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I like marijuana.
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streetfights are stupid. People just don't realise that they can get seriously injured or seriously injure someone else. They don't even see the legal aspect behind it. Sure, let's smash the guy's head in, look cool in front of the ladies and cry my eyes out when i get sentenced afterwards. I guess it all comes down to male pride/ego and to a person's character. If you are disciplined and wise you'll know how to avoid fights. By all means, protect yourself and your family if you must. But try not to overdo it. I've seen enough fights in my days to realise what a stupid thing street fighting really is; Anw, i'm not a hippy and i do like fights, legal fights that is, cage or ring doesn't matter! Cause the more they come...the more you are gonna get punched..
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Originally Posted by xeberus View Post
I was at a party this past weekend. Lots of alcohol, everyone was drinking etc. There is a little scuffle over god knows what and a fight is quickly broken up. Later that night 2 of those same guys are fighting outside and a lot of people are watching, the guy who is winning the fight gets sucker punched by one of the guy hes fighting friends. He get knocked down and the guy kicks him in the head.

I've put my drink down at this point to stop the fight and the guy who was losing the fight and his friend proceed to the ever living shit kicked out of them by the 10 or 15 guys watching. Im trying to now protect the two guys who cheap shotted the guy. To no avail, ive never seen anyone get a beating that bad and live. The guy who got cheap shotted and knocked out is back on his feet and stomping their genitals.

Man ive been in fights before but it made me sick at my stomach. There should be some guidelines or something to avoid this kind of stuff. You would expect more from the human race.
Moral of the story, street fights have nothing to do with honor, dignity, or technique.

They have to do with testosterone.

They are stupid and useless.

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Except when it's a girl fight. Then, a good time is had by all.

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Originally Posted by Dane~Jeruz View Post
As much as I agree with you, that would never happen around here. Bottles would be flying and it would be a full 10 on 10/ 20 on 20 brawl and even after that happened somebody would end up jumped when they were alone and get messed up with whatever they have on them or could get hold of at the time. Its easy to try introduce rules to a street fight , but, in practice it rarely works. People round here think too much about their "rep" and it would never work.

If my mates are in a one on one n getting their ass kicked, bollocks to em, they can get their ass kicked. Won't see me moveat all unless somethings getting out of hand either way, I'd stop my mate and I'd stop the guy he was fightin. I used to have the street mentality myself and TBH if I carried on like that I woulda ended up gettin killed at some point. I realised theres more to life than being a clown on some stupid street level shit and you gotta work to create a better life for yaself and eventually to provide things for ya family (when it happens) that you never had. I decided to change after I quite possibly could have ended up killed when that guy was jumping on my head with 2 feet for at least 10 mins whilst I was unconcious.

Street shits stupid.. and that is some of the realest talk you'll hear.
**** me having to leg it off from about 40 lads trying to kick me n my mates head in over dumbshit.
We got split up I got away. He got pulled off his bike had his bike thrown at him and got his face smashed in by a street sign. Seeing people get thrown to the ground and stomped on while I was expected to help, people getting held against walls while someone punches them when they can't move.

I don't do that shit anymore. Anything and I mean anything goes on the street, I'm out of that never going back to that.

At least in school fights stayed 1 on 1 granted with people watching.

It's depressing how me, you and the other lad from Manc have all got the same outlook from similar experiences.
I've not had a street fight for years only time I fight now is sparring/rolling and I aim to keep it that way.
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I was once in a street fight and this dude was kicking my friend's ass so I bit off his nose. Such are the streets of Long Island.

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Originally Posted by traf_quake View Post

drunken street fight...not like the ring man no rules at whatever it takes to get the other guy off you and get the **** outta there....i was in malaysia the other month and my 2 friends and i got jumped at a bar by like 20 locals who hated foreingers...i do mma and one guy is a football player and one guy is a pro pretty athletic around the board but **** we we're running down the street throwing chairs dodging all these guys just to get outta there...they were wild...picked up a chair and smacked my buddy in the head with it i'm lucky we didn't get mix booze and bad attitude together you're in trouble

Im not having a go at you here buttt....

How did you manage to wind up 20 Malays... I live in thailand and regulary travel through Malaysia. They are generally friendly people and very very cool with foreigners. I have only seen them angry at westerners with attitude problems or that get completely rowdy and disrespectful in the bars.
Just out of curiousity what did you do? No offence intended.
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I have been in a fair few fights in my past and I did used to be the arsehole who would do anything to win, one time i hit a kid, he was pushing his luck ofcourse and he slapped me a few times maybe 3 times. I then hit him with my left as my right was broken due to a fight i was in earlier that week but then even though i knocked him down with my left which would have been enough i booted him until he couldn't stand by himself and never in my life have i been so ashamed in myself. I became a fan of MMA and through that i realise with the exception of pride that when you can physicaly control situations, you to do so with responsability and self control. I wouldn't say i won't fight people still over sometimes stupid things but i won't do anything stupid enough to seriously damage and almost give brain damage to anyone ever again.

Favourite Fighters:

1) Nick Diaz
2) Fedor Emelianenko
3) Chuck Liddell
4) Forrest Griffin
5) Tyson Griffin

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I got beat up twice since last Wednesday. In the city on Wed, I was sllligghttllyy drunk and I don't remember what I said but I remember getting hit. Then, apparently his friend came out asked me for the time and hit me again while I was getting my phone out. I had Angelina Jolie lips for a bit. Then in Montreal some chick beat me up because "you're Jewish and my boss is Jewish". Great times.

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Every landlord I've ever had has also been Jewish. Grrr.
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