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Cyclist 08-09-2008 04:11 AM

Clean out your locker.
So I train at a Wing Chun gym. (Go ahead, flame, I don’t care.)

The gym I go to has be divided, cause my Sifu started adding styles that he learned, and a good portion of the students weren’t into the styles he added. So some followed his word and developed their chi, improved their softness and blah blah blah. The others that I stuck with just beat the snot out of each other.

This factioning off cause some tension between Sifu and us but it was manageable. He wanted us to like the other learn his new way of doing Wing Chun hybrid with these two styles. We tried it, and didn’t like it in the end. So he ended up teaching these two other styles on different days as an extra class.

After a year there became a clear distinction in the two classes. My group now organized the class into opening warm ups, drills, sparring, group workout and a cool down. (The class used to be pretty relaxed and open.) Recently a retired wrestling coach from Canada moved here and wanted to learn Wing Chun, we ended up striking a deal with him to train for trade for a wrestling class one day a week. A older senior student hear about this, who is a Judo Coach, go interested and came and started teaching us Judo with Wrestling, so we ended up with a Judo/Wrestling class for two days a week. This class is mostly run by the senior students.

The other group's class was and hour and a half of Tai Chi like form practice (Not that I have anything against practicing forms.) and an hour of listening to Sifu. They added meditation and healing and so on.

It has been since January now that our school has turned into completely different factions and it has been somewhat smooth.

Now tonight comes and it comes unglued. Instead of doing our regular class structure our Sifu brought in his Sifu who he learned Tai Chi from. His Sifu knew about what was going on at our school and wanted to “show us” that we are doing it wrong. He ended up smacking around one student during what was suppose to be just a demo. Well he got annoyed and ended up dropping him on the mat. After about and a half hour of award silence, class was technically over. Our group stays after and do the group workout and cool down, it was this time Sifu told the student to clean out his locker and leave then told the rest of use to straighten up.

We cleaned out our lockers.

Onward to someone’s garage!

swpthleg 08-10-2008 06:09 PM

Personal politics always seems to find its way into gyms everywhere. There's always someone who can convince the instructor that they have something to contribute in the way of teaching and they frequently don't.

I have said before that I am friends with my teacher's gf, who is in my class, but I don't respect her ability much. (It took her 9 years to get to blue belt. To give you an idea I am nothing special in the dojang and she is 1 1/2 ranks up from me and I have been taking tkd 3 years). The one time he let her teach class she taught her version of kickboxing which is more like the dullest calisthenics everyone hated in 8th grade gym with maybe 2 punch/kick combos in all. There were a couple new students who didn't come back after that, coincidence maybe, idk. We have two brown belts who come infreqently, as a result she is the highest ranking class member and teaches the same warmup and cool down and boring ass abs every f*cking time. We're used to our teacher mixing up this part of the class. He is a 3rd dan black belt and I don't come to tkd to be taught by a blue belt who can't participate half the time b/c of a knee injury she has never properly treated.

I'm sure you guys will find another gym and if yr old school competes, u can smoke them.

Cyclist 08-21-2008 11:45 PM

After some time off, everyone who walked out decided to get together, drink a few beers and decide what to do. We threw around a few names of the gyms around in the area. The final decision was to just train out of someone's garage, which I pretty much was expecting to happen.

I guess I should explain why we choose the garage over an established gym. We've been training together for years and we basically molded the gym we used to train at into the one we wanted. I hate calling the gym a "practical self defense" gym because of the cliche that title has become in McDojos. We try to slant the drills and training methods into what we think could best simulate self defense. So basically we just want to continue doing what we were already doing just at a new location. We are still open to going to a diff gym but for now I think we are going to just stick together.

There is 17 of us, 17 people who consistently have three nights a week already reserved to train and saturday mornings. A lot of the drills, training methods, and exercises were developed or introduced by one of us. The bulk of us have backgrounds and lot of experience in other styles that carried over. Not to mention the wrestling and judo coaches are in the group.

At this point, after doing the math we figured out that all of us together, we all have a collection of our own person training gear we could set up in a garage. Our normal monthly fees to the school that we aren't paying anymore we could used to pay for some wrestling mats and whatever equipment we decided to add.

So I think we have a good group. Most of us have been training at the WC school for over three years, not to mention a few seniors that have been around since the early 80's. We have a wrestling coach and a Judo coach. A personal trainer, and a strength and power lifting coach that trains wrestlers football players at a local high school. We also have a guy who has a ridiculous garage.

This should be interesting.

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