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Ferdelance 02-05-2008 09:20 PM

What are your favorite combinations(especially kicks)?
That's it in a nutshell:
What are your favorite combinations?
especially,what has worked for you in te past?
I like to practice a move that I first picked up watching a fight where none other than Rocky Marciano was ringside discussing the fight with the commentator as the fight progressed.
At one point, one of the fighters threw a hook to the body followed by a hook to the head with the same hand, and Rocky Marciano said,"Now there's a real pro!"
But now I want to work on some leg combinations, too.
But if you have a favorite hand combination like the hook to the body followed by the hook to the head,I can dig it if you are willing to share it with us.
What has worked well for you in the past?

xeberus 02-05-2008 11:58 PM

This is going to sound retarded but its worked twice for me. Pop off some jabs maybe a cross back up and throw a powerful kick the the body (for me it was right leg kick) and then shortly after back up in the same way you did before to power kick except throw a fake kick and throw a huge straight right.

Twice this has worked and I get a clean shot right to the face and twice it has ended the fight.

Zemelya 02-06-2008 08:37 PM

Similar to yours -> cross - left to kidney - left hook

Fake right low kick (or if missed) when leg is going back use it for right punch then high kick

Close distance with step and right punch  now when close left hook and knee (use hook to grab the head)

Do a low kick look down (as if you gonna do another one) and high kick instead

dubya 02-06-2008 09:01 PM

Jab - cross - lead hook to the body - rear leg kick to the body

jab - cross - lead leg kick to the body

Cross - lead hook to the body - rear leg head kick

I'm not big on standup my strong point is grappling but these are the combinations I usually do. Other then that I make stuff up. Gets me used to kicking with my punches.

MLS 02-06-2008 09:04 PM

Take a step with your lead leg and step into a jab. Then rotate around as you throw a hook to the head. If you rotate right you should be on the side of your opponent. Then you can throw more punches or throw a kcik to the back of the leg.

Kin 02-06-2008 10:07 PM


Originally Posted by dubya (Post 462503)
jab - cross - lead leg kick to the body

I like that one a lot, if my opponent stays in the pocket and tries to retaliate with punches. I lean back while throwing a lead leg roundhouse at their ribs, under their punch.

If people back away after a jab-cross, I like to chase with a sliding lead leg front kick to abdomen.

I also like to step forward with a lead hook, but I step my lead leg diagonally forward instead of just straight. Since your lead heel should be pivoting forward if you're putting your hips into the hook, it sets up a spinning back kick (or fist) pretty well.

IronMan 02-07-2008 12:51 AM

I have a few that I really like. Those are:

Jab - Cross - Right hook to the body

Jab - Cross - Left hook - Right uppercut - Left elbow

Right leg kick - Cross - Left hook

The last one has ended more streetfights than any technique I use except the guillotine choke. It's quick, efficient and applicable in most any situation.

Cyclist 02-07-2008 08:01 AM

Jab, throw up a feint and hitting them with a good straight kick. If they cover up fro the feint, they never even see the kick.

MLS 02-07-2008 08:25 AM


Originally Posted by IronMan (Post 462752)

Jab - Cross - Right hook to the body

Are you standing southpaw to throw this combo?

IronMan 02-07-2008 09:50 AM


Originally Posted by mlsman23 (Post 462931)
Are you standing southpaw to throw this combo?

No. I'm standing orthodox, and that's what makes it a good combo. If you feint with the left hand, the right hook always comes off clean and does some damage. Should have clarified that in the initial post.

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