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Coke 10-05-2011 04:20 AM

What Causes Weak Chin?
Does getting hit repetitively really cause a weak chin?

Commentators say fighters like Chuck Liddel, Jorge Santiago, Big Nog have weak chins because they have taken many shots throughout their careers, but how come some other fighters never slow down from taking repetitive shots?

Boxers like James Toney, Evander Hollyfield, Shane Mosley, Vitali Klitschko don't seem to have weak chins even in the later stages of their careers. Many of their fights were long and grueling and some went to distance (usually 12 rounds in boxing), win or lose they have taken enormous number of shots. How come they still have good chins?

On the other hand, boxer like Roy Jones and Muhammad Ali seems to have weaker chin on the later stages of their careers.

So what causes a 'weak chin'?

archer78 10-05-2011 02:32 PM

Knock out is caused by a chemical released when the brain receives a sudden shock, bangs against the skull or when the spine seperates slightly from the brain. This is an involutary action caused by hormone release in similar way to the hormones stimulate a boner on sight of Arianny's playboy spread). Its the bodys way of shutting down to protect vital functions like respiration. The effects of the hormone can last a while. My mum had a small stroke was told that she could be slowed down and tired for 6-9 months. This proved to be accurate.

When a fighter suffers a bad ko he is more inclined to be victim again. this is due to more readily produced hormone.

Aged fighters tend to suffer kos as their muscular strength in the neck can weaken as well as their reactions slowing down. Weaker muscles can make it harder to prevent a whiplash effect with a good chin shot. All this adds up to weak chin. Rashad KO'd Chuck with a blow that crushed chucks neck vertibrea in a downward motion and you can see them stick out from the reverse angle

I guess it's not the amount of beatings but the sweatness of the KO shot combined with the slow down in reaction time of the fighter and weaker neck muscles.

Voiceless 10-05-2011 03:34 PM

@ archer78: Do you have any reliable sources for the hormone theory¿ I haven't searched around for a while, but my latest information was that it's not really known yet what causes a KO.

Squirrelfighter 10-09-2011 03:40 PM

Over time, chronic damage to the nerve fibers in the brain.

From the beginning, imperfect DNA.

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