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khell 05-04-2007 02:58 AM

Paul de Thouars pencak silat
has anyone seen any of paul de Thoaurs SERAK pencak silat style?theres alot of versions of penkak silat styles and alot are non sence ,but ive heard this version serak penak silat is supposed to be the real deal., A friend of mine who is really good at Brazilian Jiu Jitsu , especially the gaurd , started training serak pencak silat . they let him pull guard and he said it was the hardest time he has ever had, and will never pull gaurd when training against those guys. thats just an example, he said in general he woulndt try grapling with those guys anymore period. remember this guy really liked bjj. we both trained in bjj for like 3 years ,but he was much more gung ho, he spent like 5 days a week training bjj and loved it.and knows all about the whole fake styles that claim how good they are etc.and always felt mma styles were the best. but now he swears by serak pencak silat. im wondering if anyone has seen this stuff , if its as hard core as ive heard. and if theres any vids with it in real fight. i doubt it, cause they are very selective about who they train and who they show stuff to. but i would like to see it.

timandmonica 05-07-2007 07:54 PM

Paul de Thouars
Yes! I did a two day seminar with him back in 1996 or so. It was at this small circle ju-jitsu school, but they had nothing to do with it. Guru Stevan Plinck (a student of his) taught Silat locally so that's how I found out about it. I was heavy into BJJ at the time and was just generally curious about Silat. At that time I had heard that de Thouars was the best in the world at this style and thought there were only a handful of teachers in the world. Since then I've realized that it's much more prevalent and less mysterious than I knew back then. Although it's popularity may have grown since then...

Mostly what I remember is this really old overweight guy who could barely pronounce anything in English throwing us all around the room and saying "How sweet it is!" every time we smacked on the ground. There were a few of Plinck's students there and they helped out a bit. Basically I remember there was a lot of physics involved; some of the stuff they taught about angles changed the way I think about that kind of thing, even to this day. It seems like no matter how hard you tried, they could always end up right beside you, facing your side, and basically clothesline you from there, thus knocking you on your rear. Lot's of fun!

I think I still have the original flyer in a box somewhere...

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