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Pre-emptive striking is ok. I got my drunkass whooped once that started with a sucker punch. I won't suckerpunch anybody if it had something to do with me unless they start to get agressive. If someone abbuses someone or an animal that can't defend theselfes I don't really care because they asked for it. Whenever you get into a confrontation keep your arms crossed so you can get them up in time and keep your chin down so you can protect your face and give a headbut to innitiate the fight. Don't try and get into fights. If you go down god knows what they might do to you. (BAs Rutten - Lethal Streetfighting, learn and laugh)
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Originally Posted by DSGhST07 View Post
Well I dont think anyone is going to say its good to start a fight with a suckerpunch, but its life. Noone knows the whole story but you, I mean if you were hiting on his girl and being disrespectful then it may make since to do that. But high school parties isn't MMA, theres always fights because everyone wants to show off and be cool. Just be careful of what you do next time and avoid trouble. Im sure if someone was hitting on your girl you may want to hit them to, and your not gonna go "Hey square up with me", because if you do and the other guy beats you up your gonna look stupid.
Somebody responding to a similar thread in another blog once said,"Why is it that whenever somebody's girl is acting like a ho,they go after the other guy?"
While, as I have stated in my posts in the thread KOTC Girls, I do not approve of the word "ho," I believe that that word has no place in the vocabulary of a gentleman, still in this regard I think that it is quite relevant what the guy is saying...In the other thread in the other blog, somebody asked what people thought about the fact that there was this huge brawl that started in a dance club because somebody caught his girl "booty dancing" with another guy, and he swung on the guy.YOu know, only one person said,"YOu catch your girl doing stuff like that, you read the riot act to her, or quit her.What is the sense of going after the other guy?"
If you were talking to this girl,and she was enjoying the conversation, then that guy's issue should be with her, not with you.If he is so insecure that he can't handle seeing his girl talk with other people, then he shouldn't be in relationships, he should be seeking some kind of counseling.
As for squaring up with people:don't look for fights anywhere outside of a gym,etc.
I agree with the people who say that you can get killed.I was a pro musician for years....I do know of people who got killed in bar brawls.....I also know of something else that people seem to have forgotten here:
YOu can go to jail for fighting.YOu can go to jail if you seriously injure someone. YOu can go to jail on all sorts of manslaughter charges if somebody dies just as,say, the result of hitting their head on the sidewalk or something when they fall...And,while I don't know but I've been told:
If you go to jail, you will have a lot more fights.
With guys who definitely do not play fair!
Practice your art in your gym or dojo.Learn from your mistakes....Be more aware of your surroundings, like somebody else just said....Never leave yourself in a posture like you described where you can't defend yourself.Also,something else that nobody bothered to mention:Watch it with the booze, dude! Nothing can set you up quicker than getting drunk or getting high!Nothing destroys your reflexes or your ability to react more certainly than getting drunk or getting high,etc.If you are in a social situation like that, the sage advice is simply to get one drink and walk around with it all night,just taking an occasional sip off of it.People will see you with a drink so you'll look like you're "down with your homies" and stuff, and if you just take an occasional sip,you won't experience the loss of reflexes that you would otherwise.Other than that,just be more careful in the future...Like somebody said in an advice book to young guys, when you first meet a chick, you should try to, in a polite way, ascertain if it is all right to talk to her....You should say something along the lines of "Gee, I think you are a very interesting lady...But I want to know: Is it okay with you if I talk to you? Would anyone else mind if I talk with you?" Of course, there are girls who will lie..and say that they don't have a husband or a boyfriend...sometimes they are in relationships that are not living up to their expectations so they are looking for other options and they don't want to rock the boat and spoil everything so early in the game and tell you up front something like, "Gee, I'm living with this guy right now and I have two kids by him," this isn't 100%, but still:
In the future,just try to be more careful.Be more aware of your surroundings and the kinds of vibes and attention you are picking up from the people there.
And forget about those jerks!
It takes all kinds to make a world.
And what goes around comes around,law of karma and stuff, and people pretty much get what's coming to them in the end.
Just my thoughts,

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I've been sucker punched a few times and it sucks. Your caught off gaurd and while you are trying to get your wits abck about you the other guy is already in the indset for more. so i agree with ironman earlier when he said to be ready at all times. things can and will happen eventually if you put yourself into those kinds of positions.

Good Luck
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there are three types of fighters

1. p*ssys who sneak up on people and hit them first, usually just hits you while your not expecting it and than run away as soon as you start to hit em
2. Dirty dudes who would do anything to win, starts grabbing weapons, pulls your hair, all that dirty shit
3. Dudes who keep his reputation up, and doesnt get in to trouble. squares up, gets hit first so its self defence, and than starts to fight. always fights clean even if the opponent is dirty just so that, people who is watching thinks your cool.
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1. What's a looping hook?
2. as my teacher says, "on the street, all them nice rules (of the dojo) are off."

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