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Watched another hour or so of Saulo today. I meant to watch more on my days off but it's so hard to focus on.

Warm up run, handstand walks along the wall, plyo wheelbarrows. Did a minute drilling guard pass. Did a round from full guard where the top guy is throwing punches and trying to pass while the bottom guy is sweeping or submitting. I got battered and armbarred.

Technique was a guard break. Grab an arm with both hands, jump up, pull the arm up with your same side arm, push down on your legs with the other, trap both legs by the shins, push into their chest, and bring your knee into the middle. Also from here we learned to pull their shin to the side, roll them to their side, step along them, knee on belly, grab an underhook on the opposite side and push down on their adjacent. Another technique was an armbar from guard. Grab a forearm, pull across to the side of your head, clamp down with your second hand on their elbow, first hand pushes their face to the side, foot up on hip, lift hips up and out, bring leg over, tighten knees and cross ankles.

In rolling I did mediocre at best. I felt really drained today, it could have been the cheat meal of the century I had earlier today (double quarter pounder meal). I'm also still getting used to rolling with ground and pound in mind, it really changes the game up. Even with my weak performance in rolling it felt like a very productive class.

Body pain is mounting and it's only day 2 of the week. My right big toe and my left pinky toe are still semi sprained, my right ankle hurts, my right shin splints are lingering, I think I did a minor groin pull on my right side today, my elbows are sore one of which was from an armbar that went a little too far, and my shoulders hurt if stretched.

BJJ Tomorrow!
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So I'm taking today off. The minor pains could use the day off, and I can't properly lift my right leg because of my groin, so I'll probably give it all a good stretch today and just watch some more Saulo.

I talked to the owner of the weights gym. He doesn't have any heavybags in yet, so I said if he was cool with me using it whenever they're not running class, he can hang mine. I'll bring it in tomorrow and do my first self training session if the crotch is feeling optimal. If not I might just do it anyway and avoid using my right kicks/knees.

There's a chance that I may be able to get the opportunity to fight at our next local MMA event. This is all speculation right now though. I'm going to talk to one of my trainers on friday and see what steps I need to take and if it's even possible to get on this event. It's april 3rd, so two months away.

If I can get on, I probably will go for it. It's weird thinking about it though, this has always been just training with the thought of actually fighting still some fuzzy thing in the distance. This could get real pretty quickly here. If I do get on I'll drop to working 3-4 days a week and step up my training. More striking training, more ground and pound work, much more sparring, more endurance and explosive conditioning. More hours.
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I took a few more days off. It was partial laziness, and partial lingering pains. My groin feels better but it's still hinting at a comeback. I'll cross my fingers.

I won't be fighting in april. I've decided it's too soon. I'm aiming for sometime this summer, so 4-6 months away. I'd like to get two fights in this year, so I'll try to get one in the fall or winter, ideally.

I'm switching up my weekly schedule to a better balance between grappling and standup. I've also adjusted my conditioning to make it, in my opinion, more effective. Here's the outline of a typical week assuming I'm feeling good.
10:00-11:00AM Explosive Conditioning

Olympic Lifts
Clean and Jerk 3 sets of 3
Snatch 3 sets of 3

Explosive Circuit (3 rounds of 5 minutes)
Medicine Ball Rotational Throws
Medicine Ball Slams

7:30-8:30PM BJJ Class
Roll with people for an hour, no technique or drilling


11:00-1:00PM Muay Thai Solo
Agility Ladder Drills
Heavybag rounds including punch out drills

6:00-7:30PM MMA Class

6:30-?PM Training at pro gym

4:00-5:00PM Muay Thai Solo
Agility Ladder Drills
Heavybag rounds including punch out drills

5:30-6:30PM Endurance Conditioning
Barbell Complex
Ab Circuit


6:00-7:00PM Muay Thai Class
7:00-8:30PM MMA Class


2:00-?PM Training at pro gym

7:00-8:00PM Absolute Strength Conditioning

Squats 3 sets of 5
Deadlift 3 sets of 5
Dumbbell Bench 3 sets of 5
Weighted Chin Ups 3 sets of 5


I THINK I can maintain this. I will be working up to this, not jumping straight in.

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Explosive Conditioning

Clean and Jerk 5,5,5@45lbs
Snatch 5,5,5@ 45lbs

I took a better look at the form for Clean and Jerk and it turns out I was doing them pretty poorly. I'm starting over with low weights and getting it right. Also did Snatches for the first time today, awkward, but it'll come. That's all for this day of the week.

Going to watch some Saulo, then an hour of rolling tonight.
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post #185 of 1511 (permalink) Old 02-10-2009, 03:41 AM Thread Starter
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^ lol. My gifs of olympic lifts got pwned.


Really small class today, but our instructor is back, he got 1st in his division at some European BJJ tournament. He hurt his knee pretty bad though.

I showed up at around 7:30 which is an hour and a half in which felt kind of weird. I feel like a dick for rolling people that have been training while I'm fresh. Oh well.

We started with 4 rounds of guard passes, except the person putting the guard on can't use their arms or hands on their opponent. What surprised me is I actually did as good, if not better using only my legs. That's definitely starting to open up my eyes and got me thinking about letting my legs work almost as a seperate entity from my arms.

After that it was straight up rolling. Today went well. :twisted:

First match up was one of our newer blues that's like 6'4ish and 320lbs ish. I took side control early and eventually worked to his back. After a shitload of battling his defenses I sunk the choke. More battling. And then a tap via rear naked. Yeah baby. Starting again I think I got to mount on him before the round ended.

