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Zero 06-24-2010 05:10 PM

Unorthodox Martial Arts
Hey all,
TL;DR- I'm looking to get back into MMA, but I would prefer using an unorthodox Martial Arts style for striking. I've been looking at Krav Maga *Hybrid* And Real Aikido but I heard aikido isn't good for anything and Krav Maga isn't great for organized matches. Any suggestions? Also, I live in Los Angeles so good gyms aren't a problem to find. I just need help with my technique. I'm going for BJJ for ground grappling.

Long story for people who actually give a shit. (No one):

Ever since age 5 I've been training in martial arts (Began with kung fu, hated it). Around 7-8 years old I started BJJ but had to stop due to school. However my cousin does MMA in Brazil as a Mui Thai Kickboxer and Judoka, so I've kept a close eye on MMA tournaments such as UFC, Pride, and K-1 ever since.

Recently (I'm now 15, 4 more months 'till I'm 16) I've been looking to get back into MMA now that I'm a bit older and have time for these things. Boxing and kickboxing don't appeal to me what so ever, and Mui Thai seems over used, and thus, more predictable in the ring. I've been looking at Krav Maga and Aikido mostly due to the throws, standing locks, and ground n pound potential that they offer. Though, SCUTTLEBUTT points out that Real Aikido just isn't very good, and that Krav Maga is really only good for street fighting.

So tips, anyone?

LiteGladiator 06-24-2010 09:43 PM

Train in an orthodox style. Then add your own bits to it to make is unorthodox. For unorthodox, the best probably Muay Thai, because it teaches how to hit thing really freaking hard. Then change it up, chance your stance, footwork, hand positioning to make it unorthodox. Plus, if you train an unorthodox styles you will have very little training partners the mimic the orthodox style of most fighters.

For example, I am extremely unorthodox on the fround and on the feet. I train Muay Thai, I also have a black belt in Shaolin Kenpo. But I switch stances often and have learned to use strikes to transition and set up other strikes. Sometimes I will throw a looping rear handed hook and step my leg forward into a southpaw stance while punching and either fire a left head kick or straight.

North 06-24-2010 11:34 PM

Why don't you just watch a class or two and take a couple trial classes at the local schools that teach "unorthodox" styles? Every teacher, regardless of art, is going to have a different take to the art. Why not just be your own judge rather than taking some advice from people you don't know? Normally if something looks or feels legit, it is.

Jesy Blue 06-25-2010 07:54 AM

you can always look for Jeet Kun Do which is all about "no style"

but the majority of what was said so far is true. take your karate, your muay thai, your kung fu... then incorporate your hung gar, your krav maga, your bagua zhang, your sambo, your pankration, your ninjutsu, your lau, your extreme monkey combat...

hell if you really feel bold, try adding kali and kenjutsu.... i think there's a website dedicated to the moves of gun-kata too.

Squirrelfighter 06-25-2010 02:03 PM

There are very few styles I would coin as unorthodox. Aikido and (Shaolin) Kung Fu being most principle in my mind among them. Since Kung Fu doesn't interest you, and Aikido does lack a lot of useable techniques, I personally don't see things like Karate as unorthodox because Karate in general is an Art that is fairly direct and to the point; I don't use the stance being right leg back or right leg forawrd to determine the orthodoxy of a Martial Art or style. There are few aspects of a kata I would consider useless, that is not so true for some unorthodox styles.

I humble suggestion: You'll learn whatever you feel best. Look around a bit on the internet and in reality, go visit the schools from any Art that peaked your on-line interest and see if it still draws your attention when you see live bodes practicing it. If you like it, find it effective and worth it, go for it.

Zero 06-26-2010 12:34 AM

Thanks a ton for the help, guys.

Well taking into account what has been said, and after touring around and checking out some gyms and stuff in the area I think what I'm going to do is sign up for Muay Thai and BJJ and just train nice and hard on those. Then after a little while once I nail the concepts and basics, exploring other things on the side (As in, keep training those two, but also squeeze in a litle of this and that when I'm not busy) and incorporate them to my current technique.

This way I get the basic Muscle memory and get a good grip on fighting, then I can add my own touches as going along and finding out what might be good for my main two styles.

Once again, thanks a ton guys. Any more C&C would be good too.

LiteGladiator 06-26-2010 12:52 AM

Glad I could help. You can never have an unorthodox style when training in a respect by the book. You must introduce your own unorthodoxiness into it yourself. Yes, that is not a real word.

Jesy Blue 06-26-2010 12:40 PM

.... except for those few raised the wild who learn drunken monkey combat from watching actual monkeys who have gotten into the british explore's brandy reserves. it's simply far too late for you to do that; you already know how to use your opposable thumbs.

psychologically you have to find the nitch that you understand yourself and that no one else can see, so its natural to you, but it unorthodox for everyone else.

look at keith jardine & lyoto machida when they first started:

KJ: no one knew how do deal with this guy who was practically sitting on a stool his stance was so low and crouched, and the wild out there shots coming in from way back and way down; his over hand right was overhand for him, but since he was so low, it came straight in on your level, so body reacts to overhand right but punch come in as right hook. but, after seeing that move enough times you learn what is natural for him and you can counter it.

LM: no one was using karate and no one could figure out how to remove that advantage of speed or range or fluidness. it was SO orthodox it was unorthodox to everyone else. but again once you see that style and break it apart you can see where the holes are and you take the style apart again.

my point?
1) just like in the old kung fu movies, they never wanted to show their secret move for fear other's would find the weakness to it if it was seen and the person survived. the same if for whatever unorthodox style you bring in, someone will be able to break it down eventually, everyone has a weakness in their particular style.

2) don't go looking for the super outlandish simply because it is different. sometimes the very old ways are different enough that you don't have to go out inventing new things. as a literary villain once said, "Read a book, people!"

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