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Kin 12-07-2007 11:14 PM

Kin's Training Log
I've been meaning to do this for a while. However my training log notebook thingy ended up being my homework agenda. I eventually realized that I'd never get down to this, if I could only do it by hand. In the end, it comes down to the fact that I write too slow and type pretty fast. I'm also on the computer a LOT. So, if there's a place where I could get this done, it would be the internet.

Anyway... I'm 17 years old, 5'5, and 161 lbs. My goal is to fight in major league MMA some day. Right now, I'm just trying to get my act together, get some sort of functional ground game, and improve my striking. I'm trying to increase my fitness, but not trying that hard. I'm lazy and I don't want to do weight training. Until I've gotten my fundamentals down and my technique on a level where I'm approaching competition-readiness, I'm probably not going to get into that stuff. In the mean time, I just do basic calisthenics and self-weighted excercise.

i'm also trying to lose weight -- mostly because my coach wants me to. I'm too short to fight at 170 anyway. I weigh myself every few days, so I'll include that in my log.

Anyway, blabber aside, here's what I did on this lazy friday.

Kickboxing Class

- 9 minutes of jumprope for warmup.

- 10 minutes of stretching.

- 10 minutes of combination drills, using the partner's body and his/her gloves as a target.

- 20 minutes of bagwork and padwork. Bag work was medium intensity, padwork was all-out anaerobic crap that I hate. We alternated between every couple of rounds.

MMA/Submission Grappling

- 30 minutes of all-out full-power bagwork.

- 15 minutes of ground and pound dummies.

Each class was an hour long, if you factor in the break times between rounds. It was such a weird day. We didn't work much technique and instead worked a CRAP LOAD of anaerobic conditioning. Being a lazy guy, I like working technique more than conditioning.

My wrists are REALLY sore for some reason. Its hard to type, but my computer addiction has overcome my body's weakness.

hopefully, future logs will be more succinct -- since I won't have to do the explanations and crap. I've also noticed that my weekends are usually pretty lax compared to my weekdays...

Saturday 12/8/07


- 30 minutes of bagwork

- 60 minutes of sparring

This is including 1 minute rests between 3 minute rounds.

Sunday 12/9/07


-15 minutes of stretching

- 10 minutes of breakfalls and roll outs

- 15 minutes of Hane Goshi fake to Tai Otoshi drill

- 10 minutes of fit-ins for various throws

- 40 minutes of 'throw for throw'

- 20 minutes of live ne waza

- 40 minutes of standing randori

I'm probably taking monday off to let my muscles heal.

Kin 12-11-2007 11:40 PM

12/ 10 - 17/ 07
Tuesday 12/11/07

Today I didn't go to any classes. I just went to the gym and did some bag work and running.

- 26 minutes of bagwork, not including rests. 4 minutes of lead-hand combinations (2 rounds), 12 minutes of hand combinations(4 rounds), 6 minutes of hand, feet, and knee combinations( 2 rounds), and 4 minutes of hand & feet combinations w/shooting (2 rounds).

- 22 minutes on treadmill. jog speed 5 mph, two 120 second 8 mph sprints, one 90 second 10 mph sprint.

- stretched and did some light calisthenics. 20 push ups and 30 sit ups.

Wednesday 12/12/07

I went to the gym really late today... only a few hours before my MMA/Sub Grappling class. Unfortunately, it didn't give me much time to rest.


- 5 minutes of knuckle, forearm, and shin conditioning

- 16 minutes of heavy bag (all hands)

- 6 minutes of shadowboxing (all hands)

- 22 minutes of elliptical excercise running machine thingy. That was much harder than running.

MMA/Submission Grappling

(Everything is done in 3 minute rounds with 1 minute of rest. Class is 90 minutes, including breaks between rounds.)

- 12 minutes of jumprope

- 6 minutes of spiderwalks and reverse spiderwalks

- 24 minutes of sprawling to striking drills

- 30 minutes of drills, including takedowns against striking to side control; takedowns against striking to closed guard and pass to side control; sprawl against double leg takedown, take the back, roll over and RNC; sprawl against doubleleg, take the back to armbar.

Thursday 12/13/07

Everything was snowed in today, so I couldn't make it to any official classes. However I missed my train and ran home in the snow. It took me ten minutes, running at what felt like 7 mph... but it could have been less. Things feel harder when you're shin-deep in snow. Thankfully a pretty fair part of the way was plowed or shallow.

I completely forgot about the log, so my memory of what I did exactly will be a bit off.

Friday 12/14/07

MMA/Submission Grappling

1 hour class

Sunday 12/16/07

The Gym

10 minutes of footwork drills

22 minutes of heavy bag

10 minutes shadowboxing ( to kill time and wait for my training partner to show up)

60 minutes of light grappling

23 minute run. jog speed 6 mph; 2 sprints at 9 mph (2 min), 1 at 10 mph (1 min).

Kin 12-18-2007 12:45 PM

12/17/07 - 12/23/07
Monday 12/17/07

I came in a little early, so I worked the bag for 10 minutes before class.

MMA/Submission Grappling

9 minutes of jumprope

45 minutes of heavybag and padwork

18 minutes of alternating between heavy bag, G and P dummy, padwork, and grappling.

3 minutes of situps to cooldown.

Tuesday 12/18/07

Today I weighed in at 159.

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