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The Crusher 07-29-2009 03:44 PM

The Crusher's road to the ring
Hey everyone I am Going to try to keep a log on here of my training as I get ready for the Bando Nationals. The Bando Nationals (pronounced Bondo) is a kickboxing tournament held in Columbus Ohio annually. It is multiple fights in one day for your class. So I could potentially have 12 fights.

What I need to do to get ready other than training my technique is as follows:

1. Drop from 215 lbs to at least 185 lbs
2. Up my cardio
3. Continue to work on conditioning
4. Keep progressing my technique at my current rate

I am very fortunate to have a great family of coaches and training partners that really go above and beyond. More importantly they give me something that I did not have growing up and that is support. They stand behind us and push us to better ourselves.

My training team includes:

John Powell Retired Sgt.-Major (1976), U.S. Army - Special Forces / Green Beret
Combat experience in "Viet Nam" and other "special" conflicts.
More than 50 years of extensive martial arts experience, background in:
Judo, 7th Degree Black Belt
Jujitsu, 6th Degree Black Belt, trained in Korea and the "Kodokan" in Japan.
Member of the first "Hall of Fame" class in Judo of the U.S. Martial Arts Association.
Extensive Military Combatives and more ...
Certified physical education teacher and personal trainer.
Extensive work with Law Enforcement and Security agencies.

Jose Connors More than 25 years of extensive martial arts experience, background in:
Filipino Martial Arts (Kali-Arnis-Escrima), Muay Thai Boxing, Indonesian Pencak Silat, Burmese Bando, JKD, Jujitsu, Kenpo and more...
Min Zin, Dhandha and Longe Yoga
Judge for the Ohio Athletic Commission for MMA / Kickboxing.
Extensive work with Law enforcement personnel.
Extensive work with youth with ADD / ADHD, Asperger's Syndrome and "At Risk" youth.

Wesley Gassaway More than 20 years of extensive martial arts experience, background in:
Judo, Jujitsu, MMA, Kickboxing, Karate and more...
3 time Professional MMA World Champion (World Pankration Championships 2 , International Fighting Championship 3 & 4)
Extensive experience as a Law Enforcement officer.

Alex Porter Filipino Martial Arts (Kali-Arnis-Escrima), Muay Thai Boxing, Indonesian Pencak Silat, Burmese Bando, JKD, Judo, Jujitsu, Kenpo, Wing Chun and more..

Curtis Sweat former fighter and law enforcement officer. This is my main coach that took me under his wing and is working as my personal trainer. Although I do train under all of the coaches.

My main training partners:

Issiah Burch My main training partner and also my nutritionist. 14 years professional body building. Has also been featured on the cover of Mens Health and Muscle Fitness magazines.

Justin Clevinger My brother who is also training for the Bando. He has less experience and is smaller but we work well together, both stand up and grappling.

James ??? Grappling/submission training partner. Very controlled tactitioner.

I am going to start this from today moving forward. So on with the show...

Nutrition (1st week only):

meal 1
1 cup whole grain oatmeal or 2 whole grain waffles/pancakes with 2 whole eggs and 4-6 egg whites (cooked). This is when I take my vitapak.

meal 2,3,4,5
Lean meat 4-6oz with 1 cup brown rice, steamed green veggie.
For this I make a stir fry with chicken, brown rice, broccoli, egg whites. NO SOY SAUCE! instead use Bragg liquid Amino. Tastes just like it and can be found in the health food section at Kroger.
Or I will grill a 4-6oz chicken breast on the Forman w/ 1 cup brown rice and steamed green veggie.

Meal 6
NO CARBS!!! I try to limit red meat but am allowed a lean grilled 6oz steak or I'll just do grilled chicken or plain Albacore tuna along with 2 whole eggs and 4-6 eggwhites (cooked) this meal is between 1-2hrs before bedtime.

Post workout:
A bannana immediately and 5min. later a protein shake(44g) mixed in whole milk.

Throughout every day I drink at least 1 gallon of water.

**This nutrition plan is specific to myself and is only for the 1st week. Next week I will post the new nutrition plan.**

07/29/2009 training:
Today was a light day. We started off with the usual.
15 min. stretching
3 min. jumprope
(this is where we would normally do bag drills)
20x pushups
10x 6count pushups
20x medicine ball passover crunches
(2)15x pullups

Then down and back footwork and striking drills and some shadow boxing.

