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MMA Fight coming up

hey watsup Im not sure if this is the right forum but this is the closest i could think of. I have a fight coming up versus a kid and I just wanted some advice. Here are some stats on both of us.

Height: 5'6"
Weight: 116
Age: 17
Style: Kickboxing for the last 2 years / BJJ for awhile

Height 5'7"
Weight: 125
Age: 16
Style: He boxes a lot and hes got a stronger right hand.

K so pretty much my strength is on my feet but he has absolutely no idea what to do on the ground. I have a pretty good double leg takedown so I was thinking maybe trying to set up a takedown and ground and pound him. I'm not too confident in my armbars/triangle yet so I dont want to play around with those submissions. He is stronger than me and my cardio is alrite. I dont want to take a lot of beating from his punches because I dont think I could last long.

The Rules are:
1. No groin attacks
2. No Knees on the ground
3. Its over when it becomes 1 sided or if you tap out physically or verbally

Thanks a lot. My AIM is Btwestyo btw
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You guys seem real light for 17 year olds, I'm 17 and I'm 155 (And no, I'm not fat at all, lol)
Anyways, advice...take it to the ground. When's the fight? Do you have enough time to work on your ground game?
Double leg isn't the only takedown around, get someone competent to teach you a few more takedowns or throws (single leg, high crotch, back arch (kinda hard to learn right away), uchi mata, drop seionage, soto makikomi, etc.)
And work on your submissions game. Know how to do at least one or two submissions from: guard, mount, side control, north-south, and back mount (kinda obvious, but try to learn something else beside the RNC)
Good submissions to know that are pretty easy to learn and are effective are: guillotine choke (but learn how to do it PROPERLY, most people end up with their forearm around your throat, which does almost nothing) kimura, armbar, RNC, triangle choke, omoplata (also works as a great sweep), brabo choke (if you know how to do it right), and arm triangle. I wouldn't try a keylock, because those are sorta hard to pull off if the other guy is stronger than you.
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If he's a boxer he's also going to be inexperienced checking and dodging kicks so i say throw in some legs kicks and some jabs circle him a bit and after you wear him down, then go for the takedown. either go to the clinch and set him up there (also another position a boxer is weak from) or just go for a double leg. either way you definitely have the advantage if you are fighting a "boxer"

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whats the difference between keylock and kimura. I know keylock is from side mount and kimura is from bottom? how do you do omaplata and brabo choke and what are they? I can do single shots too I just dont want to take beating while im trying to take him down. Also im thinking about using heel kicks and spinning back fists because I think I could **** him up with that.
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You got it all wrong bro. Just do what comes natural to you. If you try to get so technical while being such a beginner you will get all messed up. Just go out there and do what comes natural to you. The advice I would give you is to just be mentally prepared and do what is comfortable to you in the beginning. If you feel comfortable fighting on your feet in the beginning then fight on your feet, if you feel comfortable fighting on the ground, then go to the ground. Just do what comes natural to you. First fights will give you an idea of what strengths and weaknesses you have and then you can learn from that.
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Originally Posted by Btwestyo
whats the difference between keylock and kimura. I know keylock is from side mount and kimura is from bottom? how do you do omaplata and brabo choke and what are they? I can do single shots too I just dont want to take beating while im trying to take him down. Also im thinking about using heel kicks and spinning back fists because I think I could **** him up with that.
You can do Kimura from side control too.
Keylock is an armlock which puts pressure on your elbow, Kimura is a shoulder lock. Heres a good little tutorial on how to do a kimura from guard:
From side control its the same grip, but you crank his arm towards his head. If you know how to kimura from guard, you'll figure out how to from side control. Its a very useful submission, I suggest you watch the video and practise with a partner.
An omaplata is a sweep/submission , that puts the opponent in a shoulder lock. I googled up a pretty good omaplata tutorial by GSP himself:
And here's yet another great video of various no-gi chokes to do (this includes the brabo choke):
Have fun
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k open up with a spining cresent kick and scream german curse words at him, then do a kart wheel transtion into a pinch leg take down, then get in side control and blow in his ear untill he trys to make a move, then when he moves spit in his eye and try to go for a knee bar just to show off, if the fails bit his nose and poke him in the eye and tell him his mother's a ****, he will cry and tap verbally.

o and before the fight choke a cat with your bare hands to show you are a psyco

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I say throw a couple of jabs circle and come in with a leg kick do this a couple of times, and land 5 or 6 leg kicks then shoot in don't let him up. Stay active and pass the guard, and since he dosen't know BJJ u can take some risk while passing good luck get into side mount, and try some keylocks there very painful.
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So far what I have seen is good advice. I missed it if you said when the fight is going to be, but I didn't like the way you said your cardio is alright. I'd be for woking that as you get ready for this fight.