Next guy was another new blue belt. I dominated positionally, and had his back for most of the round. I couldn't finish, but I wasn't going anywhere either.

Next guy was another blue belt. I dominated positionally again though this time I spent most of it in mount. He covered up for most of the round and I couldn't deliver anything. I eventually took an armbar in haste and he turned it around on me. I eventually fought back to mount though where the round ended.

Final guy was a white belt that usually dominates me. This round was mostly the same I'm afraid. We fought in his open guard for awhile, he's really good at catching my sleeves and digging his legs into my arms. Spider Guard I'm guessing is what he's playing. Anyways, he eventually got an armbar, I barely got out and fell into a triangle, I barely got out again. He took my back and RNCed me. During this last round my stomach was acting up and I threw up a bit in my mouth, so I took the rest of the night off.

Awesome ******* night.

Tomorrow I'm going to look into 2 obstacles of my night because I keep running into them. Numero uno is how to stop getting raped by the weird sleeve grab leg in your armpits nonsense. Dos is how to best get through arms that are crossed across their neck in defense.
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Absolute Strength Conditioning

Squat 6,6,6 @ 245lbs
Dumbbell Bench 6,6,6 @ 75lbs
Chin Up 6,6,6 @ bodyweight

Everything felt good today. I was warming up to do my deadlifts but my legs and lower back felt exhausted. I donít think itís a good idea to lift to near failure with squats and deadlifts on the same day, so Iím going to stop doing it. I might fit my deadlifts in somewhere else, though they donít really make sense anywhere else. Iíll probably just alternate between squats and deadlifts every week, and change the stiff legged deadlifts in my barbell complex to regular deadlifts. Groin feels tight but alright. Weighing 219lbs right now. MMA tonight.
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Nice squatting.
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Warmup run. Shrimping. I was surprised to see we weren't doing plyo wheelbarrows today. There was quite a few new people and Kajan probably didn't want to scare them off before they registered. lol. Instead we drilled guard passes and then did leapfrogs/shooting between their legs.

Technique really stuck today because we spent an hour practicing two moves. From side control, move hand to their hip closest to you, my other arm overhooks on their far arm. Rotate to north south position, keeping weight on them. Keep a hold on that over hook, pin their other arm to the ground then bring a knee onto it. Bring other knee up beside their head so you're sitting on it. overhook pulls into a kimura. Second move is they grab hold of their trapped arm, in which case you spin into an arm bar with the kimura grip, switch to armbar grip once the arm is fully extended, otherwise you can pop back into the kimura at any point. Sweet move.

First roll I positionally dominated including body triangles, and threw lots of light strikes. Eventually took his back and threw more punches.

Second guy we had an epic battle, though he was smaller than me so I'd give him the win. We spent alot of time in my guard. Once again I made use of the body triangle, landed a kimura sweep, took mount and threw strikes. I forget how it ended but he was getting some stuff on me too.

Third guy had some sort of rib injury going on and seemed to be in pain so I went real light and just worked my open guard. I eventually took his back and RNCed. Later on I took mount and more strikes.

End of class. Good shit.

Talked to my trainer about getting my first fight this summer. He thinks that's really good timing for me and seemed pretty stoked on it. He said he'll look into finding something for me at 205lbs. I'm sure he'll be riding my ass more in the future now.
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post #189 of 1511 (permalink) Old 02-12-2009, 12:49 AM Thread Starter
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I was sore as **** today. Those squats murdered me, just because I missed them last week so my body had no idea what it was in for.

BJJ. Rolled for awhile. Had some good rolls that were back and forth, including with two blue belts. It was mostly positional, not alot of subs getting landed. One of the blues omoplated me but I rolled over it and was pretty much stuck. He couldn't finish but I couldn't get out so I just accepted it and tapped. Not much else to report. Oh, I was in too much pain to go in and hit the bag this morning. I'm thinking I'll be arranging the schedule a few posts back a little more.
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Muay Thai

Shadowboxing 3 rounds, sparred 3 rounds, felt alright at best, biggest things to work on is getting rid of the hesitation and throwing in combos. Did some drills on partner jab + kick, 1-2 opposite leg kick.

MMA warmed up with a run and shrimping. Technique was an armbar from mount. Get into high mount with your knees under their shoulders and feet on their hips, grab their arm with your opposite arm, bring knee adjacent to their arm by their head, get other foot up under their shoulder, posting with free arm, take the other leg and come across their face, keep legs tight, pull back for armbar. Other technique was mount escape, just create space, hands on hips, legs high up on one side, big bridge, hip out opposite way, reguard.

In rolling I did alright but definitately not spectacular. I felt ******* DRAINED today. I had a beer today about 2 hours before training, that could have been it. I'm also a little bit behind on sleep and am wrapping up a week of training.

Big news, my trainer's already pulled some strings and I've got a date for my first fight set! June 19th. Amateur fight, about an hour away from where I live. 3 rounds 3 minutes long.

I've also been invited to train at the pro's gym on wednesdays and saturdays. I'm going to have to get saturday's off from work because they start at 2:30. This shouldn't be too much of an issue, and that means I'm down to 4 days a week work which will be a relief.

Needless to say, training steps up another notch. I'm eating, sleeping and breathing that date from now on. No fun. More training, even if it's just light shit. Much more videos. Perfect diet. No drinking whatsoever. Lock down on the sleeping.

My right groin hurts quite a bit. I got kicked alot on that side though so hopefully alot of the pain is just bruising on my hips and thigh. Ice time and a light day tomorrow and sunday.

June 19th, going to do this right! The countdown begins!

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