To wrap up my training partner and I got a homework assignment to work on over the next weeks, which we practiced.

60 Thai kicks and 40 knees in 3 min. for 3 rounds. We each did one round to Thai pads while circling. I went 1st and finished in about 1min 30sec. I wasn't completely gassed but I should have paced myself more. This is to get us pacing ourselves.

stretches and breathing exercises

Usually I stay after and do some rolling or sparring or mitt work but today everyone had obligations. Oh well might hit the BJJ or Muay Thai sessions tonight.

The Crusher 07-30-2009 09:13 PM

Today was supposed to be Mt Biking (15 miles advanced trails) and basic cardio. However it as raining most of the day. Instead I did some basic pushups, crunces, etc. I took the oppertunity to start cleaning out my garage to accomidate my home training equipment so I can really bump it up. It was actually a good workout in its own and I got alot done, hopefully it will be done and matted next week and I will post pics.
Nutrition is going well and I can feel Metabolism kicking up.

Tomorrow is a long training day so it should be more intersting. To make up today I will be working out extra on Saturday and adding a session in on Sunday which is usually an off day.

The Crusher 07-31-2009 05:10 PM

Awesome workout today!!! Had a lot of energy!
07/31/2009 workout:
Showed up 1 hr early:
Stretched out
Worked mits back and forth w/ coach Alex Porter for 1hr till the rest of class showed.

back to regualar warmup:
3min jump rope
alternating heavy bag drills
-3x 15 sec punch combos
-3x 15 sec knees
-3x Thai kicks
down and back knee drill
down and back ball foot change knee drill
Thai sheild (kick block) drill
body weight squat lead changed 3x then jump

combo work 1: (16oz gloves)
feed- thai kick, jab, cross, thai kick, hook
defend- kick block, perry/pass, perry/pass, kick block, high cover

combo work 2: (16oz gloves)
feed- thai kick
counter- foot jab, cross

Then coach and I did some hardcore mitwork while class did "10's" strikes, covers, counters, etc.
Then I did 10's: alternating leads
10 thai kicks given to partner and received by partner
10 opposite leads
10 inside leg kicks (same as prev)
10 opposite leads

end of class...

I stuck around to go over my next weeks nutrition and went on to work the mits for some new students at open gym for about 1hr.

Next week nutrition:this will alternate w/ week 1 nutrition

Meal 1
1/2-3/4 cup (dry measure) oatmeal cooked w/ 1 Tblspn all natural peanut butter (stevia to sweeten opt),
3-4 whole eggs scrambled
2 pineapple rings

Meal 2
Protein shake(low carb) mixed w/ water and a hefty squirt of flexseed oil

Meal 3
8oz lean protein
1 sweet potato (Stevia and cinnamon to sweeten opt)
1 bowl leaf spinach w/ 2-3 tblspn of olive oil or olive oil based vinegrette, and lemon juice if wanted, etc)
10 cashews or almonds (unsalted)( I can't do almonds, almost ruined hockey for me... long story)

Meal 4
Protein shake mixed w/ water and hefty squirt of flaxseed oil

Meal 5
8oz lean protein
green veggies (broccoli is recommended but any green veggies steamed, raw, grilled)as much as you want
10 cashews or almonds (unsalted)

Meal 6 (optional meal) No carbs!!!
repeat meal 5 or substitute for 1 cup of cottage cheese

Suplements (on top of vita pak)
10-20 BCAA (branch chain amino acids)
2/day CLA
4/day L-Carnatine

* Stevia can be used as a sweetner for anything
**anytime you get cravings or are still hungry you can eat spinach as described as a filler.

The Crusher 08-01-2009 11:04 PM

08/01/2009 workout:
Today I hit open gym and worked on the mits with coach Alex. We dialed in some combos and spent the whole time perfecting my high hooks and high hook combos while wearing 16oz gloves. Sorry not too thrilling today. It was a great workout though and coach says I have heavy hands and after perfecting my technique they are devastating, someone's going to sleep lol. I'm just kidding but he really did say that and complement my power so that made me feel good.

