFFICIAL] MMAF All Access Thread

- Week 3 -
(Toxic interviewed by SpoKen)

What's good MMAF? Spoken here with Week 3 of MMAF All Access. This week we have our newly appointed Admin Toxic on deck! You all know Toxic, you all know the Respect My Authoritah!!!! But you may know him best by all of the artwork you see people using in their sigs and avys. Let's kick this off!


So Toxic, tell me why you love Rashad Evans? You don’t have the option of hating/disliking/not caring about him either.

Rashad is an entertaining fighter with heavy hands, good wrestling and great head and foot movement.

Nice! What made you become a fan of MMA?

I used to be a huge pro wrestling fan, and growing up in a small town (400ppl) there wasn't alot to do so I used to rent 7 movies (VHS) at that time it was 7 movies, 7 days for $7. Well I would rent WWF movies and WCW movies but along side them were UFC movies, now this was around 1995 but I assumed they would have some kind of storyline, assuming it was like real pro wrestling, so I started renting them with UFC 1. I still remember questioning its legitimacy till I put it in and saw the karate guy send Tela Tuli's teeth flying.

Well I would continue to watch UFC events and later KOTC events on VHS and later TUF but it wasn't until I went to college in 2001/2202 that PPV's were finally available although I couldn't afford them but went to school with a guy with a pirated sattelite so we would watch them on it. I was still into pro wrestling and later became a regular on a pro wrestling forum were in the MMA discussion thread I was first exposed to Pride which greatly intrigued me and sent me searching for more MMA, which exposed me to many more promotions from all over the world, eventually leading me here.

You do know DVDs were made back 1999? So if you had VHS up until 2001-2002... I'ma make fun of you.

I lived in a town of 400 there were about 15 DVD's to rent I had no use for a DVD player.

EXCUSES!! Anyways, do you have a favorite fighter or fighters?

Patrick Cote, Jeff Monson, BJ, GSP.

Who's your favorite non-UFC fighter? Boxer? Kickboxer?

Don't watch boxing, don't really have a favorite kickboxer but I always liked Badr Hari and watching him take out ubereem made my 2009 complete.

Which style of Martial Arts do you like seeing most?

I love two great ground fighters going at it, but even bad strikers are fun to watch bang so I will say stand up.

What was the first MMA fight you saw? If you can remember.

What ever opened UFC 1 I guess, but not live.

So you must post at sherdog too right? Because everyone there started with UFC 1 as well.

Like I said first even was UFC 1, let me be clear I sure as hell never watched UFC 1 even remotely around when it happened I just assumed you had to understand the plot lines.

Favorite kung fu movie?

Blood Sport, used to make a fort in front of the TV and watch it over and over, I still own it on Beta somewhere, (do I have to explain beta?)

What the hell is a beta? Was it for testing out VHS's? What is that I don't even...

Beta was the superior video, everyone knows Beta>VHS, and the video's still take up less space, embarassingly when Affliction 1 and the fight night were on the same time I taped the fight night using my Beta since I didn't have any blank VHS tapes. My wife asked me what the hell it was as the player is about two feet wide by a foot and a half deep by a bout 6 inches high.

Do you have an all time favorite fight or fights?

Tyson Griffen vs Thiago Tavares, Torres vs Maeda is probably the best fight I ever saw.

So, favorite fight featuring women?

Probably this past Fridays fight between Cyborg and Coenen, much better fight than I ever expected

Ok, now it's time for the Forum to know a bit about you personally. what is your name?


Ok Ryaaaan, how did you discover this forum?

I googled, MMA Forum looking for an MMA Forum, first result with the obvious name.

have you ever knocked anyone out? (Or beat someone down really badly)

I never knocked anybody out but I used to have a horrible temper that got me in alot of fights, I have choked somebody out though and broke somebodies arm.

You broke someone's arm?! Is it possible to get details?

He pushed me I grabbed him by his neck and tripped him, somehow he broke his arm, apparently I looked like an ass as everone there realized it was broken right away, except for me wh continued to punch him repeatedly. This got me pummeled by his friends pretty good.

What is the coolest feature an admin has?

The ability to ban Spoken is by far the best admin feature.

Oh what the hell?! You guys have a specific button for that!?

Yeah the spokenkill, it looks just like the spam kill button but the skull is black.

Aww.. you admins are assholes.. Anyways.. What do you do for a living?

I work as a shop hand for a roofing company right now, worked in the oilfield since getting out of school which paid good but I was never home always on the road, this doesn't pay nearly as well and in time I will go back but for now I'm enjoying my time.

If you only had 24 hours to live what would you do?

Not sure if I would spend it with my wife or ridding the world of some scumbags with no fear of repercussion.

If you go rid the world of scumbags.. on that 25th hour mind if I head over to your house and uh... Hehe.. get that TV?

I would prefer you came at the 22 hour...

And last but not least, are you a mac or a PC?

I'm a PC only because I'm cheap.

Macs are overpriced Bullshi- No... I won't have a huge rant here, it never ends well. And that's a wrap on this weeks MMAF All Access! Toxic laid down some knowledge for all of yall to absorb, and for his trouble make sure you thank him with all the +rep you can give.

Sweet sig by Life B EZ

I feel like I get paid way to much money, but not enough -Nick Diaz
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Good interview! I especially liked the spokenkill button!

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Macs *are* overpriced pieces of sh!t.

He made forts in front of the TV when good movies were on.....GENIUS.

Great interview, complete with gheying.

Sig Credit to Toxic
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Good interview fellas! Up intil 2 weeks ago i didnt know what a beta was. I learned of it while watching a japanese anime show....

Originally Posted by NotDylan View Post
****en asd
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i like my mac

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lol nice Interview good choice as well

but I don't call him Toxic anymore, he is Pablo Picasso from now on!
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Originally Posted by BobbyCooper View Post
lol nice Interview good choice as well

but I don't call him Toxic anymore, he is Pablo Picasso from now on!
I was thinking more along the lines of Da Vinci!

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Originally Posted by HitOrGetHit View Post
I was thinking more along the lines of Da Vinci!
mhh it's close^^
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Great interview! I always wanted a Beta Max, but my parents got the VHS instead...man I used to tear up some Bruce Lee movies on that constantly...and wear out the slow mo button when there were boobs present. anyway, enough of my tangent lol

Great interview Ryan, I mean Toxic...you get so many cool points for recording something recently on beta that I can't even add them lol

Thanks to Toxic for the Awesome Sig!

Even if the whole world is against you, one thing will never let you down. That thing is beer.

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Beta will be back this DVD and BluRay thing is just a fad like VHS...

"If you get hit and it hurts hit him back you not knocked out yet."-Joe Doerksen
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