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Juggernaut5150 04-24-2012 06:51 AM

Juggernaut5150's Training Log
Hey dudes, here I will be documenting my mma and conditoning references. I was previously on, but now transferring over here for good.

Alittle about myself and stats: I'm 23 years old, 6'0 about 185lbs (83kg) with solid muscular build from years of bodybuilding since I was 14 or 15. I've studied basic Muay Thai and have minimal Wing Chun Kuen bxing experience but didn't continue into any of these, professionally or reguarly due to a loss of interest and education.

I've been inactively attending different BJJ academies since last year, reading up on the sport and also watching tournaments, but not formally attending classes.

I had my first official lesson last year, which was training basic Guard Passing for 30 minutes but I didn't return to that club, and found a new academy which is more of an "Open Mat" club, but with a notorius notable instructor.

I've currently had about 5-6 hours of bjj practice on different sessions and aim to get about 60-100 hours of MMA training this year which is around 4-5 lessons every week in boxing, muay thai, bjj and wrestling. I'm still financing my lessons, so I'll be taking it slow for a few weeks and going to different dojos on different arts (boxing, bjj) untill i'm financed for a complete mma gym

And i generally want to go to a boxing gym anyway to focus more on standup technique so that it compliments my mma striking in due time.

My aim is to compete in mma (atleast bjj tournaments) by the end of this year so I have alot of hardship on the way. I'm also including lifts and conditioning here too for my reference.

Along with various other contemporary stuff like meditation, bikram yoga, diets or even how many glasses of water recorded.


Juggernaut5150 04-24-2012 07:35 PM


Heres whats recorded froms sherdog since february. Went to a local bjj club, it was Gi Jui Jitsu day. Everybody seemed extremely sound and a good sense of team spirit and morale in the air. I first plodded onto the mat, after recieving a manky-old Gi jacket handed to me by my sensei which I took with open-arms. We stretched and did some bikram yoga exercies as warmups.

We continued this for another 10 minutes and our Sensei quickly slammed to the mat, followed by students who then began to "Shrimp" as I believe it's called. I followed and quickly caught up with the rest, which was done for about another 10 minutes. Drill after drill. We then did some passing and breaking guard passes and also picking up your partner and slamming him to the ground to get good posture.

After 45-1hr of this, we had an "open mat" session where you roll with anyone of all levels. My instructor helped me learn to shrimp for the first time by pulling the ends of my trousers and push/pulling with my legs on the insides of his arm to condition my leverage on the mat.

Juggernaut5150 04-30-2012 05:46 PM


First day at Boxing class today. Got there abit late, maybe half an hour late. Did a quick running drill up and down the corridor, then went and got some boxing gloves, and went back into the sparring class. First hour and a half, did some padwork combos and then sparring with different individuals. Instructor paired us up and told us to use our left jab and not get jabbed in the left leg. I got hit up a few times, but I was merely trying to lubricate myself into the flow of things. Our coach then made us move back when our opponent advanced towards us. We finished this with some circuit training and exercises, then stretches as a warm down.

Juggernaut5150 05-04-2012 02:35 AM


Second eveing of Boxing class. Started off with some warm-up drills. Switching different warm up exercises consecutively 60 seconds each which consisted of push ups, shadowboxing, punching bags, medicine ball drills and other conventional excersises. We did this for an hour and half, then went to the sparring room (ring). We learned basic stance, having that little bit of leverage off of your back foot to balance on.

We got ahead with some combo (pad work) jab, backup, cross, uppercut. I had to leave halfway through due to work early the next morning, but i am going again the following Monday

Juggernaut5150 05-07-2012 07:29 PM

Friday 4th, May 2012

1-2hr workout at the gym.
Bench Press 3,8 @132lb
Weight neck extensions 3, 12 @55lb
Cable internal rotations 4, 12 @22lb
Military press 5, 12 @55lb
Push Press 4, 10 @55lb
Leaning lat raises 4, 10 @66lb

Plan on getting strength training up with Wendlers 531 soon. Also going to focus on core and component lifts asof next week since it will compliment my overall growth in mma. Isolations are just making me look pretty, but doing nothing in terms of strength. I think for the rest of this month and beyond, I'll be doing Boxing three days a week and gym two days a week or vice versa.

Juggernaut5150 05-08-2012 05:14 PM

Tuesday 8th May 2012

First day back at training after the bank holiday weekend. Hit up the gym and did the same circuit. Had abit more adrenaline than usual, need a good pre-workout supp now to not lose gains or gas out on strength for the boxing tommorow.

Bench Press 5, 5 @176lbs
Plate Neck Extensions 8, 12 @44lbs and 22lbs (warmdown)
Military Press 5, 5 @77lbs and 33lbs (warmdown)
Plate circuit 2, 10 @33lbs
DB Shrugs 3, 10 @ 74lbs and 2, 8 @52lbs (warmdown)
Leaning DB Flies 5, 5 @66lbs

luger0 05-09-2012 12:39 AM

try jack3d, it should help you without any gas-out

Juggernaut5150 05-11-2012 05:07 PM


Originally Posted by luger0 (Post 1582620)
try jack3d, it should help you without any gas-out

Thanks man. I was considering Jack3d, what about Assault, heard some good things about it?

Juggernaut5150 05-11-2012 05:14 PM

Friday 11th May 2012

Going to incorporate a core and leg workout asof next week. Didn't end up going Boxing yesterday, but did some sparring and shadow boxing at home, working on my stance (balancing on front foot) and ducking and weaving. Going back on Tues, next week defintely. Anyway, gym tonight.

Bench Press 5, 8 @176lbs
Neck extensions 5, 10 @44lbs
DB Shrugs 5,5,5 @77lbs
BB Shrugs 2, 10 @44lbs
Tricep pulldowns 5, 10@220lbs
Seated military press 5,14 @66lbs
Standing military press 3, 10@66lbs
BB Curls 5, 8 @66lbs
cable internal rotations 3, 10@22lbs

Juggernaut5150 05-15-2012 07:47 PM

Monday 14th May 2012


Circuit Training today. 3-4 60 sec rounds of pullups, sit ups, push-ups, bag and pad work, sprinting, leg ups, step ups, kettleball and medicine ball drills. I went alittle harder than the last, no sparring today unfortunately. We concluded with warm down 60 sec drills of push ups, planks and sit-ups betweeen partners. Back on Weds.

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