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Mike7thSon 10-14-2011 12:13 AM

Can American Muay Thai Compete and Excel on the World Stage??

Written by Mike Ramos and Marc Ramos:

Kevin Ross, Joe Schilling, and Romie Adanza deserve to fight the best Muay Thai fighters in the world. These are standout American Muay Thai fighters that should be able to fight against the best international fighters of our time. They represent the United States, they excite the fans and promoters in every card theyíre apart of, and lastly, they come into their fights as underdogs.

Americans should cherish to have a fighters of this caliber represent our country. When the United States competes in sports like MMA, football, baseball, and soccer, there is a lot of support from the home crowd. But when it comes to Thai Boxing, the support is hard to be seen. If the majority of the population in the USA were educated on the sport of Thai Boxing, Kevin Ross, Joe Schilling, and Romie Adanza would be as important as Manny Pacquiao is to the Philippines. These fighters are the best we have to offer on the international stage of Thai Boxing. Western boxing is losing its fans to MMA and other fight sports currently. Kevin, Joe and Kevin can be our next American fighter to take on the world.

When Joe, Kevin and Romie step into the ring, there is one thing guaranteed, an exciting fight. They are just as technical and well rounded than most Thai boxers, and they have the ability to beat all of them. American fighters should test these skills as much as possible, so they can prove to the world that the USA is able to dominate the sport. If you have ever seen any of these guys fight, you see that they push the pace with every single opponent all the way to the fifth and final round. These professional fighters are the best at what they do in each of their weight class. Isnít that what we want to see as American fight fans? We ask that when we see a competition, whatever the sport, those athletes are competitive, exciting, and willing to sacrifice a lot to win.

Since the international fighters from around the world are considered the best, American fighters will always be considered the underdog. Fighters from Holland are known to be superior with their boxing in this sport, the fighters from Thailand are considered the best, and the fighters in Japan always have the opportunity to fight the best. All over the world, Muay Thai enthusiasts believe that Americans cannot compete on the world stage. Romie, Joe, and Kevin have proven themselves in every competition up to this day. If our fighters were given the opportunity to fight the best from each country, not only would he put on a show, they would win.

Kevin Ross, Joe Schilling and Romie Adanza are the best fighters the United States has to offer, and they should fight the best the world has to offer. If they donít, we are stuck with the dying sport of boxing, and MMA hit or miss fights.

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