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tennike200 01-05-2014 05:36 PM

Can you help me?
Hi! I am right handed,but i can't cross very well because i can't turn my body to the left faster.I want to know if it's because of my abs or because of my position.

I'm sorry for my bad english and don't be angry on me because of this Thread,i'm just a beginner.

Killz 01-06-2014 04:26 AM

Have you tried changing stances to Southpaw?

rich212 02-08-2014 05:59 PM

Speak to your trainer about it....

And just keep practicing. :wink01:

Unseen 02-08-2014 10:54 PM

Make sure you are starting the punch from the ground up, starting with the turn of your foot then hip then shoulder and finally elbow.

After the punch, reset as quickly as you began.

No_Mercy 02-10-2014 08:52 AM

That's easy.

Orthodox position

1.) Left foot relatively flat in front. Different fighters have different footwork. Watch Frank Edgar's footwork and also the way he moves sideways. I have problems crossing my feet which is a big no no, but you're question is to throw a right cross which is fairly straight forward.

2.) Both fists up to chin level or higher if you like with elbows close to your chamber and chin tucked. This is for defensive, countering purposes and so you don't telegraph.

3.) You should be on the ball of your right foot. Then you pivot with your right foot when you launch your right cross utilizing your hip, abs, and core. This should all be in one motion.

Aim up. Try not to punch downwards, vulnerable to snapping your wrist. You're always aiming towards the chin of your opponent, eye, or nose even. If you're taller then you're crouching. Watch Nate, Nick Diaz, and Cole Miller. They're taller than most of their opponents so their knees are bent.

So flick out a jab with your left then pivot slightly with your right foot in the back and launch the cross. Easy.

Next up is your hook.

Learning a true hook will take some time. Most people don't throw it properly. It's not just a shoulder movement. It's really your entire core and you pivot with your lead leg instead.

tennike200 05-19-2014 11:32 AM

Thank you No Mercy!! You helped me alot!!I will train my entire body because i think my explosion will be improved and my balance as well! :D

No_Mercy 05-19-2014 02:45 PM

Np! It's important to note that watching tutorials on video will help to an extent, but to learn the correct form you'll need to learn from a certified boxing or muay thai instructor even.

Even GSP had it all wrong against Serra. Same problem all the HWs had against Tyson. They were punching downwards while Tyson bobbed and weaved his way inside punching upwards. Then you have Lennox and the Klitchkos who've mastered the art of the jab. I think one of the most technically sound boxer is The Executioner especially in the defensive positions.

You'll know you have the correct form once you hear the snap. Also once you launch it always recoil back, don't leave yourself hanging for counters. Then you can start moving around side to side and putting in combos.

ClydebankBlitz 05-19-2014 06:31 PM


Originally Posted by Unseen (Post 2544985)
Make sure you are starting the punch from the ground up, starting with the turn of your foot then hip then shoulder and finally elbow.

After the punch, reset as quickly as you began.

Obviously we can only really give small details, but this is the advice I'd take most.

In the martial art I do, we over exaggerate the fuk out of things like cross punches. That way, you're REALLY pivoting the foot. If you can pivot loads slow, you can pivot a little bit fast. Your body will naturally move to the left the more you pivot on your right foot.

Again, in theory it might help. Good luck with it mate.

tennike200 05-21-2014 11:24 AM

No Mercy,you're right!I've learned just from youtube cuz in my town or around it isn't any gym,so i'm trying to learn MMA from internet for self defence and for those who are bullied.
ClydebankBlitz Thank you for your advice!I will try the cross again and again to success!
P.S:Sorry for my bad english,i hope you understand what i'm saying :D

ClydebankBlitz 05-21-2014 11:45 AM

I'm interested to know how learning martial arts from the internet works out. You're going to pick up a lot of bad habits, but it has to be better than nothing (as you don't have the options with no gyms).

Your English isn't that bad man. Easy to understand anyways.

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