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MMA562 04-12-2010 10:14 PM

starting mma
hey guys
well ive trained in mma for like 6 months and im going start training as soon as i graduate high school.
i weigh 132lbs and im 5'8" and im wondering what division i should fight in?
im 18years old and i want to join the UFC in the future i guess this is everyones dream lol
so im going to start lifting weights and running at the beach is it possible to get to 3% bodyfat
and how do i get good looking abs please help on this thread thanks guys

Mike Male$h 04-12-2010 10:57 PM

Working out for MMA is MUCH different than working out just to get a beach body. While having low bodyfat is good, if you plan to stay at your current weight you better be pure muscle.

1. When running, dont do it. If you run I suggest sprinting short distances like 20 yds or so back and forth with a medium amount of weight.

2. Depends, most would try to fit you in featherweight - lightweight.. its really what YOU want... you want to be huge and strong? Then work hard and get up to heavyweight. Its what YOU want and how YOU want to fight. If you like how you are now then I suggest staying in a lower weight class.

3. lifting weights is good, just dont get hurt. Also doing sandbag/suspension training is also a good workout to mix in.

tds1195 04-16-2010 01:46 PM

I agree with Mike. You want to make sure you put on good muscle if that is what you're trying to do, but even more important than that is endurance. It takes a lot to fight at full force for a three to five rounds. If you can get your stamina up, you will be a better fighter for it. Make sure you're training at a good gym and they should be able to help you with some workout. Eat right, too. That's really important.

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