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mo30dc 06-05-2009 10:09 AM

Lyoto Machida - Revolutionizing The Sport Of MMA
I must admit that it wasn't until the amazing KO victory over Thiago Silva at UFC 94 that I actually started paying attention to the outstanding and unorthodox fighter Lyoto Machida.

Upon first impressions, Lyoto strook me as perhaps a little different, if not even a little uncautious in his fighting style as his karate stance seemed to leave him wide open to attacks, unlike the more conventional MMA stance. Yet it wasn't until I realized how he was putting this almost luring stance to excellent use that I began to contemplate that I might be witnessing a new legend in the making.

Well, sure there are many amzingly talented individuals in the sport of MMA today (GSP, Fedor, Anderson Silva to name but a few), but I cant help think that like all great fighters, their reign is never eternal, but Machida might be different!

After all I remember a time when BJ Penn seemed almost invincible, but to me MMA has always been a game of Rock-paper-scissors. One minute all the craze is BJJ, the next it is striking, suddenly everyone is shifting towards wrestling and it seems that the once invincible fighters styles are being canceled out by another e.g. GSP vs BJ Penn in UFC 94 - where GSP used wrestling and Ground'n'Pound to nullify Penn's boxing and BJJ skills.

But what makes Machida so different?

Well, it's not very often that you see such amazing talent with all the core MMA skills (wrestling, striking, judo, bbj etc) being put to use in such an unorthodox manner that even the best don't know how to defend against it, never mind replicate it in a sparring environment.

Does anyone remember a guy called Naseem Hamed from the mide 90's in the boxing circuit, his style was so unorthodox, by the time anyone could figure out to beat him he had already won the world title and defeated many other world class opponents.

Although I don't wont to compare Lyoto Machida to anyone else, especially anyone else in boxing which is a totally different kettle of fish, my main point is that when you get someone who can make the likes of Rashad Evans look defenseless whilst robing him of the UFC title, you have to be asking yourself, what else is this guy capable of doing?

I just think we might be witnessing a new era of MMA, at least in the terms of opening our minds to possible new styles, such as variations of karate (which BTW is the same style GSP grew up on) being incorporated into our arsenal of existing MMA styles.

But remembering that it's only early days for Machida, as he will now have to face up to an onslaught of world class contenders who will be hunting to take his belt, and whilst I'm in no way suggesting that he is undefeatable, I am definitely keen to see how the Machida story plays out in the future. :)


Grip strength and wrist exercises for MMA

Couch2Cage 06-25-2009 11:13 AM

He's got a mix between being unorthodox and having superb timing, athleticism, etc...

It's going to be sometime before he loses, but just like Chuck and the others, the sport will evolve and he will get caught. People will figure his style out and begin to adopt certain elements. It's going to add another layer to the MMA game and the sport will advance.

From Couch 2 Cage

DragonCombo 07-13-2009 09:24 AM

I think Machida has a good chance of revolutionizing the sport of MMA. His style, stance and thought process is different. He also has a slight influence on my style of fighting as well.

He is a good fighter and he deserves more respect, now that he's been able to prove himself through the Rashad Evans fight.

Hawk 08-05-2009 07:08 AM

Would machida defeat rashad in a rematch?

Godzuki 09-01-2009 12:17 PM

I'm a recent convert also. Since watching his "Machida-Do Karate for MMA" tutorial vids (which I've kindly posted for you all to download in the multimedia section!) I've gained a deeper understanding of what it is he does. Along with the likes of Anderson Silva and Fedor, IMO Lyoto is spearheading the next phase of MMA's evolution.

Machida's tutorials:

enceledus 09-01-2009 12:20 PM


Originally Posted by Hawk (Post 953786)
Would machida defeat rashad in a rematch?

I'd bet the farm on it

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