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Thanks for the happy birthdays guys.

I have been AROUND Bibiano alot, but I don't know him well. He only teaches Brazilian Jiu Jitsu at our other gym (which I will be moving to after Brazil). I do my jits under another black belt in my hometown. I do see him occasionally at sparring or what not, but there's such a size, experience, and technical disparity between us that I don't make an appropriate training partner for him. So yeah, I have no idea who he might be fighting next. I'm personally hoping he gets some exposure in Strikeforce since they're collabing with Dream so much nowadays..

And should be jealous, it's going to be amazing. =)
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post #562 of 1511 (permalink) Old 05-20-2010, 08:44 PM Thread Starter
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Private with Kajan

Warm up run and acrobatics. GNP rounds on heavybag. 1 minute drills with partner starting from guard, half guard, side control, mount, standing in front, and back control. Top person strikes while bottom person escapes and stands up, then switch. Did well.

Got a Tapout sponsor. Free t-shirts today and we have fight shorts and hoodies getting our gym logo printed on it. Thanks Tapout!

I feel like a big bag of dicks. Coffee got me through today. Didn't sleep well last night. Last day of training is tuesday says Kajan. I'll be resting sunday. Ear is huge and hurts.
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Went in to hit pads and work some gameplan stuff. Feeling tired and drained. That's what you're supposed to feel like at the end of a training camp. 1 week to fight. Just some more light stuff till tuesday. The rest is mental.
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post #564 of 1511 (permalink) Old 05-25-2010, 09:54 PM Thread Starter
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Light sparring and shadowboxing. 2 rounds standup w/ take downs, 2 rounds mma. Feeling decent. By the time I step into the ring, I'm a god.

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Ladies Kickboxing. Didn't really do anything besides a bit of abs.

Did my medical exam today, everything checks out.

Water cut starts today. 3 Litres of water today, 1.5 tomorrow, none on friday until after the weigh ins. The doctors office said I'm 214lbs, but my scale says 212lbs. At my first fight my scale was a lb or two over, so who the hell really knows. Luckily you get to try the scales in advance.

No training today, going to go for a hottub though!

I'll go in for some shadowboxing and visualization tomorrow around noon and then we start out 8 hour drive to Prince George tomorrow around 4pm.

No caffeine/sleep pills/sex till the fight. Gotta be at my rawest
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Went in for 3 rounds of shadowboxing, stretching, visualization.

I woke up with a kink in my neck today, but other than that I feel great.

I currently weigh 210. Drinking 1.5L of water throughout today and I should be on target for weigh ins tomorrow.

Picked up some pedialyte as well as magnesium, calcium and potassium as recomended. Those along with creatine monohydrate, a shit load of water, food,
and sodium, should hopefully get me to 212lbs+ for the fight.

Heading up very shortly. 8 hour drive woot.

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Looking good bro. Lean 205 with 64 but you pack some power what we can see in your training log

Im pumped for video and result. This will be goow weekend UFC 114 and your fight.

"Given enough time, any man may master the physical. With enough knowledge, any man may become wise. It is the true warrior who can master both....and surpass the result." - Tien T'ai
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Curitiba Food and Liquor
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If the bad ear is visible in the picture, it looks like it's under control.

Love the toy truck in the background, BTW.

EDIT: You look like you're ready to do some wrecking.

Sig Credit to Toxic
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Got up there, made weight no problem. In fact I was under by 2 pounds. Rehydrated, ate, and relaxed. Kajan took us for some relaxation and visualization in this beautiful park a short climb away from our ghetto ass motel. This event was a big one for Kajan, he was running around doing preparations for 5 of our guys.

The event was at the CN Center in Prince George, which is the towns biggest venue; usually used for hockey and concerts. It wasn't enormous by any means, and alot of the further seats were sectioned off. Maybe 1000 in attendance at most.

Anyways, there was some drama surrounding my medical forms again. The doctor didn't give me the proper paperwork for my bloodwork, and the receptionist was refusing to fax it. We harassed her in a variety of ways until she did.

The opponent got switched AGAIN. I don't know what happened to the boxer. Some people suggested that he woke up and found a vagina. I have no idea. So luckily another guy was prepared and stepped up to fight. He was 1-1 I believe. He was shorter than me again but bulky. Just looking at him, I knew I had him. You'll see the size difference in the video. After the weigh-ins my confidence was soaring and I was very relaxed the rest of the way through. I asked Kajan if I should make my gameplan to keep it standing, he just smiled and said "Do whatever you want."

I'll try to go over the fight in brief, I don't have video yet, and only watched it once so it's a bit hazy. The cameraman was a kid who tried to get fancy and zoomed in too much and ****ed it up. Unfortunate. Anyways, we came at eachother, exchanged a few punches. I believe I clinched and was feeding uppercuts and he gave me some body shots. I believe I landed a knee or two to the body and maybe a leg kick. Then I clocked him hard with a left head kick... time slowed down, and I saw that I rocked him a bit with it. Threw another head kick but it didn't land flush. Somewhere shortly after he charged in and backed me into the ropes, and took me down into full guard. From there I kept him tied up, he started to stand but his torso was still bent over as he was feeding me a few shots. A somehow tied him into a triangle, however in my excitement I had put it on backwards (I only knew this because I heard Kajan yelling it, lol). I transitioned to an armbar and he rolled with it, stayed on it and had it fully extended. His arm was real slippery and he was twisting it around for a couple seconds until I could get strong enough wrist control, lifted the hips and he tapped. First round armbar, somewhere around 1:40 in!