I think the biggest accomplishment today was mental stamina. I went to a cookout. Now I love cookouts. I would eat ice cream off a grill if I could. There was ribs, corn, beans, casseroles, cookies, BEER!!! etc. and I was the guy that brought his cooler of premade (that morning) meals that had to be eaten at specific times and lugged around a gallon of water. I did not once indulge and for that I claim VICTORY!!!

Please feel free to comment on anything or ask questions or let me know if this has at all helped anyone. I keep forgetting pics but will try to remember this week.

D.P. 08-02-2009 12:59 AM

Can't wait to see you fight man. I'm sure all the training and hard work will pay off.

The Crusher 08-02-2009 11:05 PM

Today I took it easy to relax my shoulders. They were getting tight after the last few days. Taking the day off made the transition from week 1 to week 2 nutrition go alot smoother. I am anticipating feeling weak this week due to the carb restriction. Tomorrow training from 11am-3 or later and then MT Biking trails for a few hours in the evening.

Here is a map of where we usually ride: I can't find the one w/ the mileage and description of sections...

The Crusher 08-03-2009 10:00 PM

Today was typical warmups. My training partner wasn't there so I worked with a somewhat newbie, which is cool but I didn't get the usual workout from it. After class I hit the mits with coach hardcore for about an hour. Just banging away at them with combos. My arms were on fire. Overall a good day.
Then went to visit my buddy who is in town from FLA. He was hooking people up with ink (he does tattoos) and I almost got one (would be the first) but he was pretty booked up and had been at it all day. Oh well he will be back in OCT. I have some ideas of what I want but one would take days wasn't sure where to get another and not 100% on the third idea.

The Crusher 08-04-2009 11:47 PM

Some of you have noticed from posts on here that I have been out it and mentioned that I have been feeling weaker on this weeks diet. Well my brother also had a sinus infection so in my weakend condition, I think my immune system was low and I caught it. I have a little bit of a sore throat and have alot of aches. However I started my new supplements today and am starting to feel better and not as weak. Training tomorrow morning so I will let you all know how it goes.

Down to 208lbs...

The Crusher 08-05-2009 10:45 PM

Have a sinus infection but went to training anyway. Had a little medicine head.

warmup as usual stretching, jump rope, etc.
Then we worked kicks on the Thai pads as a wind exercise for a while.
Thai kick exercise:
1,2,3,4,5 on rt side then back down 5,4,3,2,1 for 3 sets (1 kick then 2 kicks then 3...)and same on left side.
Next: 5 Thai kicks on rt, 10 knees, 2 Thai kicks on rt then left same on left.
Light sparring: 16oz gloves
My training partner and I took turns feeding and defending. Working some combos and seeing where we had opening to improve on and looking for areas to create openings to attack.
Isaiah (training partner) says I have heavy hands in agreeance with 2 coaches, as I caught him with a high hook. He says my inside leg kicks are ridiculously powerful and unfortunitely for him, I have developed a habit of using "destruction blocks" against kicks and am working on them for strikes. I wrecked his leg today w/ a few blocks unintentionally it's just a reaction. Coach was like,"DAMN!" and kinda laughed. I got rattled a few times and took some shots to the lats.
Coach wants me to pick up more sparring time and work on this stuff as much as possible.

Also went trail running and worked on some HIIT and footwork speed by running up and down rock staircases for lack of a better term. Then did some endurance lifting at home.

Nutrition is going good now that I am supplementing. I just need to kick this sinus infection.

The Crusher 08-08-2009 05:14 PM

Warmup w/ jumpropes

Jumped right into focus mits, worked a few combos w/ training partner and spent last half of class sparring.
Stayed after about 1 1/2 hrs to spar w/ Brandon Suber (6-1) who has a title shot coming up. Good overall workout. Sinuses still killing me and getting me flusterred.

Went in for open gym. It wasn't just me today a few others were there so we worked on kick pad drills for ranging. I got put w/ a new guy who is like 6'4" (why do I always get paired w/ the tall guys?) It was ok though, I worked with him on a few simple things like his thai kicks and maintaining balance etc.
Toward the end we worked on some Muay Thai mixed w/ Silat for a defense to takedown and attack w/ an arm break, knee to the staernum, and punch to the face at the same time.
Head coach also informed me that I am going to be Khali (stick fighting) in mid October.... I'm down for whatever, so guess I will hit up some of those 6am classes too so I can get refreshed.

Started antibiotics lastnight and starting to feel better today. Should be good to go Monday.

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