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Originally Posted by mgibbins View Post
i agree with this. the reason why the muay thai fighters won is because they have had full contact hits since they were as young as six or even younger. But the kungfu fighters arent used to this. So while the kungfu fighters may have been more skilled technically they could hit a muay thai fighter a few times and not phase him, but 1 blow from the muay thai fighter could cause a knockout.
Explain to me how someone being able to take a hit is a testiment to the effectiveness of muay thai? A guy with no skill whatsoever can spend his life getting punched in the stomach and develop the stamina to take a punch. It doesn't mean his style is better, just that he has learned to ignore pain. Similarly, if some guy kicks a tree for a few years, he may develop insensitivity in his legs, but he's only going to be a badass for a few years until the strain on his legs puts him on crutches for the rest of his life.

The point is to avoid getting hit, or, understanding this is not always possible, to minimize the damage by deflecting strikes away from high impact zones. Someone's ability to take a punch does not measure an effectiveness in either.
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I think the reason Muay Thai is so effective, is that it takes all of the effective tools, which are absolutely brutal, and then keeps them as simple as possible. No flashy, complicated kicks. Just simplicity and power.
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Originally Posted by TheSuplexor View Post
They lost because muay thai is better. kung fu is to spiritual and unrealistic.
A guy in my class is great at Kung Fu and knows a lot of nice tricks, but I've felt his kicks and they were weak as hell. Why? Most Kung Fu guys doesn't at all train punching at other things than thin air; they do not know the feeling of resistance familiar to the heavy bag hitter.

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Its pretty simple.

Most kung fu schools do not train at the level modern day MMA and Muay Thai train. Its the reason why I left my Kung Fu school.

I love doing Wing Chun, but I spent the last year watching my school water it down. We used to get our asses kicked in there, it was brutal. Now people complain every time you give them a tap on the face to let them know they got hit. Any because my sifu wants to keep business up, he favors "playing kung fu" over actually do it.

Seriously, how do you expect these guys to hang with muay thai guys? When I think Muay Thai practitioners, I think of some of the most fit athletes. When I think of you average kung fu guy, I think of some out of shape yuppie.

So I would agree that most Muay Thai guys will best the majority of Kung Fu guys. I have only met five people who really do kung fu, even these "Masters" are only "playing" kung fu.

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Originally Posted by Micker View Post
You saw how the karate experts got their butts kicked when they first competed and styles weren't the mixed like they are now. I truely believe that regular martial arts are not made for making you a fighter, more then making you better physically and mentally.
As has been stated before, its the artist not the art. Lyoto Machida seems to be doing quite well in the UFC these days, a devout karate practitioner (though obviously mixing in other styles largely BJJ). Going by said logic, my Sifu having made an experienced Karate practitioner tap in less than a minute and a half would mean kung fu is better than karate? its the artist not the art. Experience plays a huge role, and also dumping all arts known as "kung fu" into one category would be ridiculous. Thats like saying an orange is an apple. They may both be fruits, but not the same fruit. I am currently working on Buk Sing Choy Lei Fut Kung Fu, and of course there are some elaborate movements that would not be practical in a fight (unless your opponent was especially dazed), but come on, you got a brain for a reason, use it. BSCLF is battle tested. Say all you want, but it is an effective system. And Im also not going to deny the effectiveness of MT. Both have their merits but it is of course the artist not the art which will be the ultimate determining factor. And to tell u the truth, one well landed punch in the temple with the right form can bust it and kill a guy. Game Over.
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Originally Posted by Ferdelance View Post
What about the saying,"It isn't the system, it's the man?"
Isn't it also true that all combat is unpredictable? You don't know how it's going to end until it's over?
You know that, while some people talk about this system or that, we also here stories about guys who are supposed to have it together martial arts-wise, you know, black belts, green berets, guys like that, and they go and get their ass kicked in a bar by some biker who never studied nothing formally.
The true story that I like along these lines, if anybody's really interested, I'll dig up the book on my bookshelf, they are saying that this guy was the CIA's top covert operator,he had been on his college's Taekwondo team for four years and had black belt ranking before he even joined the CIA, in the CIA they taught him more hand-to-hand fighting techniques at The Farm, their top-secret school for spies.
And what happened?
He was checking out some hot blonde when he was home on leave, and some punk high school kid working the counter at the pizzeria kicked his ass!
That's right! This hot shot covert operator/martial arts expert got his ass kicked by some sixteen year old pizzeria counterman.They had to take him to the hospital and shit.
What do you say to that?
i must agree.It depends on how well each fighter can empliement his or her style.I train in thai boxing and that does mean so kung fu or tkd guy cant kick my ass i respect all martial arts and you should to it kind of shows you a little imature or a lack of nolige
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I can see how an instructor hitting a trainee in a class might establish a pecking order or serve as an initiation rite to a higher rank, but I fail to see how bruising someone's face or liver or thigh makes them a better fighter.

But I did see in the "Fight Science" documentary that Thai fighters can make their shin harder by repeated blows that cause the bone get thicker with calcium deposits. Likewise, added calcium deposits to your hands can help the striking surface to get thicker and harder.

Getting my face bruised in the 3rd grade by Randy Moulder just taught me to not to let it happen again! But it didn't help me better tolerate future blows to my face!

An infamous lady here at work likes to smack mens' butts and bruise their ribs for play. If anyone would like to participate with "Large Marge" send your telephone number and she will be glad to help you acclimate to blows, bruises and other "submissions."
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WOW..... no one remembers bruce lee? wing chun noobs before he got in to jeet kune do that mainly used wing chun as inspiration..... there are no superior martial arts its just how much time you spent into it, and how much heart you got... you can be a world tae kwon do, muay thai, kung fu, and juijitsu champion, but in all of those you go in knowing you wont get killed at the end of the day, its a different story in a street fight... or atleast for the fights i got into
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Originally Posted by TheSuplexor View Post
They lost because muay thai is better. kung fu is to spiritual and unrealistic.
i agree......kung fu was designed for recreation and self defense so i wouldnt doubt they lost to muay thai fighters because after all thai fighting was designed for the ring not for the street
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i mean i think it's ignorant to consider one art better than another, i do seven star praying mantis kung fu and i sparred and destroyed my friend who is taller than me more reach and did muay thai.

But i still not only do kung fu but know some bjj for groundfighting and basic muay thai.

and i heard that in one of the first ufc fights it was a kung fu guy in it who had a broken arm and he beat the shit out of the guy.

i'm guessing it depends how you train, if you fought a kung fu artist who trains for the street, muay thai could probably win and with muay thai rules of course

but a kung fu artist who trains for mma obviously doesn't only do kung fu
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