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Mikles 07-24-2008 04:19 PM

Mikles Log [V.2]

I started wrestling at my local gym and had a really good time. We really drilled the basics, really helped me. I improved my takedowns a lot especially my double legs and single legs. I also worked on improving my stance, at the start I was too low, on my heels, and my back was not straight. After some light practice I worked on moving on my toes, and keep a good balanced position. Since I'm new to wrestling my technique is poor but I find myself having a ton of fun. I thought I could just plow thought people using brute force but I was sure proven wrong [also I found out my brute force is nothing compared to thereís].

Mikles 07-25-2008 12:01 AM


Today was my second day of wrestling, the first day I accidentally attended the wrong class the "advanced class". But I was able to make it to the beginnerís class today. Most the kids were 8-11 with me being 15, I felt some what out of place. The feeling slowly faded as we began to work the basics especially takedowns and again stance. My coach is extremely nice and the atmosphere is very friendly. Some of the younger kids there were really impressive, doing these handstands stand rolly polly kart wheel things. And they have wrestling skills to show as well. But in my defense I probly could have cracked there skulls in my hand XD.

Undefeated 07-26-2008 12:46 PM

LOL, whenever I go to the wrong TKD class, I feel out of place while everyone is a foot shorter than me.

Mikles 07-26-2008 03:10 PM

Yah, it is a little weird but since I'm learning things it all ok.

Mikles 07-30-2008 12:07 AM


Wrestling practice today has been my favorite of all practices, because we worked a lot on takedowns. The head and arm is a throw that I really like. I practiced it with a guy around sized which made it much more beneficial. I really like how you donít have to have a lot of strength [not saying I'm a wimp] but the whole leverage concept is awesome. Also we worked on a choke throw where you grab your opponentís chin and wrist and roll them over. The only bad thing about practice is the conditioning, even worse is when I look to my left I see the little kid who are not even breaking a sweat. Also for the first time in my life I thought I would throw up due to exercise. We had to wheel barrel down to the other side of the room then do 10 push-ups then the same time back. All in all I had a real good time and I can tell my hard work is paying off. It's noticeable to me that my skill level has increased slightly so life is good.

Mikles 08-01-2008 09:05 PM


Ok since I only go to wrestling two days a week, I found another way to raise my fitness level. What I'm talking about goes by different names Lucifer, el Diablo, Balthazar, but you may know it as Wii fit. After doing aerobics, push-ups and planks, and then sprinting like a mad man I realized I underestimated the wii fit. The thing tests your bmi, it knows your blood pressure, and it monitors you weight loss. The wii fit is no joke its entertaining and fun but yet extremely tiring if you do it right. I recommend this to everyone who wants to do some fun home exercising.

Mikles 08-06-2008 12:35 AM


I wasn't able to go to wrestling today, because I had to go to a ear and nose doctor. I took a cat scan for the first time...there lame. There isn't much to right about so thats it for know.

Mikles 08-08-2008 04:06 PM


Hooray, yesterday I went to wrestling and was surprised to find there is someone somewhat close to my size and age in the beginnerís class. We reviewed techniques I found out that not practicing some of the moves in a week led me to forgetting bits and parts of them. I guess I need to hang out with my friends who wrestle so I can be sure to learn the moves. We also did this sumo circle thing were you have to wrestle in a circle and first won to fall out loses. With the kid similar to my size we began the exercise. First he came charging in and I quickly threw him out with a head and arm. Next he tried charging in again and I grabbed him and just using force whipped him down out of the ring. Next I made a stupid move for this kid was smart and seemed to be learning and changing. As I went for an upper body throw he shot to my legs and got a double leg takedown. The sumo drill ended 2 for me and 1 for him. Then I was in for a surprise one of my wrestling coaches stepped in and the guy is a hulk. I tried every move in my arsenal practically and nothing fazed him. What wowed me was his base and grip no matter what I did he was just hold me away and not move. At the end he just let me take him down to be nice, but I plan on beating him one day. What I learned from todayís lesson is that you really need to practice the techniqueís often till you master them, also when your wrestling executing techniques get a lot harder. Finally I found this one interesting that even though I've learned to shoot I more of an upper body throw guy. So I plan on working on that and also learning how to defend and incorporate other styles.

Mikles 08-19-2008 11:54 PM


Well today was another day for wrestling. I missed the last two practices because for one I was sick and the other I was getting a physical. And by the way can I say not fun, the Doc couldnít check me because I was in hysterics. Anyway going back to the wrestling, we had another good and solid day of practice. We worked on some double leg and single leg takedown variations as well as learning how to defend the double leg. Conditioning didnít seem to be as hard on me as it used to, but I credit this to me exercising more and getting in shape. I really donít have much more to say about the wrestling except for at the end of practice we whipped out the freestyle throw bad and did some gymnastics. It came to a point were we had to jump over the jump rope, which was, positioned high for the bigger kids like myself. The first two attempts I front flipped over the obstacle perfectly but on the third one was were the magic happened. As I ran I felt that something was off but I continued anyways I hurled myself into the air and to my amazement I cleared it. Everyone was all pumped for some reason, which I could not understand. But later I found out that I did not jump front flip the thing but by means only God knows how I barrel rolled side flipped. Anyways practice was fun and wrestling rocks.

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