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We get into the smaller rep range and heavier weight in these weeks

Weeks 3-4
Day 1: Push Day

Flat Bench (Shoulder Width) ~ Sets 2 ~ Reps 5-7*
|| || (Wide) ~ S 2 ~ R 5-7
Decline Bench ~ S 3 ~ R 5-7
Underhand Press-Raise ~ S 3 ~ R 8-10
Seated Military Press ~ S 3 ~ R 5-7*
Incline Front Raise ~ S 3 ~ R 8-10
Upright Row (Wide) ~ S 3 ~ R 5-7
Upright Row (Close) ~ S 3 ~ R 5-7
Close-Grip Bench ~ S 3 ~ R 5-7*
Incline Tricep Extensions ~ S 3 ~ 8-10
Decline Tricep Extensions ~ S 3 ~ 8-10

Day 2 Legs & Abs:

Back Squat ~ Sets 3 ~ Reps 5-7*
Front Squat ~ S 3 ~ R 5-7
Hack Squat ~ S 3 ~ R 5-7
Alternating Lunge ~ S 3 ~ R 8-10
Romanian Deadlift ~ S 3 ~ R 8-10
Seated Calf Raise ~ S 3 ~ R 15-20
Standing Calf Raise ~ S 3 ~ R 8-10
Barbell Crunch ~ S 2 ~ R 10-12
Barbell Rollout ~ S 2 ~ R 12-15

Day 3 Pull Day

Bent-Over Row (Underhand) ~ S 3 ~ R 5-7*
|| || || (Overhand Wide) ~ S 3 ~ R 5-7
|| || || (Overhand Shoulder) ~ S 3 ~ R 5-7
Decline-Bench Pullover ~ S 3 ~ R 8-10
Behind-Back Shrug ~ S 2 ~ R 5-7
Shrug ~ S 2 ~ R 5-7
Seated Curl ~ S 3 ~ R 5-7
Incline-Bench Spider curl ~ S 3 ~ R 8-10
Reverse Curl ~ S 2 ~ R 8-10

^Link to my Pankration club's website^
Not a fancy site by the way

^Link to our home gym's website featuring a large martial arts section.^
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Front Squats, Back Squats, or Overhead Squats
Dumbbell Bench Press or Barbell Bench Press
Barbell Rows or Dumbbell Rows
Barbell Curls, Dumbbell Curls, or Close Grip Underhand Chins
Grip or Ab Exercise


Barbell or Dumbbell Overhead Presses
Deadlifts, Stiff Leg Deadlifts, Rack Pulls, or Power Cleans
Wide Grip Chins
Grip or Ab Exercise

How many days a week? You do workout 1 and then wait two or three days before doing workout 2. After workout 2, you wait another two or three days and do workout 1. Repeat. So, in a given week you might workout on Monday, Thursday, and Sunday. Or Monday, Wednesday, Saturday. Or Monday, Thursday, Saturday. Basically, you do your next workout when you feel fully recovered. Sometimes you'll feel recovered in 48 hours, sometimes in 72 hours, and sometimes maybe not for 96 hours. It depends on myriad factors like the intensity of your last workout, sleep, diet, stress, your schedule, etc.

Sets and reps? Similar to the other program ? 4x6 or 5x5 (but only 3 work sets).

What are the advantages and disadvantages of this routine compared to the original one you posted? A downside to the original program that I posted is that if you miss a workout, you might not work the exercises or muscles in that workout for 2 weeks. As a result, it's imperative not to miss workouts. With this type of routine, if you can't make a workout on a given day, you just wait one or even two days and then do it. For people with hectic schedules or that can't always keep a workout schedule it's a good option.

Some people gain better from a more total body oriented workout as well. In a specialized routine, you completely annihilate each major muscle every 7 days. Some grow well from this approach; others don't. Others gain better from working each muscle with slightly less intensity more frequently.

Finally, to keep making gains it's good to mix up your routine a little from cycle to cycle, and this gives you another option.
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good program I have done similar stuffin the past I'd change my rutine about every three months completely

RGDA TN Web Site

My BJJ and MMA Blog

BJJ Board

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I mostly do Deadlifts and CLubbells.
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Originally Posted by RileyG
Muscle and Fittness magizine just ran a great six week barbell only routine last month that will help put on size for those looking to add weight and strength as well. If anyone is interested in seeing the plan leave a reply and I'll put it up tomorrow.
Sorry, but that routine looks terrible for gaining strength and size. I don't understand the concept of using isolation style movements for bulking.

Seroiously, to gain size and strength, stick to the basics. Deadlift, squat, bench, overhead press, C&J, pull-ups.

Lift heavy and eat a lot and you'll gain in no time. Try a 5x5, 8x3 or 10x1 routine such as...

Day 1
Squat 5x5
SLDL 5x5
Overhead 5x5

Day 3
Bench 5x5
Row 5x5
Chins 5x5

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word up ma nig. That looks more like an workout to getting cuts.
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Hey guys,

Any recommendations for my situation. I recently moved to Japan and am living in a tiny town in the country side. I hoped to continue my muay thai training out here, but there's literally no instruction available within two hours of me (at least).

So I've been trying to keep at the weights at least, but the gym is very small with next to no machinery. There's a universal machine with an interchangeable Lat Pulldown/Chest Fly/etc-style component, a part with an interchangeable bench press, shoulder press, leg press (vertical movement) component and a component just for legs.

There's one akward bench press machine (never seen anything like it in Canada), a bunch of dumbbells (max weight only 25 lbs), one barbell, one forty lbs dumb bell and some cardio machines.

How could I tweak one of these programs to accomodate my limitations?


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man...riley's day one is alrdy killing me...>.< sticking to 1 sets atm or else it'll screw my growth pattern too much..and for the bars..i weigh at..120 is 50 fine?...(i'm almost 15)..

Edit:..Front Raise too hard..doing all sets now..^_^

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