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IronMan 08-15-2009 12:44 PM

MMA Embarrassment, by Curtis Clontz

Originally Posted by Curtis @ MMAOpinion
Last night was a first in my MMA related career. It was the first time I have ever been embarrassed for a fighter, promotion, or the sport. You can call me naive but I have never seen the sport as a “blood sport”. Last night I witnessed a shady promotion, with shady fighters, staff, and associated people. They are going to get someone hurt or killed! Catch the rest of the story and what they did after the jump!

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M.C 08-15-2009 12:57 PM

Good article.

I agree that they should not let such fighters compete, it will only put them in danger.

There are guys out there with far worse records, even more than Mr. SB, yet they still let them compete.

It's quite ridiculous.

CornbreadBB 08-15-2009 01:06 PM

If anyone involved in this whole promotion was a legit MMA fan, they never would have let this happen. This a huge part of why MMA has gotten a bad rep and is not sanctioned in more states. I is angry. Spongebob, his opponent, the promoters should be ashamed of themselves.

IronMan 08-15-2009 01:46 PM

If you scroll down a little bit you may see this in the comments.


Originally Posted by Curtis
I sent the promotion an email, hopefully I will get a return. I want to have them on our Podcast.

Josh and I can ask them all of the why and what ifs, and get their actual opinion.

If they decline I will make another post with the details, gym name, link to their homepage, etc…

Anyway. This is a chance for them to make it a civil thing. If they decline, the information will go up and I will update this thread with their info.

Evil Ira 08-15-2009 07:41 PM


Does this promotion try to promote itself as legitimate?

Hosting cards like this will just cheapen MMA's creditibility. Imagine if they were any first time viewers of MMA in the audience! What do you think their impressions of the glorious sport would be. And then if they go to the event, see a fight like that, and receive a wrong impression of Mixed Martial Arts, what will they tell their friends? And then what will their friends tell their friends?

And one of the most terrible things about the fight, was not only that Spongebob was beaten up bad, but as you mentioned, the annoncer made fun of him?

I'll try and make a comparison here:

It's like an unpopular kid at school is not accepted into any groups of friends at school, until one finally accepted him. And then, the one that he is accepted into, constantly rips on him.

But I don't think the above comparison does any justice to how terrible this situation is.

Good article, by the way, nice read.

HexRei 08-15-2009 08:11 PM

I don't get the part where he says "Things like this is the reason I can’t go to Madison Square Garden and watch UFC fights! This is why people shy away from the sport and refer to it as a fad instead of one of the next top 4."

By his own admission this guy is at a horribly corrupt, foul, tiny, backyard promotion. What does the UFC have to do with this event? Is he suggesting that the average fan goes to local smokers and amateur events and sees this? I don't think so. I think the average fan watches UFC and not much else, probably isn't even aware of the smalltime local promotions. UFC events are not like this (anymore)- occasionally a can gets into the mix, but most of the time, UFC matchups are made with the assumption that a competitive fight will go down. Not sure what he meant with that comment.

IronMan 08-16-2009 06:49 AM


Originally Posted by HexRei (Post 965988)
What does the UFC have to do with this event? Is he suggesting that the average fan goes to local smokers and amateur events and sees this?

His point is that events like this, which legitimize a painful caricature of the sport, damage it's credibility with many sources and offer support for advocates against the sport.

It presents a talking point and a handhold for those who attack the sport.

While I don't really agree with Curtis that this is the reason we haven't seen MMA in Madison Square Garden, it certainly doesn't help that a great sport is cheapened by ridiculous promoters with shady business interests.

HexRei 08-16-2009 06:54 AM

I guess it seems a little to me like going to a community hockey league game, observing bad behavior, and stating that this is the reason you don't go to NHL games.

Seems unfair to me. What's next, he finds some kids brawling in a backyard somewhere and reports on the horribleness of mma?

Hawk 08-16-2009 08:04 AM


IronMan 08-16-2009 09:06 AM


Originally Posted by HexRei (Post 966483)
What's next, he finds some kids brawling in a backyard somewhere and reports on the horribleness of mma?

You seem to be totally missing the point.

His point is not that poor, shady promotions and crappy fights are what MMA is. It's about how MMA is perceived.

I comment all the time on backyard brawls bringing problems to the sport of mixed martial arts. That doesn't mean I this MMA is tantamount to a backyard brawl between pubescent boys.

Curtis' point is that there needs to be some resposibility exercised by promoters to put on good MMA, because good MMA is what helps the sport grow, while bad MMA inhibits growth.

Keep in mind this guy is a die-hard MMA fan. It's not an issue of making a judgment call about the nature of the sport because he thought a promoter was a douchebag. It's about a concern that other people might make that call, and that politicians and other figures might attempt to exploit that judgment.

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