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it's awesome to see but y'all are right... i'd say its in the same category as a roundhouse kick, risky and fancy but if you miss it you become vulnerable...
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Originally Posted by MMA1990

that is one UGLY black superman! wow!
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The power of impact comes from pulling your lead leg (the leg you faked a knee/kick with) back at the same time contorting your body to throw a punch with the same side arm. Not entirely sure how the physics work to generate that kind of power, but that's how I've found it to work the most.

Yes, very risky to throw if telegraphed, but devastating when landed.

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That superman punch was awesome, knocked him out clean with one punch!

Arlovski beats Werdum by unanimous decision

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Part of the superman is the knee. It gets your opponents attention as they prepare to guard for a knee and usually they open up their hands a bit.

You end up pumping with the same knee that you raise.

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It's all straight physics folks. Force = Mass X Acceleration. The Superman Punch is a technique that commits the whole of a person's mass behind the punch.

It definitely has its applications, but overall it's an inefficient technique. The prevalent use of it in MMA can be seen as an indication of how the technical accumen of striking in MMA is lacking. Granted, the active use of many more aspects of fighting is definitely prevalent in MMA. Taking that in account, you will see a handful of "flashy" techniques used with a degree of success. Just not anything that will greatly sway the majority of trainers in adding it to their curriculum for budding MMA competitors.

It doesn't matter if you agree or disagree... As long as I don't bore you and I spark a moment of thought, my goal is achieved.

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Originally Posted by MMA1990
I heard it was first used in MMA by Josh Thomas. I beleive he basically created the technique from what I herd (may not eb true) and its so effective because its a punch thats used by springing off you back foot letting your fist fly into a persons face. theres a lot of speed and power in the punch. There are pucnhes simialr in other marial arts.
he wasnt the first one to do it. the technique is pretty old and its not called a superman punch I get really annoyed when people call it that its called a skip punch. Its an old muay thai technique but you see it around in various forms of karate like Gojin Ryu. It definately a asian technique it probably came from some style of kung fu which was later introduced to the oakinagwans which then turned it into karate.

Its effective because its a good change of pace you dont see it coming the best way to use it is faking a kick and changing it up on the recoil and turning it into a skip. Your not supposed to jump at all in a skip punch. Thats the biggest mistake people make it looks like your jumping because of the way your legs are but your really skipping. Your heads level should stay the same through out the movement it shouldnt raise up. Think of it more as a dash forward then a jump.

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Originally Posted by CashKola
You are left pretty wide open when throwing it, but most of the time when a guy sees it coming he will just put his hands up and back up. I haven't seen too many guys really get a good counter to it because it is so quick and you have good reach when laying out like that.

EDIT: If I remember correctly, St. Pierre dropped Hughes with a superman punch at the end of the 1st round in their last fight.
yeah he did

Originally Posted by CashKola
In the replay in the video the announcer said "He fakes the knee...". That is starting to piss me off, me and my friend where arguing because he said St. Pierre faked the knee when he landed the superman punch against Hughes. I kept telling him he is just jumping for the superman but he didn't believe me...

I want to practice a superman punch a little bit at boxing but I have a feeling the trainers will give me shit for it.
he did fake the knee thats how you set it up you cant do the move properly unless you fake it with a kick. He isnt jumping he his skipping forward. It will be harder to do in boxing because your limited on the set up because you cant fake with your legs

the whole thing about the skip punch is like a truck coming str8 on at a deer its so unorthodox that the guy just stands there like huh!

Originally Posted by Smooth
It is set-up with a fake knee/kick. Whatever you want to choose. Your opponent backs up due to the fact that you raise your knees/feet. Usually it will be set-up throughout the match with high kicks. Your opponent will be conditioned to drop his outside arm to block the blow. Once he gets in this habit, the superman comes out. Well..that's how I do it, at least. Haha.
you do it properly

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in my opinion its useless it never hurts anyone with any experience and peiople that use it start to use it a little bit to often
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Originally Posted by maxtheripper
in my opinion its useless it never hurts anyone with any experience and peiople that use it start to use it a little bit to often
yah your right to an extent. Your absolutely right people that have it tend to abuse the hell out of it. Most of them do it wrong any way. Its not a move your suppose to bust out with every fight its something your supposed to do to change the pace. Obviously if your beating the crap out of the guy it would be pointless to use.

Its more of a move to throw some one off so you can set up your own rhythm and open him up for other shots. When I have used it I have used it I have done it diffent.

Say im working some one over by out fighting him because I have a good reach advantage. Im using alot of jabs and long range kicks to wear him down. Now the guys pretty gassed and I want to switch it up to an infight and finish him off. I could just rush in and then beat the crap out of him but then he could just clinch me and pull some shit.

If I utilize my skip punch though I can use that to close the distance and then at the same time stun him and suprise him and go off with a melee of punches and fluries.

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