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goghostman 07-20-2011 01:37 PM

Bjj / Judo
let me start by saying i know close to nothing about MA in general

i was searching for which MA would suit me best, i never did any, i've been lifting weights for about 3 years, only started some real strenght training about 6months ago (SS program)
my lifts are DL-315lbs, Squat - 231lbs, etc so i'd say im stronger then the avg. joe of my age, not sure about ppl that train MA here

im 20 y/o, 5'7, 162lbs, im going to live in a place where they have tons of BJJ and Muay Thai gyms, but from the shitty research i did i've found that Judo suits me way better because i have no flexibility at all and im small for BJJ, and im strong which is seems it would be an advantage on Judo (i mean compared to guys at my age, not that im super strong or anything, but esp. here in portugal where ppl dont know what strenght training is so most just go to the machines and do random stuff at the gym)

basically i want to get in a ma that suits me better because i want to get rlly good at it and if possible get into competitions and stuff, i couldnt care less about personal defense
as for stand up fighting, im going to take boxing class, even if its not what suits me best, its just that i like it more
i play poker for a living, so ill have tons of time for training and stuff

sry for shitty english and wall of text

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