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UndergroundCFS 10-22-2009 06:51 PM

FASTEST KO in Australian MMA history!
Underground MMA Cage Fighting Series - Event 1 Bangalow NSW October 2nd 2009

Naki Havili (5 Rings Dojo) -V- Joe Muir (WR MMA Ballina)
Superheavyweight/Openweight Division


Another stand out contest on the night was that of WRMMA fighter Joe Muir and 5 Rings Dojo fighter Naki Havili in the openweight division. In a bout that was the fastest ever knockout in Australian first class MMA, Muir swung a massive right hand which sent Havili to the canvass, and into oblivion. In this bout of the big guys it was pretty obvious that whoever landed the first punch would be the favourite to win, and as Naki came in with his first leg kick his hands dropped momentarily and Muir used his reach to land that devastating punch. It is also worthy to note that Havili took this fight on short notice and with minimal preparation, a huge leap of faith for Naki, and like a Samurai against all the odds, he still went in! Unable to recover, Havili was attended to by the Underground doctor team and was later able right himself and shake hands with his opponent as Muir accepted the win by knockout. Lets hope we see Naki back in the cage again and that we see more from him in this division. The initial knockout was 6.3 seconds with referee Cameron Quinn diving in to end the fight in under 8 seconds.

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BazDaManUk 10-26-2009 10:33 AM

right on the sweet spot (no homo)

Flaw 10-28-2009 09:10 PM

FILTHY! Brootal. :thumbsup:

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