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TheHagMeister 08-30-2009 06:55 AM

How does AOA own all of you?
Well over the last couple of days i've been haunted by a question. That question is: What is it about me that makes me so elite? How do I possibly manage to maintain my noble integrity and own all of you at the same time?

I've been in an attempt to identify the precise reason just as to how and why I own all of the OTERS.

IE: I own you.

Consider that a man of my godlike attributes (strength, looks, intelligence, will, wisdom) obviously is much better than the majority of you is one thing. But to aimlessly own the majority of OTERS is no slight task, especially whilst not even trying. I don't want to brag or anything, but damn I own you guys. (if you don't believe me ask around.. word on the streets is that AOA>you)

If anyone could offer any assistance as to how/why I own you guys i'd be much obliged. (I own you)

Lastly guys... Just because I own you is no cause for concern. Just try to admire me for what I truly am. (your owner)

I've lurked in the unknown for far too long.

From hence forth you shall KNOW that Allliance of Annoyance owns you.
Consider this one of many of AOA's(aka the great ones.. The one whom owns thee.. The one whom many he owns) trials.

You shall succumb this trial, or you shall be no longer.
Recently I’ve been admiring the fact that I qwn you. For your convenience I have provided an appropriate list of elements that make your pwnage eminent.

10 reasons AOA owns you

1) intelligence
2) sex appeal
3) ability to effectively correlate my thoughts in a thread (ie – owning you)
4) large pianist
5) were more old school than you
6) we know more about mma than you
7) AOA is gangster as ****
8) AOA > you
9) High wisdom
10) We have ho’s on our nuts like mr planters
don't be jealous guys. i encourage you to thrive in the fact that i'm the dominant cheetah in the pack.
It's a new night of ownage. Since everyone is now aware who runs the MMAFORUM i'd like for you to create your own list as to why i own you. If you can formally address your ownage you'd gain my respect. And as you all know; my respect is paramount to your success in the MMAFORUM.

I await your writings.

CornbreadBB 08-30-2009 10:29 AM

Why banned? He sounded hott and clearly was going to add a lot to the forum.

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