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Your first sentence doesn't even make sence. First of kung fu is a style, or you wan't to disagree with bruce lee. A system is based on effectivenes to take out the enemy. All techniques utilized within Muay Thai were designed to accomplish that. I can't say the same for Kung Fu. Jeet Kun Do on the other hand is a form. It doesn't stick to a system or style, it utilises the strong aspects of the fighter and builds a system if you will for that particular fighter. That is something totaly different.

When I would see a guy aproaching me and he starts doing a triple twirl wisslekick i'll step to the side and start hooking and kneeing him. Great moves for training your body, but suicidle in combat.

That's why kung fu fights resemble muay thai fights, because that stuf is to dangerous to pull of in real combat. Next to that I would like to say that muay thai is a lot easier to implement with grappling since the stance isn't sideways. Quicker sprawls and takedowns! Think about that.
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Originally Posted by Shadowslan
But, you forgot what we were talking about. Whether, kung fu is better than muay thai. Muay thai is so much more practical for fighting. However, if you want to do martial arts for the "Spirituality" kung fu is better. That's the end of it
Im with shadowslan

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All this ancient super kung fu stuff got proved as garbage when it got put up against other styles on camera in front of everybody. Of course the worst muay thai kickboxer can't beat the best kung fu guy, but that doesn't matter. If you took two identical twin brothers, on learned muay thai, and the other spent an equal amount of time learning kung fu. The kung fu man would get his face kicked in. It's as simple as that.

"Remember when you are resting, someone somewhere is training, and when you meet him, he will win."
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Some Muay Thai guys scare me...they think that thai boxers are invincible...Muay Thai has weaknesses ground fighting ...

What about the internal aspects of martial the only reason most people train is so they can kick the crap out of other guys...

Traditional martial arts styles have benefits ...self disipline,concentration and muscle control are just three examples...

Some kung fu people have incredible hand speed...if in a street fight a strike to the eyes using hand speed could be disabling to anyone.

Oh and before the muay thai people here condemn me for this should know i have been studying martial arts since 1976 and have trained in thailand as well as japan...this does not mean i know everything but i have years of being punched,kicked and to rely on..
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If you took two identical twin brothers, on learned muay thai, and the other spent an equal amount of time learning kung fu. The kung fu man would get his face kicked in. It's as simple as that.
LOL I love it when people talk like their word is absolute fact. It's so ridiculous it's actually amusing! I wonder if this guy has actually ever taken two identical twin brothers, got one to learn from a proper Muay Thai teacher and the other to learn from a genuine Kungfu Master (not one of these bogus dancing phoneys), watched them both practice the same amount of time and then asked them to fight each other. I'd be interested to see the results but I wouldn't be so arrogant and presumptious to assume that the Kungfu practitioner wouldn't stand a chance.
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post #26 of 87 (permalink) Old 03-10-2007, 02:12 AM
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Has not this 'arguement' already been proven? Combat styles like Thai boxing, BJJ, NA wrestling and to a lesser extent boxing and judo have proven to be more effective in MMA. MMA is HELLA closer to a 'real' fight than Kung"stinking Monkey farts on lazy cerebral master of the 10 minds that knows all but will not fight becouse to lose would prove the thing that is already proven" FooE
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Muy Thai is one of the most effective hand-to-hand combat styles there is.. its practical, simple, and is relatively hard to defend against, not to mention fighting someone skilled in this style hurt you like a motherf*cker...kung fu works great against kung fu in sparring and in martial arts competitions. but in a street fight between the two. id put my money on Muy Thai. simply because kung fu relies greatly on mastering very complicated strikes, blocks, and takedowns. and once you have adrenaline pumping into your system, remembering all of those ten-step takedowns becomes next to impossible

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post #28 of 87 (permalink) Old 03-14-2007, 09:30 AM
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I know, I know... a muay thai/kung fu hybrid
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Originally Posted by IronMan
If you just said that Kung Fu is unrealistic, you need to do your homework, doubleleg. Kazushi "the Gracie Killer" Sakuraba is a wing chun expert, which is, coincidentally, a form of kung fu.

Judge the fighter, not the system. If any one system was better, then all of it's fighters would be too, but that's not the case. The fact of the matter is that the five kung fu experts were not really that good and the muay thai experts were experienced street fighters.

It's a good story, but it's not a basis for saying that Muay Thai is a superior art.
sorry but when was the last time saku used wing chun in a fight?... between 0 and never
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You can never compare styles after all they are different thats why its compare Muay Thai and Kung Fu not Kung Fu and Kung Fu.

But its about the person, the chances are that a experience Muay Thai fighter verses a Kung Fu starter that the Muay Thai guy is going to win and visa versa.

You can never compare styles its like apples and oranges.

but IMO the Shoalin Kung Fu monks are amazing and i have no doubt that a good one could beat alot of the pro MMA fighters.

Ive seen a video of some of them and they are lightning fast but afterall i do have limited knowledge on them.
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