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apatisk 01-06-2013 11:49 PM

annoying "injury"

Amateur here, and I couldn't find any "injury"-section over here, so forgive me if I'm in the wrong posting it here.

I recently ****ed my big tow up by just doing a sidekick to the head.
my toe on the turn-in sort of stayed in place, so it got twisted backwards, so to speak.

it hurt, didn't think much of it, did it 4-5 times on the same session (yeah, **** me right), and now it's big and purple.

i have training tomorrow, is there any way to make it a little more stable?
should i just tape the toes together?

as it is now it's useless, it doesn't seem to have any resistance when turning in so it happens all the time.

any tips? it's annoying.

PS: not american, so my terminology might be incorrect. i assume you understand what i mean however..

Hibernaculum 01-07-2013 01:02 AM

Sounds like a hyperextension, if you can walk it's not likely broken but if it still hurts it's likely sprained. If it's still painful I'd recommend not training on it, if you want to go to class it shouldn't be an issue but you will want to tape it to the toe next to it and don't be hard on it.
I can't judge how bad it is, but if it doesn't look good then rest for a few days, apply ice(10 minutes on, 10 off), and try to keep it elevated above your heart. If the injury lasts more then a a week or feels unbearable you should have it looked at.
Unlike what most people think avoid applying pressure to it as it will slow the blood flow so it won't heal as fast. If it's swollen avoid applying heat as it will likely have a negative effect.

It might seem like it's just a toe but your whole body is important, take care of it today so you can still train tomorrow.

Also it sounds like when you kick your toes are what lands. Toes are fine is you're doing a push kick but if you going for power you should use your heel, the toes are fragile.

apatisk 01-07-2013 02:43 PM

thank you for your thought out response.

yeah, hyperextension feels right. can't imagine anything is broken, doesn't hurt THAT much.
i went to training and taped three toes together, worked pretty well, no severe pain.

it was my foot on the mat which took the hits though, not my kicking foot.
it somehow got "stuck" on the mat when i turned in, so basicly it was twisted back towards the heel.

after that it happened 4-5 times over.

anyway, tape seems to be the solution, thank you!

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