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D.P. 04-06-2009 03:35 PM

[OFFICIAL] Boxing Discussion Thread

This is our OFFICIAL Boxing discussion thread for ALL things Boxing. All discussion about boxing go here.


ZeroPRIDE 04-06-2009 07:21 PM

i like your banner DP. unfortunately i have no thoughts or opinions on boxing right now. I only follow Juan Daiz and its going to be awhile before he fights again.:(

D.P. 04-06-2009 07:29 PM

Ha thanks. No problem. I'm going to start with a question. Do you guys think that with the growing popularity of MMA, Boxing is slowly dying?

ZeroPRIDE 04-06-2009 07:49 PM

It will always have its fans but the spotlight on it is growing dimmer at least here in the states. The problem isnt MMA the problem is the sport itself. These issues are pretty well known already. such as corruption, lame match makeing, 1 big fight on a PPV and the rest are unknowns, ect. These are things they have to fix otherwise they have no one to blame but themselves.

D.P. 04-06-2009 11:02 PM

I almost feel like MMA and Boxing can't co-exist. I remember I used to watch a little boxing...but once I got into MMA my attention to boxing has become almost insignificant to me. That may just be me though.

Terry77 04-07-2009 12:51 AM

K1 and MMA can co exist, with guys competing in both so why can't boxing be in the mix? An awesome couple of months for any boxing fan.

D.P. 04-07-2009 01:09 AM

Yeah, you got a good point there Terry.

And thanks for that link those look like some awesome fights.

You guys want Vbookie for any of those?

ZeroPRIDE 04-09-2009 11:34 PM

Paul williams is going to dominate Winky this saturaday

Terry77 04-10-2009 01:25 AM

Winky can give Paul trouble if he actually feels like coming forward. Word is Mr. Wright hasn't bothered to go full out with sparring, so I see Williams size just being to much.

Late tko or ud

Chris Arreola is on the card as well. Upcoming, but flawed, heavyweight. The way the division is now, he'll get title contention soon.

If Jeff Lacey wins tommorrow (Friday) he'll be fighting Roy Jones Jr. in the near future.

D.P. 04-10-2009 01:32 AM

I'll give Paul Williams the tko win. If it's true that Winky hasn't even bothered sparring, he's in trouble.

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