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Aussie Bad Boy's Training Log V.2

Alright well last time i tried to do a training log it sort of died in the arse after about a week as i couldn't keep up lol... mainly with the meals so i've decided to start fresh with just my workouts.

As i stated in my other log i'm currently training to hopefully begin MMA fighting by the time i'm 20 which gives me two years today as i've just hit 18. I train Muay Thai & BJJ as my main arts with a little boxing, judo & wrestling here and there not very often.

I'm currently 78.5kg (173lbs) which i weighted this morning and i'm carrying a little bit of extra baggage as they like to say lol and above all else i've lost my 6-pack which is quite depressing.

I'm not going to record the amount of weight i lift atm as i don't go to a gym and i simply lift at home as much as i can and when i get some additional weight plates i'll start adding the weight.

I will start posting after i've done a workout of some description so cheerio for now

- A.B.B (Aussie Bad Boy)
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Good luck with your log.
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Well i haven't done any real sort of intense training since my last fight which was mid may lol, so its been some time so i thought i'd do a couple of 1 Minute muscle endurance tests just to see were i'm at with that. I will be doing several other tests to measure my fitness level that way every month or so i can re do the test to see if i've improved.

1 Minute Muscle Endurance Tests

Basically as many reps as you can in 1 minute.

Push Ups
(Basic push-ups, not boxing ones, not double width, not star or whatever just normal push ups.)

Basic Sit Ups
(Yet again nothing fancy just basic legs on ground bent at 45 degrees, arms out straight an sitting up till hands on knees)

Inverted Rows
(Legs elevated to be in line with bar.)

Bodyweight Squats
(Not ATG just till the knees bend at the 45.)

I may do some more tests later tonight or tomorrow after school just see how we go. But thats just a nice easy straight forward way to measure different parts of my endurance levels.
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Just a nice relaxed day today just did some weights for something todo.

Decided to do some pushing exercises today as wukka gave me a list of exercises i could do some thought i'd do them today.

Push Press - 6x3
Close Bench - 3x5
Military Press - 3x5
Bench Dips - 5x5

At the end of my assigned workout i like to just throw in a favorite exercise just for a variety...

Lat Pull-down - 6x3

After that moved onto a little bit of grip work...

Tennis Ball Pull-Ups - Reps up to 3 and down (1,2,3,2,1)
Pinch plate - 1xMAX

Then finally finished with a lil bit of core work...

Metronome - 3x5
Lateral Hip Raises - 3x5
Swiss ball sit-ups - 3x5
Swiss Ball Back Extensions - 3x5

Well that was todays workout hopefully tomorrow i can bust out a circuit and maybe some MMA training hopefully.

Also all of my lifting his done explosively and then relaxed and slow just thought i'd chuck that out there and i haven't put weight in as i don't go gym i just lift at home so i have limited weight lol when i get some more plates then i'll start putting it in.

- A.B.B (Aussie Bad Boy)
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Well as i write this log i'm eating a nice big plate of fish n chips lol so healthy of me... But today got in a weights session down at the training center and followed it up with 2 hours of mma training.

Weights: Back/ Shoulders/ Biceps

I did this down at club so there are some decent weights there to use so i will record the weights in this entry. It is in a Sets x Reps x Weight order.

Dead lifts

DB Biceps Curls

DB Shoulder Press

DB Raises (Front & Lateral)

Not the best actually as i did a bit of back work last night so i just backed it up should be interesting tomorrow morning.

MMA Training
Total: 2 hours.

Warm Up
5 Min Heavy Bag (Striking)
5 Min Skipping
5 Min Switch drills

For this we worked on some 4- Count drills, Then went 4 count drills and shooting in and taking the back and then finished in with burpee and shoot in for the double leg. This all went on for about 40 minutes and there was about 50 push ups an 100 sit ups all mixed in there somewheres.

Ground Game
We worked alot on escaping the mount and guard using alot of hip escapes and ankle picks which were pritty fun. This went for the rest of the night pritty much but time ******* flew by. Then to finish up we decided to squat while have someone jump guard and perform sit ups on you lol... pritty fun having a 105kg man hanging off ya.

Well that was all today just finished me fish n chips an i feel like a bit of a fatty but oh well.

Good night all!

- A.B.B (Aussie Bad Boy)

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Good work man, keep it up!

What a stud

Originally Posted by swpthleg View Post
The power of Aleks, his small baby and pimp hardcore dogs has granted you useful insight, my friend.
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Well after two days with pritty much back workouts i went for the chest and biceps mainly today.

Weights: Chest/ Biceps

Sets x Reps x weight

Bench Press

Barbell Bicep Curls

Dumbbell Chest Press

Machine Chest Press

Dumbbell Curls

So as you can tell lol... there isn't much weight to lift but oh well. After this i went out and had a couple too many beers so hopefully i can work it off today.

- A.B.B (Aussie Bad Boy)
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Well i'm struggling to write at the moment due to my forearms being very tight and i'm stuggling to hit the keys. Just had a quick circuit before my lunch.

Circuit: Shoulders/ Arms

The circuit was done with a barbell and had 15kg of weight on it. The circuit was repeated four times with about a minutes or two rest in-between.

10x Shoulder Press
10x Clean & Jerk
10x Bicep Curls
10x Skull Crushers

Just a quick circuit before lunch for something to do.

- A.B.B (Aussie Bad Boy)
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Well i was unable to do any form of exercise yesterday seen as though i had to much alcohol in me to prevent me from doing any rapid movement or anything that needed concentration.

So today just did a chest & triceps lifting workout.

Weights: Chest & Triceps

Bench Press

Dumbbell Press

Dumbbell flye

Cable Crossover

Bench Dips

Triceps Pushdown

Skull Crushers

Will post workout later if i decide to do a circuit but for now catch yaz!

-A.B.B (Aussie Bad Boy)
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Weights: Back & Biceps

Wide Lat Pull down

Medium Lat Pull down

Close grip lat pull down

Seated Cable Row

Dead lift

Preacher Curl

Hammer Curl

Concentration Curls

Alright well later that night i decided i'd do a quick 3x5 minute circuit similar to the one Brock Lesnar does and all i can say is ****!!! I no i'm not in the best shape but i could barely finish the third round.

Strength & Conditioning Circuit

- 3 Rounds
- 5 Minute Rounds
- 1 Minute Break
- Each round is repeated for the full 5 minutes!

Round 1: Pushing Round

10X Spiderman push-ups
10X Plyo push-ups (depth explosive)
50X Mounted punches
5X Tire Flips
20X Hand switch push ups

Round 2: Pulling Round

10X Recline pull-ups
10X Bodyweight pull-ups
10X Pushing/ Flipping tire
10X Jumping pull-ups
10X Heavy bag twirls

Round 3: Cardio Round

10X Burpees
10X Sprawls
10X Tuck Jumps
10X Plank hip twists
10X Mountain Climbers

Well thats all i could muster. The third round absolutely ****ed me i thought my heart was going to explode out of my chest at one point... Hopefully over time i'll improve and be able to work it up to 5x5's instead of just 3x5.

- A.B.B (Aussie Bad Boy)

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