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MrMichaelIrwin 01-05-2014 07:05 AM

MMI's MMA Training Log
Tomorrow I will take my first ever step into an MMA gym.
I have been bodybuilding for years with a small amount of boxing training too.
Stats of today-
Age: 27years7months
Height: 6foot
Weight: 239lbs
I live 5 minutes from my local MMA gym so im intending on training as much as possible, building up fitness and dropping some weight is needed first.
The eventual goal is to compete!
It's a total step into the unknown and i'm excited to learn this sport i've admired for years.
Wish me luck, I will log my progress here!
MMI :)

MrMichaelIrwin 01-05-2014 10:05 AM

Any training or nutritional tips would be more than welcome!
MMI :)

MrMichaelIrwin 01-06-2014 09:03 AM

Muay Thai!

Day 1, Session 1.

Turned up half hour early for Muay Thai so started with 20minutes skipping.
Then it was around 15-20 minutes of basic stance/guard and foot movement etc.
We did about 10 rounds of pad/bag working on combinations and teaching me techniques.
My old boxing habits kept creeping in (side stance / bouncing on toes rather than going foot to foot)
Finished with some drills -
10 press ups, 10 squats, 10 punches, 10 kicks..9, 8, 7, and so on.

Overall I really enjoyed it! It was really hard work. Think i'll be feeling it tomorrow!
MMI :)

MrMichaelIrwin 01-07-2014 12:55 PM

Day 2 - Session 2

Classes at MMA gym clashed today so went to the normal gym and did a simple 12 rounds on the bag.

Fitness poor so did 6x2min rounds and 6x1min rounds. Got a sweat on and kept momentum up so better than doing f*** all is my attitude!
MMI :)

MrMichaelIrwin 01-08-2014 06:11 AM

Yesterdays 12 rounds were on 1 bag at my local fitness gym.
The MMA gym has all its bags put back up today so going to go there and do as many rounds as I can on various bags etc.
Good opportunity to start practicing kicks!
MMI :)

MrMichaelIrwin 01-08-2014 09:21 AM

Day 3 - Session 3

There was no class on this afternoon so I had a session on my own in the MMA gym. I did the following..

10 mins skipping.
8x2min rounds on various bags with 60 secs breaks.
4x20 sit ups.
Session was about 45 minutes.
Another cardio session in the bank and got to practice kicks a lot.

Hoping to have my first go at BJJ friday if it fits in my schedule.
MMI :)

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