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Squirrelfighter 03-02-2010 02:29 PM

Squirrelfighter's Training Journal
Alright, a training log, nice, excited. Pumped even.
Ah, the rhetoric...anyway, to the point.

Squirrelfighter 06-01-2010 01:42 PM

Hey, I actually forgot this was here. I had started the log, but was unable to write anything down when I started it, and just now saw it in my "Subscribed Threads" area. Ah, my dumbness amazes me sometimes!

Well, lets jump right into this one! I'm not going to rehash what I've been doing for months, mostly because it all kind of mashes together at this point!

Lets start with my goals:

1. Achieve LHW without having to cut weight, this way I can fight at LHW or MW depending on the situation. I hope to walk at 202-205, maybe 206 with a burger in me!

2. Be prepared for an amateur tournament taking place May 28th 2011. Its over the course of 2 days, with each fighter competing in 5 fights total, assuming the fighter wins each fight. Each fight is 2 10 minute rounds. I suspect it will be hellatiously difficult and painful, but 1st price is $1,200, second is $400. So its worth it in my book.

3. My theory is to average out how much time I spend in every area competing. Multiply the number of minutes by 10 and thats how many minutes to train in that area per day. I hope to achieve that level of endurance in the interviening months.

4. Better myself mentally and physically with the innevitable goal of competing in professional competition with a, significantly, winning record.

Okay, as for the workouts. Lets start with two days ago, since thats as far as I remember in detail:

1. Cardio, ran 3 miles, though it was more of an on off run since I have a problem with thinking about my breathing while I run, and when I think about it, I change my breathing rhythm and it gets all ****ed up!

2. Freestyle heavybag work (approx 1 hour) mixing kicks, punches, clinch knees/elbows as well as short range knees and elbows.

3. Worked slams and hip tosses on the heavy bag before doing some GnP, including position changes from full guard, to half, side mount, and full, then back down over and over, uber fun, a constant reminder as to why I dislike GnP.(approx 1 hour)

Yesterday, I did very little in terms of technique work.
I did some weight lifting. Hypertrophic and Power lifting yesterday:
Bench Presses
Lateral Rows
Shoulder Presses

I also did BW training in the areas of:
Box Jumps
I wanted to do more but got all pansy bitch tired and decided that was enough.

Squirrelfighter 06-04-2010 02:45 PM

Post #02
Dietericiously speaking:
Didn't eat too terribly. The worst thing was, if my pitiful memory serves, 12 boneless wings at BW3s and a couple mozzarrela sticks. Hmmm, how the f*** do you spell mozzarrela? I have been slamming down water in rediculous amounts and trying to eat as little salt as possible.

Workout wise it's this stuff:

Striking work on the pads some technique development (approx 2 hours)

More striking work on the pads and technique development (approx 1 hour)
Clinch work (dirty boxing and thai clinch) (approx 30 minutes)
Takedown/Sweep transition from the clinch (approx 30 minutes)
Power lifting. (approx 20-30 minutes)

Squirrelfighter 06-24-2010 11:49 AM

Post #3
Dietary wise: I'm eating less. Not eating nearly as healthily as I want to, but am eating less, which is a step in the proper direction. Since I live at home still--a terrible predicament in and of itself--I have to eat the food cooked at home(mostly because I'm too lazy to cook for myself some of the time)and that food in rather unhealthy. Been drinking unnaturally massive amounts of water...I suspect I am growing gills as a side-effect.

Workout wise: I have been doing little in the ares of liftings. I'm more concerned with perfecting technique(I've decided to change my stance from a lower centered Karate style to a more versatile taller style, since I'm not afraid of being on the ground or taken down, and hate getting leg kicked with much of my weight on my lead leg).

I have also been working on developing much better cardio. At one point(about a year ago)I had really great cardio--comparatively to today--but I got complacent, and ruined it. Now I'm working damage control to try and get things back. I recently got my hands on a treadmill and hope to get it installed in my home gym very shortly!

