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Exclamation Being the most ripped man alive!

Can anyone give me ideas on awesome training structures for shedding fat. this is what i am doing now.

running 5-6 times a week upon waking up for 2 miles. about 15-20 mins. eating museli for breakfast, usually chicken sandwich on wholemeal bread for lunch, lean meat or fish with veg for dinner, and snack on fruit if i get hungry during the day, im drinking tons of water and thats about all i consume. I dont lift weights anymore cause i dont have a gym membership. I do push ups and crunches and want to start doing squats and pullups as well. can anyone add to these ideas???

all ideas welcomed.
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Add in burpees and you should be set man. Also try to keep improving your running time. Try adding an extra lap every week or two, GOODLUCK!

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It's best to wait an hour or so after you wake up to run.

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Once your legs start to get strong from the squats and running, you can just do burpees instead of squats since all burpees are is a better squat. That doesn't mean you need to, but unless you have a problem where you don't want to be jumping or doing the sprawl part, if makes sense to do burpees.

I definitely suggest doing pullups. It's great for the upper body and if you lift your legs like your doing a situp, you can also help to build and excersise the lower core. You can also change the hand position on pullups to make them work the forearm, bicepts, tricepts, back or whatever upper body muscle group you are trying to cover.

I also suggest taking up a movement excersise that more than running. If you want to be a track star, running is great, but even if you aren't an MMA fighter, you can do some other sort of excersise to keep in shape. I do, mostly because I find machines incredibly boring.

My personal favorites are parkour (which is like running, only more fun) and rock climbing (which is like doing pullups, only you are going somewhere), in addition to my kickboxing and grappling.

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Lose bodyfat by creating a calorie deficit.
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yo that's pretty good man...but if you run too much you'll lose extra muscle as your body adapts to the running...if you actually want to lose weight...walking and other types of exercise are actually better for losing weight than's a great article from the guy i buy my supplements off of...he used to be a pro strongman then quit and lost 65 pounds in 12 he's an all natural bodybuilder

IN THE TRENCHES with Mike Bade

Part I of II - Stop Running and Start Walking

Do you spend hours and hours running on that god-forsaken treadmill with little or no improvement showing up on that fat ass of yours? Feel like throwing in the towel?. Or have you decided that having a fat ass isn’t so bad as long as you work from home?. Well, guess what, folks. It isn’t that hard to lose that unwanted fat. All you have to do is take it easy.

We can all agree on one thing. Exercise helps to burn body fat.

Everyone has their own idea of what type of exercise is best for dumping unwanted bulge. Many gyms and personal trainers believe that almost any type of cardio exercise will burn off fat. Many say that running on a treadmill burns three times the number of calories that walking, biking or climbing stairs at a comfortable pace does.

The next time someone at the gym tells you that running or stair climbing for 4 hours will burn 3500 calories, (which translates to 1 pound of fat lost), you tell them to take that old philosophy and shove it up their skinny butt. Because in reality, the amount of fat burned by the body depends on were the fuel source is coming from. What else is there to say?

There are three sources of fuel in the body: “sugar”, “protein”, and “fat”. Most training programs, both anaerobic and aerobic, use up your body’s stored sugar; leaving that ugly body-fat right where it is!

Below is the first of my proven principles on how to best get rid of that unwanted fat.

Optimal heart rate

Most programs on the market today state that in order to burn fat effectively you must operate at 60% to 70% of your heart rate. This is simply wrong!

Working at 60% to 70% is great for cardiovascular strengthening, not fat burning. For an athlete in top condition keeping up that pace is possible, but I sincerely doubt the average person could do so for very long.

So the next time you see one of those charts displaying target heart rate tables for fat loss, (220 – your age x 70% = training heart rate), ignore it.

First of all, those zone charts always use “your age” as the deciding factor; not “your physical condition”. And for people trying to lose fat, the suggested training zone may be far too intense. After all, individuals interested in losing weight are seldom in top condition. Never forget that if you are straining, you’re not burning fat! As soon as you begin to pant, your body switches to burning sugars and proteins, not fat. And the last thing you want to do is burn protein! Burning protein means your lose muscle, and muscle is the engine for getting rid of the fat you hope to lose. That is usually why so many inexperienced dieters lose weight initially, only to put it back on later.

Secondly, fat is very “calorie dense” (9 calories/g) and as such, to get rid of any real amount of it requires you to use up large amounts of oxygen. The higher your heart rate, the less oxygen you have for burning fat. On the flip side, sugar and protein are very low in calories (4 calories/g) and need less oxygen. So if your heart rate is high you will use sugar and protein as the primary fuel source. If your heart rate stays lower, you burn fat.

In short, for optimal fat burning, 40% to 55% is a much better heart rate zone to be in! Consider a range of exercise like walking, light cycling, roller blading, swimming, etc. Doing this leaves you with abundant oxygen to use to burn off fat. And isn’t that the whole idea? So as far as I can see, taking regular walks will burn a lot more fat than busting your ass on a treadmill!

Many individuals believe that as soon as you start exercising you start to loss fat. Not a chance, fatso!

When you start to increase you level of activity, the body increases the amount of sugar used as fuel. To trigger fat burning, you need to stimulate the adrenal glands. The hormonal response by the adrenal glands releases fat from the adipose cells, which in turn increases the levels of free fatty acids in the blood.

