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Good technique, gakazuki - full on hip twist. Lots of power and its harder to counter than some of the others.

But power does play a part, if you are like me and could not afford weight gloves just hold weights. That works just as good.
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The secret is a good core training
I think everyone here agree with the fact that you hit harder when you use your entire body, when you use this technique to punch, you're using your abs, your back, your obliques and your legs. Your arms just need to be able to resist to the impact that the punch will make, I suggest plyometrics (Medicine ball). Kettlebell exercises are really good too.
and add to this a lot of practice to be very familiar with the movement, so your punches could become really fluid and be relaxed until you hit, because tension in your muscles would retain your power.

Did I forget something?

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Some links
Bodybuilding.com - Curtis Schultz - Take Your Medicine: Medicine Ball Training!
Your Top Source For Free Boxing Training Advice (there's tons of tips)

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You can look in this thread here: I Need More Power! We cover a lot of stuff there.

If I remember correctly... You (the OP) are the one who's going to get "called out" any day now, right? I doubt any of this is going to return any miraculous results in power, so don't take it as a gaurantee of anything.

It doesn't matter if you agree or disagree... As long as I don't bore you and I spark a moment of thought, my goal is achieved.

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best thing ive found is to wear weighted 16 oz gloves and hit the bag using all the speed and technique you can. speed first, power later.
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Originally Posted by americanfighter
I agree power has nothing to do with it. I know people who are twice as strong as me but I can hit ten times harder than they can because I have ben practiceing kempo and kickboxing for 6 or 7 years now. put your hip into it turnover your punches. use your whole body in your power punches not just your arm. nothing beats years of practice.
you're confusing power with strength. they are differant. power is work over time, strength is just work, how much weight you can move.
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Originally Posted by americanfighter
dont do that!
I know a guy that got in to that hands of stone stuff where he would hit bricks and rocks. He said his hands were littely that stone. he said It killed the nerves in his hands and his hands were so stiff and rugged that he couldn't even make a sandwich for himself. It took a while but he finaly got his hands working again. So they are good for hiting but that is all they good for.
Who needs a sandwich when you can punch out a bear? Just kidding, ya don't that it can really mess up your hands.

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Originally Posted by linkster01
Good technique = power and speed, work your jabs and crosses untill your moving fluid and fast. Then you will get power.
yeah technique is what generates knock out power not brute streghnth. At my gym one of the old school boxers had a demonstration where he proved that him being this short 5'5 little old man could throw a harder punch then this huge guy. It was all in the technique.

What helps is tecnique also heavy bag works but you want to try and hit a makiwara as well. The reason being is if you rely on just the heavy bag your going to limit your punches subcontiously at the moment of impact. What you want to train to do is punch through your oponent which generates more force into the strike. Thats what a makiwara comes in handy because it teaches you to punch through your oponent. you need to use the heavy bag in conjunction with this because the makiwara is a flat surface and you need to work around it but the heavy bag gives you a more human like form to practice on

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Well Technique is really the most important thing before any sort of Power,because practicing an incorrect punch will just hurt you more then your Target.Once you have Perfect Punching form (with more then just the Cross) then doing all sorts of Training comes into play more.Now as far as training your muscles for more power,well the closer you train to simulating a Punch the better so don't bodybuild thats just useless bulk.The usual way is to train like you punch.Such as Punching while holding resistence bands pulling back on your arms or doing Tire drags for more drive and power and when you do weight train use explosive Lifts like the Power Clean/Power Snatch.After that you'll do General Strength training like Power Lifting but with Full Movement and no Special equipment,Powerlifting is Officially the Squat,Dead Lift and Bench Press all done with PERFECT STRICT form and with a heavy Rep range (1-5 Reps)How ever as an MMA fighter you'll do other exercises and all with FULL Range of MOTION(Such As Heavy FULL SQUATS).The reason you must power lift is because usual Bodybuilding will bulk you up and cause you to change weight class plus you will not have maximum muscle recruitment so you'll be weak compared to your size.Now like they said earlier With out a Strong Core your LEGs can Be Power Houses and your Upper Body as Solid as a Brick but the power your Legs Generate will not transfer completely to the Punch.So Core work is a Must.But still Punching form before anything most of all because a Diesil Explosive Guy can punch the wrong way and break his own hand,lol.

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go to the gym and find a cable cross machine and grab the appropriate handle accessory. then add as much weight as you can while maintaing form and practice slow punches. it will develop the muscles used in a punch and make your hand feel a lot lighter. this should just be an extra workout, not the core one. because its all in the hips.
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