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Baffled by most TMA's

Yep useless also (not all, some are okay but MOST).

the only time i see that kinda shit (like aikido) POSSIBLY being useful is if you are trying to grab someones wrist and control their hand if they had a weapon in it, and even then i dont know how useful it would be against a RESISTING opponent. MAYBE practicing certain drills may help you to gain control of an opponents hands *IF* they were to practice it in a live environment against a fully resisting training partner. They MAY be able to then apply it to a situation in real life.

Problem is, these places DONT practice these "techniques" against fully resisting opponents and practice in a live situation. They only practice doing these fancy moves with a partner who comes forward throwing a preplanned strike and hold his arm out and stays still while the defender does some bullshit. And because of this, they will freeze when in a real fight.

There may be a few things that could be taken out of these arts, and if practiced against fully resisting partners could be somewhat helpful. And i do mean a FEW things, 99% of it would not help you at all.

These people are so deeply involved in their art that they completely forget about what a real fight is.

And for this reason they will never end up being any good at fighting.

Most of the strikes from arts like wingchun (punches) are also very quick and snappy if you watch the videos. You know why? Because these strikes are just snapping out from the shoulder and elbow, theres no body torque behind and therefor can be done fast, and may have a stinging effect like a whip. But is that going to knock anyone out, especially when they are full of adrenaline?

Also most dont emphasive bag work, hard sparring, or strength and conditioning training.

And about people saying how its usefull for the street but not MMA, I find this baffling.

They try and say this because they emphasize techniques like nut kicks, eye pokes, throat chops etc, which are outlawed in MMA. They also say they have pressure point techniques. They say they also have wrist locks and small joint manipulation techniques which are outlawed in MMA.

Let me break down the above paragraph.

First, why cant a kickboxer or muay thai fighter or anyone for that matter who practices kicking to the stomach, aim a bit lower for the nuts. Why do you need to go through all of the other useless crap of wing chun or whatever in order to learn that?

Why cant someone practice striking or gouging eyes or the throat without having to go through all the other useless grap of wing chun or whatever to learn that.

And as for the wrist locks, i think most people can agree that trying to pull that off against an aggressive opponent is next to impossible unless you are a complete master at it and you are fighting someone who is a horrible fighter (and i mean horrible). Why not use that time practicing something more useful?

And as for pressure points, where the hell are the pressure points other than nuts, kidneys, spine, temple, jaw, eyes, throat nose etc? They try and teach things like striking a certain part of an opponents arm to disable it, which wouldnt likely work, and why not just throw that punch at one of the things mentioned (nuts, kidneys, spine, temple, jaw, eyes, throat nose etc)????

I trained a good style of karate since i was young and got good stuff from it, and i still practice certain things from it on my own now. I also train much more boxing and muay thai oriented though.

Yes there are good style of karate (not too many though) and even certain arts such as TKD, although useless as a fighting art on its own, could definately help with your kicks and flexibility and could improve your game.

But I see too many arts like wing chun and all these fancy ****in arts which really dont offer ANYTHING that is useful in a real fight. If anything they are building false confidence and bad habbits which could end up getting you your ass kicked in a real fight.

Its really mind boggling.
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It is more then obvious your martial arts studies and experience are very limited. Until you have trained seriously in aforementioned styles, you have no first hand evidence of their ineffectiveness.Also Your aggressive mannerisms show that you have not yet learned to contain your excess energy, which as a martial artist knows can be vital. Many modern athletes and trainers see the value in the traditional arts and use them to improve their chosen styles. 10th Planet Jiu-jitsu whizz Eddie Bravo admits to using certain Wing Chun techniques to by-pass his opponents guards. Also worth noting is that every martial art you mentioned is a traditional art. "MMA" is nothing but Traditional arts moulded to each fighters preferences. In time it too will be seated alongside Karate And TKD as a branch on the martial arts family tree.

Let me get this straight. You are trapped in a cage...with an opponent of equal size....for 15 minutes..... and yet you still couldn't defeat him?. What use is your art?
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