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lazyfighter 06-26-2011 11:44 AM

Use your imagination.
Now I have searched on the forums and found quite a bit related to this so instead of saying how do you do it Im going to share my experience and hope you share yours.

Of course Im talking about that age old thing of training with out access to weights or machines.

No I used to power lift and I extensively weight trained on a regular basis. This increased my strength a lot. I was quite a week person at the start but managed to work my way to being one of the stronger guys at the club.

Now I dont weight train at all. This is due to a few reasons.
1. Access. The gym is out of the question.
2. Work hours. I work stupid shifts.
3. Money. Self explanatory.
4. Previous injury on my back.

Recently I have missed a lot of training in everything but I have used my imagination.

1. Use your surroundings.
At work there are many heavy objects I have to move around. I stack as many things as I can handle (safely) and move them in the most deliberate way possible.
2. Bodyweight
Dont underestimate pushups, pullups, dips and so on. Especially one legged and slow motion.

Recently I went back training and found that, although my cardio was terrible, my strength was not only maintained but increased a little bit.

Now some of you may bash this post and say Im talking a load of rubbish. But for everyone else feel free to share your opinions and tips.

mzubak 09-13-2012 09:57 AM

You can get an incredible strength and conditioning workout with no equipment at all. Find a park/playground near your house or a high school with bleachers and your'e set. Mix and match 100 yard sprints, bleacher sprints/jumps, pullups, chinups, pushups, and some basic gymnastic movements (bear crawls/crabwalks etc.) and youll absolutely see gains.

Craig22 10-06-2012 03:28 AM

I substantially weight qualified regularly. This improved my durability a lot. I was quite per 7 days individual at the start but handled to work my way to being one of the more powerful people at the team.

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