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BlueLander 05-02-2011 10:18 PM

Which punching bag for Muay Thai?
I recently started taking Muay Thai classes at a local gym, but wanted to practice in my off time at home, so I decided to get a bag. Though I'm having trouble deciding which one to get.

I am about as new to training as one could be, but wanted a bag I could practice a combination of kicks and punches.

Would you recommend a free standing bag such as this:


A swinging bag such as this:

I noticed at the gym I joined they seem to have a lot of free standing bags more then swinging ones, so I can only assume that would be my best bet? Also, if a swinging bag would be a better choice, how does one determine the right weight for a bag? I am very small, 5"10 150lbs if that gives any indication on which size bag would be right for me.


Squirrelfighter 05-03-2011 02:08 PM

When it comes to deciding which bag to get there are plenty of factors that come into play. Most importantly is space. If you have a rafter, or a ceiling support capalb of holding 100-150lbs of dead weight I recommend a hanging bag. If there's no space for a hanging bag, get a free standing bag.

When it comes to which bag specifically to get, I did a little research before purchasing mine, and I found that Title has some of the best quality (for the price) Muay Thai bags. Mine was $100 + additional shipping, but might have been a sale, or it was just advertised as one.

When it comes to the size of bag I would recommend 100lbs. While the 80lber is lighter but gives too much per strike for my tastes. And the 150lber is too heavy and risks injury per strike (at least IMO).

BlueLander 05-03-2011 02:38 PM

Thanks for the reply!

As for space, I was going to set it up outside, so I've got almost unlimited space in that sense.

If I was going to get a swinging bag, I'd get one of those bag stands that I'd setup outside. So either bag is equally doable, I guess just cost would differ, as the bag stand would be another $100 or so on top of the actual bag cost.

Would the swinging bag be worth it even if was a 50% increase in cost?

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