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G_Land 07-16-2012 02:30 PM

Site building help
Long story short. A family member wants me to build a site for their kennel. And I've never built one so I need help!!!!

Any suggestions would be great!! :thumb02:

M.C 07-16-2012 03:05 PM

If you've never built a site (don't know the coding for one) then you will want to pick a website host that comes with an extensive site builder.

There is a list of the "top 10" website hosts (subjective). You pay them to host your website and domain name, it's between 3-7 dollars a month generally depending on which host you pick, they all come with site builders but some are better than others (no idea which one is best).

So, do some research on those, find the one you want best, pick it. They will have you create a domain name ( and then upload your site for you. After that, you just play with the website builder and make it, unless you know HTML and the code to make it that way (the website builder is far less impressive than knowing the actual code).

You can also get a "free" website, but it is covered in ads and you don't get your own .com website.

No_Mercy 10-30-2012 11:31 AM

Just use Facebook unless you're willing to invest or put in the time to create a wicked site which usually runs minimum of $500 and onwards. A decent site will cost you $1,500 then you gotta pay an IT team and webmaster to update it unless you're looking at a CMS format which simply means you can update it yourself. That costs more unless you have an IT team who can copy one. Most sites all have similar interface. What's your budget...

If there's no revenue coming in then why invest that. Another option is to have a blog site.

Go Daddy is popular.

Step 1 - Check to see if the domain name is available then register it.
Step 2 - pay for year subscription
Step 3 - pay for hosting - 1 - 5 years. One year goes by fast. Trust me.
Step 4 - Hire an IT team. Give them the FTP account/username/password so they can gain access to the site.
Step 5 - Set up landing page. G_Lands' Kennel Website + Picture of yourself or dog and contact info so it doesn't have that ugly "UNDER CONSTRUCTION" sign.
Step 6 - Proof site. This is a process that takes weeks if not months depending on how fast you move.
Step 7 - Go live.

Just so you know majority of the lagtime is because the client (you or me) doesn't know what they want. I find myself changing and revising things many...many times. It's just how it is. So my advice is to write out what you want.

- headers
- text info
- functionality (selling products, email subscription, live twitter feed,) basically what is the objective of this website
- images
- graphics with flash components, sliders
- roll over effects
- sound effect IE: dog barking when your mouse scrolls over a certain image
*note everything I mentioned on there costs $250+. Add it up and you'll know why websites cost so much.

I don't design sites, but I've consulted for many so I can basically build the outline then figure out the components needed in several hours and then outsource it to my website teams.

Best of luck!

OU 10-30-2012 12:01 PM


Originally Posted by G_Land (Post 1605094)
Long story short. A family member wants me to build a site for their kennel. And I've never built one so I need help!!!!

Any suggestions would be great!! :thumb02:

My sister has a dog kennel and her site is through, one of the techs that I work with built it.
Here is the link if you want to check it out.

jenagrey8585 04-03-2013 06:44 PM

t is essential to have a Web presence for your business, even if it's no more than a simple information page. Your customers will look for a website to learn about your business before they look for a phone book or newspaper ad. You can publish and maintain your website yourself, and with open source site builders, it's inexpensive and easy. you need to find a Web hosting service. These abound, and don't spend more than $50/month for a service with lots of features and lots of choices for site builders. The Internet is powered by free-of-cost open source, so it doesn't cost much for a Web host to offer all the bells and whistles.
Here, for your consideration, are five open source website builders -- in order from small-and-simple to large-and-feature-crammed.

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