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Stapler 09-09-2013 07:09 PM

Push ups every day?
Hello, so this year I decided to get back into shape and got a gym membership. I've been going for a while now and I've noticed a lot of strength gain and I'm in a lot better shape. 23 years old, roughly 5'10" and 173 pounds at the moment. I'm not trying to bulk up, just doing this to obviously get stronger and stay healthy. I guess get stronger, but manage to stay fairly lean. Not too lean, some mass sounds good, just not too MASSive. :confused02:

Anyways, I'd say I go to the gym every other day, and usually go for roughly 2 hours. Hour and a half of weight lifting and a half hour on the treadmill. Once in a while I miss a day or two because I work 40 hours a week and my schedule sometimes clashes with that.

Now the question is, is it okay to do push ups every day along with that schedule of going to the gym every OTHER day? It seems to be slightly controversial. Some people say no because every muscle in the body needs time to heal and doing push ups is no different than lifting weights so the same rule applies, while others say that push ups can be done every day as long as you don't max out and exhaust yourself. I was thinking something along the lines of just 2 sets of push ups every day, not even the maximum amount I can do, just roughly 35-40 per set. I enjoy doing push ups and on my days of rest I get slightly bored yet restless and can't help but want to do some. Is that a good idea, or would it just hinder my schedule and potentially prevent muscle growth due to lack of muscle rest?

Any feedback would be appreciated. :)

Killz 09-10-2013 05:51 AM

If your goal isn't to put on loads of size then You arent going to do any harm in doing pushups every day. What you will do though is you might over train the muscles used in pushups (chest/Biceps/Triceps) Which means when you come to do those muscles on gym day you wont get the same results in terms of growth as the others.

I'm very much an advocate of allowing muscles time to heal between sessions as that is where you make all of your gains.

You will get muscle stamina from doing pushups everyday though so it all depends on what your specific goals are. :)

For size, I'd say no. For general muscle stamina and all round conditioning, yeah, why the hell not.

ZVSTRENGTH 09-21-2013 12:23 AM

It all comes down to what your training for. If you want to do push ups every day, you should do them. Have you ever considered adding some sort of pulling action (pull ups), to counter act the push up. We tend to neglect the upper back and that could lead to injury.

MMATycoon 03-08-2014 04:03 AM

Does push ups increase punching power?

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