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xLOTUSx 12-19-2008 12:03 PM

wrestlerdude's log
All right I will be starting this log for a few different reasons but they all are related to my wrestling. This log will help me analyze, set goals, and hopefully in time see improvement.

My Stats

Height: 5í10

Weight: 165lb wrestling -> 171lb weight class

Age: 16

Years Wrestling: About 1/2yr

Grade: Sophmore

Some Background Information

I have been wrestling for during the summer and the start of this current season. I am on the 2nd string team who wrestles both varsity and junior varsity. My first match I won by pin in the first two minutes of the match. My next matches were at a tournament where I got first place going 3-0 with all my matches ending in pin. Unfortunately I got my first loss when my opponent came from behind to beat me by 2 points. During the summer I learned from a Greco-based coach so I mostly go for throws, but Iím really working on my shooting. I love wrestling and wish I had started sooner.

wukkadb 12-19-2008 03:29 PM

Sophomore* ;)

-GSP- 12-19-2008 03:46 PM

What exactly are those goals? Just improve your strength/speed & other dynamics for your athletics and wrestling? Just wondering. A little broad on the info. Are you going to be weight training as well or are you logging just the wrestling practices, meets, etc,.?

Other than that, good luck with this.

xLOTUSx 12-22-2008 12:38 AM

Good point, anyways no to the weight training since all the numbers and such confuse me. But I will be logging meets and practices in such but due to the snow I haven’t had practice in one week. Right now my current goals are.


*Work on my double legs, setups and keeping my head to the outside especially.

*Work on my stand ups, hopefully I will learn the magical Granby Roll.

*Develop a good control from back position, seeing as I have got some pretty nasty moves from the front headlock. I need to work on my breakdowns, half nelsons, etc.

*Also the one I think will be a yearlong goal will be to become a cardio machine, for you can always beat people better than you if you work harder then them.

...hehe, yes Sophomore.

recon6991 12-22-2008 09:43 AM

Good luck on the granby, since youre new (relatively) to wrestling, I wouldnt focus on such a complex move that is incredibly hard to pull off. Do you have solid pinning moves? I know my favorite has always been the ball and chain, its quick and easy. And yea, get that cardio up and keep working hard, and you'll place sometime

xLOTUSx 12-22-2008 12:31 PM

Lol, I'm not really planning on using the Granby till I get good at it. But only way to get good is to practice I guess. For pins I usually go from the front headlock so I'll do Crunches [arm under chin and there under arm then run it], jump to cradle, another one I donít know the name but you have one hand under there chin and the other goes over there arm and through so you grab you own arm. Then you shoulder to the mat and run it and you end up in mount position. From the sides I go mostly for cradles, but I like the chop then get a 2 on 1 and work from there. Also Iím working on my halfís cause I can get it just can never seem to get my shoulder under and turn my opponents. Another one that really confuses me are tilts I just canít seem to ever get them down.

xLOTUSx 12-29-2008 04:56 PM

I had wrestling practice today, and it was a pretty good one. We worked on escapes, shots, and some other stuff. But my personal highlights were that Iím finally getting comfortable taking shots, which is huge. And we also did some tilts and I was able to do it, that was cool seeing as I was having troubles with it before. We did some live today and I went against a kid who is a strong as an ox but not that skillful. I was able to pin him quite a few times, I found that running a power half works pretty well, I would run it then switch to a half for the pin. I tried an inside leg trip (got it) and tweaked my leg so it kind of felt funny, I reached to far and tried to force it which is something I do often. At the end of practice I saw how much damage the two week break did to me as my cardio wasnít were it should have been. Anyways all in all good to be back wrestling and life is good.

xLOTUSx 01-01-2009 11:54 PM

So itís been the same old good stuff really, working hard and learning new stuff. Lately I have been trying to tone my inside leg trip some more and Iím catching people with it more often, if anyone knows any other cool trips besides inside and outside I would love to know. Anywayís Iíve also been working on some new escapes and that is something I really need to hone because I suck from bottom. We did a move called the ďPetersonĒ and I like it are coach showed us how to set it up by creating motion and some combos for it. All I can say is I feel really good. Things are clicking for me right now there are times when I get depressed when I get demolished and I cant help but get down on my self. And the one lately that has been gnawing at me is when I see are teams all star wrestlers who are so out of my league, get beat I feel like I will never be good enough. I hate thinking their will always be somebody better than me, it is something that has become motivation for me to train harder. I apologize to those who think this sounds corny and a waste of their time but this is just how I feel. I want to be great.

recon6991 01-03-2009 04:25 PM

The peterson is one of my favorite moves haha. Its really solid, sets up a lot of stuff pretty easily. Have you learned a spadle cradle yet? if not, youtube it. I tried using it the other day in practice and it worked like a charm, have yet to match test it though. As far as trips, I dont know any fancier ones, just way to set them up. Like push the guy back like youre going for a double, but catch his arm, do half an arm drag, and get the outside trip. stuff like that can be very handy, what ive learned about using trips is, they work wonders for throwing your opponent out of his game, but if you come to rely upon them to get take downs, you wont. they are to easy to dodge if you know its all the other is bringing to the table. good luck man, keep working hard.

Oh yea i saw you weigh 165 but wrestle 171? you dont have to cut weight do you? i hate you for that...

xLOTUSx 01-11-2009 07:00 PM

Sorry I havenít been posting lately I have just been really busy, have had 1 duel and 1 tournament. Also I think I have some torn ligaments in my shoulder which had been no fun.

My match in the tournament was going really well, I entered the third round 7-3. But my conditioning was apparently horrible, I was standing straight up and that let the guy take me down pretty easily making the match 5-7. Then he got me in a half and got some near fall points, which I think then it was 8-7. I donít really remember much after that except knowing I was behind and trying to rush the takedown and the other kid got my back. I was really pissed with myself cause I was dominating him and I know I would have won if I had better conditioning.

Record: 5-2

Yesterday I went to a JV team tournament and are first match was against some school who I had never heard of. The match started off with me snapping his head down catching a front headlock. I flattened him out then ran the underhooked arm getting him on his back and a first round pin. Are team went on to beat there team.

Record: 6-2

Are next team was a higher ranked team who we beat them earlier, and my opponent was a huge guy who was extremely tall and buff. I siked out because I had wrestled guys tall guys before. The match started we tied up I worked his head a bit then he shot and took me down with a low single. I tried standing up next thing I know I was thrown and ended up in a cradle. I was somewhat shocked because I had never been dominated like that before. Are team went on to loose though the word was they had sent there varsity team.

Record: 6-3

So are next matches were for third place and I ended up wrestling a short compact kid. The first round compromised of use feeling each other out and a lot of clinching, at the end of the round I got a single but I didnít beat the timer. Next round was a lot of tying up I knew the kid was to slow to take me down so I played a little bit defensive. I waited for him to take me down but he never did so I took him down.

The last round started with me shooting and taking him down, getting some near fall points from a leg ride and a power half. I donít remember how but somehow we got back to neutral and I shot a double he sprawled got and took my back. I got a stand up and then after that the round was over. I won the match by decision.

Record: 7-3

Lately Iíve been thinking of dropping to 160 but the only kid behind me for 171 on JV is kind of sucks and wouldnít win much for us. And recon6991 I checked out the spadle and it looks like a hilariously painful and effective move. I will be sure to try it tomorrow. My goals are still the same to work on my shots and get my conditioning up I might even go bust out a few miles today.

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