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Stone78 11-07-2009 03:56 PM

Transition/Differences in Strength Training for Football into MMA Related Training?
I'm 17 (18 in January of 2010). I just finished my senior year of football. About to start training and getting into MMA.

I weigh 250 lbs. right now (I put on a lot of weight for season). I'm roughly 6'1".

One of my coaches used to be a physical trainer, he helps us with our workouts. As far as my peak strength within the last year:

Flat Barbell Benchpress - 365 lbs
Power Cleans - 260 lbs
Parallel Safety Squat - 550 lbs
RDL - 650 lbs

Crude approximation of workout:

I really wish I had my sheet, because I don't remember the percentages, plus my trainer/football coach had the percentages I used swapped around drastically every two weeks.

But the basic routine is

Warmup (55%) 1x10
Middle (65-70%) 3x5
Heavy (75-95%) 3x3
Burnout (135lbs-165lbs) 1xFailure

Mondays and Thursdays.

This is supplemented by a similar workout with these:

Barbell Incline
Hammer Curls
Farmer's Walk
Pushups (Regular: 3x10, Claps 2x10, Depth Push Ups 3x10 [forgot the actual name for last thing])

Pretty much the same, but instead...
I do Dumbell Incline and I also add in a Dumbell Bench.

Tuesdays and Fridays are for lower body, back, more shoulders.

Tuesdays and Fridays are some conglomeration of these:

Front Squats
Parallel Squats
Hello Good Mornings
Straight Leg Dead Lifts
Stargazers (3x25, 2x50, 1x75)
Toe Raises
Step Ups
Crazy Ab Stuff

I have hellacious sprints for conditioning in football, but I know MMA is a totally different thing so I'm not even going to ask about it atm.

So... would a similar workout be good for strength training for MMA, or could someone suggest following a different plan? Football is almost wholly different, so I know training shouldn't be the exact same for core workouts (Bench, Squats, Cleans vs ?) but as I've said before, I'm virtually clueless about any strength training for a different sport.

I would greatly appreciate any help given. Thanks in advance.

rich78uk 11-09-2009 04:08 PM

I think a workout based around large compound exercises such as squats, bench presses, deadlifts etc will be a good starting point in a strength training routine for MMA. I would suggest adding some exercises that will help to improve your explosive power. Exercises where you can shift a lot of weight quickly such as snatchs, clean and presses, push presses. Use a heavy medicine ball and introduce some overhead slams and rotational throws into your programme as well as some plyometrics. For example try doing a set of plyometric step jumps straight after a heavy set of squats to really burn the legs. Hope this helps.

Stone78 11-10-2009 10:28 PM

Thanks a lot. I'm just now getting my new workout regimine set up so this info couldn't have come at a better time. I really appreciate it.

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