In all, it is probably best to try to stay at 40% to 55% of your max heart rate for at least 20 minutes in order that such stimulation can occur. Now the body has a new source of energy to burn – fat. And if you keep at it at that rate for long enough, that horrible gray stuff will soon start falling off in incredible amounts. And isn’t that the whole idea, anyway?

To sum up, if you want to burn off that unsightly roll, try exercising for 45-60 minutes 3-5 times a week at 40% to 55% (220 – your age x 40% to 55%) of your maximum heart rate.

IN THE TRENCHES with Mike Bade
Part II - Weight Training Before Cardio

Well here’s part II, hope you read part I, it’s a series you know!

Exercising at a low intensity is only one part of the fat loss equation. Duration and type of training is also important. If your one of those individuals who believes that any form of exercise will burn fat, think again fat-boy/girl!

As stated in part I, there is a time lag before your body switches to burning fat as a fuel source. In short, this means you need to stay at 40% to 55% of your max heart rate for at least 20 minutes in order that such stimulation can occur.

Well, guess what folks, weight training being aerobic will evoke the adrenal response necessary to trigger fat burning. By performing cardio training immediately after weights your body will begin to burn fat sooner. Bye, bye, double chin!

If you do your cardio at a comfortable rate after weights, the fat-burning process (oxidation of free fatty acids) will continue as long as you want it to. Try not to be too heroic, 6 hours of stair climbing is just idiotic. 30 min to 2 hours will do.

Would you like to hear more!

High intensity cardio can rob you of muscle mass and slow down your metabolism. Even the loss of an ounce of muscle will cause your metabolism to lower, thus, making it harder for you to lose that unsightly bulge. In order to control fat loss you must maintain muscle mass – that’s were weights before cardio come into play. By performing weights first you’ll spend less time performing routine cardio and keep your metabolism high. By training this way your resting metabolic rate remains elevated for many hours after. This effect may burn more calories than the training itself.

Remember: The first source of energy used by the body is stored sugar (glycogen) found in the muscle. By weight training before cardio you help maintain or build muscle mass and burn that stored muscle energy. This leaves fat as the only source of energy for the body – cardio time!


When is the best time to train for maximum fat loss?

If training increases your resting metabolism, then the best time to train should be as early as possible. Why? The longer you elevate your metabolism the more calories you’ll burn. Do you training in the morning. For an extra kick, drink a cup of strong unsweetened coffee 30-60 minutes before training to speed the release of fat into the blood stream to be burned as fuel for the body.

If you always train at night, and then go to bed, you will lose out on the whole raised metabolism thing. When you sleep your body naturally lowers its metabolism, if your metabolic rate is high at this time the only thing you have to lose is sleep.

Personally, I have found that doing 45-60 minutes of weight training followed by 45 minutes of walking on a treadmill set at 5-10 degrees yields amazing results, and aren’t we all looking for results! This routine should be performed 3-5 times a week.

Eating Habits:

The biggest problem people have when it comes to losing weight is misinformation by the weight-loss industry. Most methods presented by these companies yield immediate results but no real long lasting change, so what if you lost 10lbs in 1 week only to put it back on when you stopped using the product!

If you what to keep the weight off it all comes down to nutrition. Did you know that if your body is deficient in a particular vitamin or mineral it will trigger a hunger response that can only be satisfied with what it needs? If you eat like crap and are unable to give your body the sufficient amount of nutrients it requires, you tend to eat more than you need. Today, most food is stripped of essential nutrients, either by over production, chemical growing and mass farming/over farming. I swear, the most popular word in the food industry is “enriched”, what are they enriching food with, whatever sells. If calcium is popular this year than everything is enriched with it, if vitamin C is on the rise, well you get the picture. Don’t be a slave to mass marketing, pink bread is just wrong.

The first thing in any diet program is to look at what your eating, are you eating food stripped of nutrients or are you just not eating. Do you eat most of your calories in the day (the right approach), or do you eat the bulk of your calories in the evening (wrong)? If you consume too many calories after 4pm don’t expect to look like a Greek god/goddess, you’ll most likely end up looking like a pear.

Rules to better eating habits:

Take a complete multi-vitamin and multi-mineral supplement with food every day.
Take an essential fats supplement like Omega balance. Essential fats help to reduce overall body fat levels and promote healthy skin & hair.
Try to have 4-6 small meals each day with the majority of the calories in the day (before 4pm) - your body naturally lowers its metabolism around 2-4pm. Your evening meals should be comprised of fibrous carbohydrates and protein, not potato chips and pop.
Don’t skip meals.
Eat low glycemic carbs – high insulin levels causes us to store fat
Eat more fiber – fiber absorbs food and slows the entry of sugar into the blood.
Make sure there is some protein in your daily diet, if not, maybe a protein supplement is the thing for you. For non-trainers .2 to .5gms of protein/lb of body weight is enough. If you are extremely active and perform resistance training then .5gms/lb of lean mass for women and 1gm/lb of lean mass for men is good.
Never miss breakfast, it truly is the most important meal of the day, not only does it help to stimulate your metabolism, it give you the energy needed for the day. If you’re training in the morning, breakfast comes after the workout.
Don’t eat or drink anything with calories 2-3 hours before exercise.
Avoid strict diets, so as to preserve muscle mass and metabolism.
Make sure you drink enough water, 2-4 glasses a day is fine.
Remember, if you never hungry on your diet, your not dieting.

The surest way to corrupt a youth is to instruct him to hold in higher esteem those who think alike than those who think differently.
Friedrich Nietzsche
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