Other random things

- Talked to Bibiano Fernandez a bit and he was saying good things about Gordo's in Rio, apparently he's trained with those guys. He said I'll get really good out there. He has no idea who he's fighting next in Dream.

-The crowd in Prince George felt way different than the crowd in Vernon. By different, I mean way shittier. They seemed really low energy, but maybe that was because the night stretched on pretty long. I think there's also an effect of having a small crowd in a big arena making it much more quieter and low energy than if you packed that crowd into a small venue. Other things bothered me too though, people would yell to stand the fighters up when it wasn't really appropriate at all. One of our guys was fighting a local and his friends were yelling at their buddy to "not be a *****" because he was losing. Brutal. I also got tons of high fives and props from people in my first fight walking around afterward, but here the only people that gave a **** were your fellow teammates and fighters. Also, the ring girls were bitchy.

-Tapout gave us team hoodies and fight shorts with our gym logos on it. And nicknames. Kajan has dubbed me as "Gentle Giant". Hahah.

-Our team went 5-0 that night. 3 of which were from my towns gym.

Pics and video will be up as they become available to me.

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Originally Posted by illmatic View Post
Hello all, I've been mostly lurking these forums for awhile now. A little introduction: I'm 20 years old, just wrapping up doing a little world travel. While I was in Thailand I got involved with a Muay Thai training camp called Tiger Muay Thai, and trained pretty hard for a month and loved it. I decided to see where this passion can take me, and have decided to aim to fight in my first M.M.A. fight at a local amateur venue in my town called Valley Fight this coming December. This means I have a lot of work to do.

I will be training at a local M.M.A. gym called Revolution Chilliwack, as well as training with my friend who also wants to fight within the year.

I'm 20 years old, Southpaw, 6'4 about 195lbs, muscular build from years of weightlifting (I've got an enormous journal on a bodybuilding website but alas, there's no point talking M.M.A. on a bodybuilding forum, so here I am) but relatively weak cardio, other weaknesses include an occassional occurence of shin splints and contact lenses. I've only trained Muay Thai for a month and that's basically all my training besides a bit of self taught boxing.

I'm wrapping up my travels now, sitting in Bangkok for a few more days. I checked out a nearby Muay Thai gym but it was a hole in the ground with some mats and wasn't cheap, so **** it. I'm doing bodyweight exercises and shadowboxing in my room to help maintain what I can.

I go home soon so training resumes on August 1st as I enroll in the MMA gym back home and in addition begin my own training with a partner to keep the total training time to about 3.5 hours a day, 5 days a week.

Training is 4 weeks on followed by 1 week rest, each week is 5 days training, alternating between 2 days set out like this:

Day 1 - Technique
Hit Pads
Standup Sparring
Go to class

Day 2 - Conditioning
Weight Training (Divided into Push/Pull/Leg days focusing on functional strength, explosive power, and endurance.)
Heavy Bag
Speed Bag
Go to class

Classes are as follows:
Mon - Beginner Jiu-Jitsu
Tue - M.M.A.
Wed - Beginner Jiu-Jitsu
Thur - Boxing + Muay Thai
Fri - Boxing + Muay Thai + M.M.A
Sat - Rest
Sun - Rest

Going to ease myself into it and build momentum; first week just go to the classes, second week go to the classes and do training every second day, then by the third I'm doing the full routine. Also going to start light on my weights and build momentum over the weeks as powerlifters do.

I've also wrote up a flexible diet that I believe I can maintain pretty easily. I'll add the details once I've gone through with it for awhile in case any changes need to be made. What's important is the 6000 mostly healthy calories to exceed my maintenance level for a gradual weight gain.

Supplements are Protein/Creatine Monohydrate/Multivitamin/Fish Oil, considering a pre-workout supp like N.O. Xplode but don't really need the extra hit to the wallet or a caffeine dependency, so we'll see on that one.

I picked up all my gear to train out here in Thailand for nice and cheap. Got 16oz gloves, shin guards, wraps, mouth guard, and headgear. My friend has bought all of these things as well as some Thai kicking pads and a round timer, so we're all equipped and ready to go.

I'm aiming for December for my premier amateur M.M.A. bout. Wish me luck and feel free to pass on advice. I'm gonna tear a hole into this guy.

Some relevant links
Tiger Muay Thai, Phuket, Thailand:
Revolution Chilliwack, Chilliwack, Canada:
Valley Fight, Chilliwack, Canada:
Don't go so O.T.T on weights that you are so big that you gas out quick, who do you train with at home?
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