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I was not sure where this thread goes to since it involves the ground and striking.

Ok so i was wondering when someone has you mounted what do you do to defend from punches? Do you give your back and try to escape from the back? If so doesn't that give way for submissions.This is something I've been wondering for a few days now and i figured i would ask.

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Alright just warning you, this is coming from a non-pro

I saw on a BJ fight how he reversed the mount from Hughes. What he did was leaned forward to Matts left side, and with his left arm put it on across Hughes back/mid section and wrapped it around. Then he kind of lifted up with his hips and slid his legs out from under hughes and put him on his back.
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Mount is a bad place to be in but it's defiantly not the end.

Try to lock their and your body together to stop punches or at least hard punches and try to get out like pushing their knees with you elbows to make space to get back from guard.

Thats one of the many ways but it's harder to do Judo/Jiu Jitsu when your being punched in the face and i am also not a pro.

Some of the others may be able to help you more, I will be interest as well seeing as my knowledge isn't great on this subject either.

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Yeah, pull then down against you, or if they posture up pull yourself to them. Its hard to get any power in punches when you're basically coming back and punching at your own chest. Also, if possible, control their wrists tight against the matt. Then you can try and get a butterfly and sweep.

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Similar to others who have commented, I am far from a pro...

But I use bridging a LOT. If the person has postured up, I cover up and bridge to disrupt their shots, as they'll have to base out. Each time I bridge gives me an opportunity to work an elbow escape. Or if I can control an arm, I go for an upa.

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well unlike the above posters I however AM a pro ...well not exactly but I have this great book by BJ Penn called MMA The book of knowledge (recommended)

"If your opponent is postured up in the top mount position and he throws a downward strike, bucking your hips is a great way to avoid a damaging strike. As your opponent's body is thrust forward and down, you want to wrap your arms around him. If you can establish a tight hold, it will be difficult for him to throw powerful strikes. Before your opponent can break your hold and posture back up, you want to either work your hips out from under him and escape to guard or secure an over-hook on one of his arms and bridge him over."

Thats the idea he gives...he breaks down those techniques further but that would take me quite awhile to write down...


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From my BJJ/Submission wrestling training and experience, the instructor taught two good ways of dealing with the mount:

1. Sweep/Roll- This is the best one to do, and is easier if the guy doesn't have good top control. What you want to do is tie in only one of his feet with one of your legs (so, pull one leg up and let him get his "hook" in it), but keep the other one straightened out. Then, roll your body weight with all your strength towards the hooked side, using your free leg if needed .. if you do it right, you might be able to roll around successfully and end up in his guard. The basic idea is that the hooked leg ties him in and keeps him from rolling against you and getting your back, while your free leg allows you to raise your body and get some roll momentum. The better the guy's top control, the harder this is to do.. but it becomes a lot easier against people with a weak mount .. too high or too low, too unbalanced etc. The whole time, protect your head by either keeping your forearms up and blocking his blows while moving your head to dodge as much as you can, or pulling in the guys head to close the distance and keep him from getting a good shot.

2. Shrimping: This is when you try to buck and push the guy's legs lower and lower in the mount, one leg at a time, until you can either wiggle out or get guard. The way to push is to use your elbows or arms against his leg while pulling your waist up past his mount. The problem is that when you use an arm to push, you leave an opening for punches.

3. Give up your back - (This is just applicable in MMA/UFC rules, on the street or a no rules fight, a guy on your back the worst thing to have; he's going to kill you with blows to the back of your head). This is really just a trade off of one bad position for another, but some people are more comfortable in one than the other. If you have good submission defence and are a smaller guy, giving up you back can be an easier way to work yourself out of the mess. You will get hit less due to the rules of no blows to the back of the head, and some guys with with mount control don't have as good back control. If they get too high, you can wiggle your upper body and head through their legs and squeeze out the other side (but beware of submissions, armbars and triangles can be pulled off if you're not careful). You might be able to shake off a hook and roll around into half guard. Stuff like that.

I wish I had some videos or illustrions to link to, but I couldn't find any.
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The basics have already been mentioned, thanks to Liddellianenko. (Great post)

Here are some of the more advanced options.

1) (this is my personal favorite, though it requires some flexibility) Reverse Body Triangle From Mount

This is a variation of Josh Barnett's classic catch wrestling body triangle, only employed while your opponent is in mount.

First step is to place on of your shins across your opponents stomach. If you don't have flexible hips you won't be able to do it, and don't bother trying to come over the top of your opponent's head. They will just shrug you off.

Once your foot is across, shoot you knee up and lock it together for the body triangle.

The rest is easy. The locked down body triangle will let you push your opponent off of you and you can start working for footlocks.

2) (this is really a strongman escape, but if works if you are strong and have good submission defense) Feeding the Armbar

It seems wierd to give up a submission from mount, but the armbar will allow you to get on top of your opponent and as long as you keep control of it you should be fine.

When they go for the standard armbar from mount, just roll your hips over so that you are on top. Keep your hands locked tightly together to prevent them from extending it.

In BJJ competition, you will have to stack your way out of this technique. In MMA you can slam your way out. Much more fun.

Hope those were helpful.

NOTE: Next time, post a thread like this in the Grappling forum. It's not based on submissions/striking, rather standing/groundgame.

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I first try to overhook and buck, but that usually doesn't work vs someone with a decent mount. I will then grab an underhook or two(if I can), and try to shrimp out to half guard.

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Best defense in mount is to never EVER let them posture up. Grab either an arm when they swing at you or pull yourself up. While you're clung together you can start working your hips or you can try rolling them. as far as giving up your back, I never reccomend that, and I doubt anyone else here will.
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