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MMA562 03-02-2010 07:52 PM

questions on starting out
well hope its going good for all of you
well im going to start mma as soon as im done with high school and i want to do this and becoma pro
well my question is can i still make it to like the WEC or bigger if i work hard on it?

another thing is

i weigh 134pounds and i want to be lean and ripped good body and great abs
what kind of workouts should i do and what should i eat to achieve that body and abs
i have 7 or 8 percent fat do i have to drop the percentage i want to weigh less too thanks guys

buckeyefighter 03-03-2010 11:44 AM

Your young still so you are going to keep growing so dont worry too much about what your eating. your body will use what you put in it. As for your workouts i recomend focusing on multijoint movements such as squat and deadlifts but instead of the bodybuilder style of going as heavy as you can for ten reps, load the bar with your body weight and start doing your squats, shoot for 30 seconds. then go right into lunges for 30 seconds, then calf raises for 30 seconds, then rack the bar and do burpees for 30 sec, then do walking lunges for 30 sec, then hold a wall squat for the last 30 sec. this is 3 minutes which is an ameteur MMA round. rest for 1 min then repeat for 3 rounds. adjust this formula for each bodypart you plan to work that day. For cardio concentrate more on sport specific like sparring or wrestling drills than running 3 miles on a treadmill. goodluck and wish ya the best. im a 145 fighter as well. maybe ill see you in the WEC someday.

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