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Split 03-23-2007 04:20 PM

Gaining muscles and loosing speed.. need help?
Ive started to train on the upper body part of my body(esp arms and shoulders), and i feel like ive lost a lot of speed in my punching.. i feel my punch are coming down a lot heavier, and my blocks are a bit more solid, but maybe its just a question of opinion, but i dont think theres a point of having a heavy punch if i cant reach a target in time.

Any advice on how to not loose as much speed? I would like an answer about the training, not on how i throw a punch.

O also, any tips on how to get bigger forearms(and if that will slow me down, tell me)?

Thx, and sorry if that was already asked, just link me to the thread.

Zapatista 03-24-2007 02:12 AM

I've been told that plyometrics will increase your explosiveness (aka speed). You can do a google search for a website since I don't know any good sites, so you're on your own (sorry). But ya, plyometrics should help that.

Palladium 03-24-2007 12:35 PM

When you do strength training, it doesn't mean you will loose speed. You will only loose speed when you gain a lot of muscles and when you stop doing techniques. Never, ever forget : Bruce Lee did a lot of weightlifting !!!! One of the quickest martial arts athletes of all time !

linkster01 03-24-2007 12:54 PM

What kind of upper body workout are you doing? If you are doing a 8x5 or 8x3 style workout it may be causing you to slowdown a bit. You are working your muscles in a way that favors endurance and not explosive power. Get those twitch muscles a workout by doing some three rep max exercises as fast as you can, and when you do your other workouts try to lift fast and explosively(be sure to keep good form to avoid injuries) this should help you get some speed back :thumbsup:

maxtheripper 03-28-2007 05:01 AM

if your training like a bodybuilder with a 5 day split that cant be compound lifts like deadlifts squats and trow in some oly lifts for explosiveness

RedGabeRoss 03-29-2007 11:45 PM

I agree with Max and Link, Olympic style and powerlifts compound exercises especially with dumbbells or kettlebells in short fast sets are the way to keep speed and gain size. Take a look at the Crossfit and Dragon Door sites. Speed is not all you need to fight. While nearly all fighting is anaerobic, strength endurance is necessary. That means lots of body weight calisthenics. Check Carl Gotch's videos a Scientific Wrestling. For your forearms thick about thick bars. You can make a bar thicker with duct tape. Look at the arms of a Strong Man athlete. They are huge usually without specialized training. Check the "300 workout" at the Gym Jones site or You tube. Finally think about isometrics. Take a look at Bronze Bow. There is no one answer. Bruce Lee lifted, ran, did cal and lots of isos. As most of us have jobs prioritize. If you want good technique, do technique first. If your interested in muscle size heavy lifting comes first. Finally I would recommend Eugene Sandow and The Golden Age of Strong Men. Good stuff on isos, lifting, and wrestling. Particularly good are the Liederman, Burns, Hackenschmidt McFadden, and Tegner books at the site. Most things are on line including how to build kettlebells, so you need not go broke buying equipment or courses. Cheers, Red

SgtSixpack 04-09-2007 04:03 PM

Forearm training? Thats something I know about. After u finished your back exercise get an olympic bar (20kg), and sit with it resting on your thighs. Either under or overhand grip (vary it), rest forearms on your flat seat or your thighs. Lower and raise the bar which is isolating the wrist. You can let the bar drop to your finger tips and then pull it up to close grip and elevate it to the top of your movement range.

I started doing this after I saw a mate doing it and trust me when he started doing this he quickly developed freaky sized forearms. Ofcourse he was 'roided up.

Im also pretty sure that doing tricept pushdowns will give your forearms size.

When u first do this or any new movement u may find yourself really stiff. This will go as u get used to it.

Also if you do any strength training you should do leg workouts. Use a freebar (as opposed to a machine) to start off leg workout. Buy a belt too if u dont alread have one, to prevent lower back injury. Done correctly though your lower back will become very strong with the freebar.

EastPhilly 04-09-2007 05:05 PM


Originally Posted by BJJ Boy
Wind sprints. Thier really good. My intsructor says thier the best.

Windsprints won't help punching speed. Because your muscle are getting bigger/ heavier your speed and flexibility will go down untill you bring them back up. Until you get to a point where you stop lifting alot then you speed will be decreased from what it used to be.

Stretch alot after your workouts. You won't get ripped as easy this way but it will help your muscle heal and you will get stronger quicker. Also do shadow boxing with hand weights as a workout. This will give you more power and speed in your punches as well.

wukkadb 04-09-2007 05:32 PM

Weight training shouldn't be making your punches slower, unless youre not training striking as well. Try using weights, or heavier gloves, and shadowbox with 2-4 lb weights. Also make sure your technique is correct and work out your core/flexibility/hip flexors

SgtSixpack 04-09-2007 05:54 PM


Originally Posted by EastPhilly
Because your muscle are getting bigger/ heavier your speed and flexibility will go down

Tell that to Vitor Bellfort or a 100m runner.:laugh: Ive had days when I struggled to walk up a flight of steps after a leg workout, but its just temporary obviously.

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