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Kikox 06-06-2012 10:20 PM

Does this sound good?
Ok. First of all, I'm only 15 and I haven't really done anything this whole year because I was home-schooled but I'm still in decent shape because I used to do a lot of sports. I also go to the gym every once in a while.

I looked into martial arts, mainly MMA and got motiviated into doing it, because I love working out and stuff. My MMA trainer gave me some schedule and it's like this

Monday - Kickboxing 1 and half hour. (it's different each week)
Wednesday - MMA 1 hour then right after that brazilian jiu jitsu for a hour and half.
Friday - same as wednesday

He told me they mainly do stances fighting up in the MMA classes which is why they have a jiu jitsu class right after that. I'm a very quick learner, I was wondering if I'm trying to do to much? That's 5-6 classes a week, and I don't mean physically. I mean learning the forms and stuff.

illmatic 06-06-2012 10:31 PM

Nope, that's a good pace. Be a sponge as best you can but don't stress about learning everything at once. Some things will feel natural right away, some take time and practice, and lots of things, especially in jiu jitsu, will never fit in your game.

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