As been said, if hes a boxer you really want to work his weaknesses, the clinch and his ground game. Unless you have the time I really wouldn't work to much on different subs right now. I would really make sure I had a choke or two (Gullotine and Rear Naked or something) but I would also take the time to work an armbar, especially from guard. Why I'm saying this, is if he is really that clueless on the ground, but manages to land on top of you during the takedown, hes properly gonna panic and want to get back up. Anyway I see him posting his arms. Like pushing down on your chest and trying to stand up or something which gives you an easy armbar attempt. Also being clueless, he is going to try to pull straight out of it, straigtening his arm out for you and basically handing it to you. I know, my ground game sucks and it took me awhile to learn to stop giving this armbar I just described away. I have been caught in it soo many times its embarrassing. Also as I read someone post, learn a couple different takedowns, I would suggest working on a trip form the clinch. Get the double underhooks or an over-under and just trip the guy. watch some Randy Couture fights and you will quickly see how effective this is. But when you practice this, practice trying to control the fall so that not only do you land on top, try to land in side control. a more dominate position, easier to control your opponent and transition to the mount will be alot easier. Last thing, and requires no training, when in the clinch, stomp his feet. A much underused technique. He wont like it and it can be very effective in helping to get him off balance thus aiding in your take down.

Ok this really is the last thing, Im not saying go out there and start smack talking, but you might let it get out you think you can hang with him standing and that is your game plan. The guy might fall for it and not work as hard on his takedown defense. But don't be the one actually saying this. your friend or training partner could let that tidbit accidently slip out. But then when he doesn't have the time to switch his training or to prepare for the takedowns, make it known that you never said that, and while you have been working your standup, your game plan is and always has been to take the fight to the ground. Now you are in this guys head and he will be thinking takedown and will be a little more hesitent on committing himself. If nothing else, this could translate into less damage you will take from his standup and the more you can get him thinking about what you are going to do, the less he is thinking about what he should be doing.

Fighting, is a game of both mind and body. If you can beat is mind, his body stands very little chance.

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Ive had 3 amatuer mma fights. i won em all and the reason why is because i developed a plan based on a general description of there fighting style.

I prepare to win by getting to know who im fighting.

if i was in your position and i was fighting a strong boxer who could beat me on the feet but i could win on the ground and have much better kickboxing

to defeat the kid mentally your gonna have to beat him at what he's good at.
so standup with him and pummel him with the hardest leg kicks youve got.
thats when he will start to get agrresive with his punches and he will probably do the amatuer thing and charge in wild.

so that exactly when you take him down.
If he doesent do the amatuer thing then your gonna ahve to drive him to the cage and work a takedown from there if you really need it.

throw leg kicks, then when he starts getting desperate for dominance on the feet and rushes at you with soemthing wild, pick your time and take him down right when he opens up.
If he's very strong and your not confident in your subs dont go for one, just use ground and pound for the first round at least.

So in round 2 he will probably be frustarated since he lost round 1 and some of his mobility is taken from the legkicks.

hit him with more legkicks, create angles and just kick him. dont think about him being a better boxer, think about and act like your kicking his ass with nothing more than leg kicks.

After his leg has taken legkick punishment and he's a bit disocuraged if you have any muay thai skills that would be the time to to use them.

now is the time to start to overwelm him and finish him, start mixing it up, keep up the leg kicks, but dont stop there, throw a couple body kicks, if he drops his hands at any time throw a high kick.

After about the middle of round 2 and round 3 youll be able to start really giving him a beating if youve developed a solid gameplan and he's a one dimensional power puncher.

and if your better on the ground if it goes there submit him, constantly work sub after sub, grab one arm like you want it, then the next second armbar the other one.
With a better bjj game and some sub smarts you should be able to sub a powerfull one dimensional fighter.

develop a good gameplan and pick your enemy apart with it.

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