Goal Change: My original goal was to compete in a pure Amateur tournament next May. That has changed, though its still a possibility its now on the back burner. After a discussion with a friend of mine, he and I will both be going to and competing in the Arnold Martial Arts Festival in Columbus, March 3rd-6th. Its a sanctioned Amateur competition, much better than the BS I was going to compete in. I will be competing the kickboxing round-robin tournament. Which means I should probably start training actual kickboxing not for clinch makes me sad...

Squirrelfighter 06-26-2010 01:15 PM

Post #4
God damn it! Son of a bitch! My balls! Ow!

That about covers it. I have been training for the amateur Kickboxing tournament happening at the Arnold Festival in Columbus for only two days now, and I have already injured that a record?

I was training on the heavybag last night, mixing punches and kicks, working on footwork/head movement/timing and changing levels. I also got a little playful and decided to throw in some spinning back kicks to change range with style! When that wasn't enough I started throwing a spinning back kick to get the bag swining wildly, followed by a side thrust kick to counter the momentum. This was working nicely in conjunction with a solid jab-cross-bob combination, until I landed the side thrust at head level instead of trunk(got overexcited) and my leg slid up and back. I cannot in words articulate how much it hurt my junk when my groin pulled!

I ended the session early, fearing further injury, and headed upstairs for ice and TV to help with recovery(few know the amazing regenerative abilities of MTV!). After a few hours of sitting, I was all anxious so I started shadowboxing in the living room. This was going fine until I threw a lazy roundhouse and landed in a low stance, which overextended the recovering bits. I think one of my testicles I iced some more, wimpered like a pansy, and eventually went to bed unhappy with myself.

I woke up today and found I now have a constant dull ache. This seems like progress and implies it wasn't as bad as I feared, so I'm excited to continue training. Also assuming my buddy is alive after work, he's agreed to help me move my new treadmill into my home gym, so I can finally get the level of cardio I want, whenever I want! Though nothing is quite as useful as running on the actual Earth, I enjoy a treadmill more. I think it's the ability to shrug, get off and go do something else at a moment's notice, not half an hour's notice.

Also: on a separate note, I am having difficulty not throwing elbows and going for the clinch when I get close to the bag. Its so ingrained I will grab the bag, throw 3-5 knees then stop and realize what I'm doing and then cuss at myself for several minutes. Also I'll come in with a solid lead hook, then roll over and slam a rear elbow. I have done this combo in training for MMA about ten thousand times, and not being allowed to do it at all in training for this tournament is f*cking annoying beyond words!

Intermission 06-26-2010 01:58 PM

3 Attachment(s)
Seems like this log is off to a great start, if you update this daily then you can be sure I will be reading this daily... Goodluck man and keep updating !

Squirrelfighter 06-26-2010 02:10 PM


Originally Posted by Intermission (Post 1210272)
Seems like this log is off to a great start, if you update this daily then you can be sure I will be reading this daily... Goodluck man and keep updating !

Thanks man. I'll try to stay regular about it. God knows outside work I don't do much else to occupy my time!

Squirrelfighter 06-28-2010 11:23 AM

Post #5
Holy ****in' Jesus Christ on a cracker! Why am I laughing this hurts like hell!

That aptly describes me kicking an elbow with my instep. Last night I was training with my sparring partner.

Training. We did the usual padwork warm ups, focusing mostly on hands since that's an area where I'm rather lacking(I loves me the kicks!). I also need to buy new focus mitts. The poor quality $40 Everlasts from Dicks Sporting Goods are not designed for rigorous use.

Next came sparring, this was nice, I still have minor issues with guaging distance, mostly with my hands, also my new guard needs more work to become what I want it to be. I got cracked twice in the nugget with hands, and once with a roundhouse. So it definitely needs work. Things were going nicely, we'd been sparring for around 15-20 minutes non-stop, I was sweating like a terrorist in Gitmo, but my cardio wasn't bad and I was keeping my wind. My partner threw a lazy jab and I countered with a rear left roundhouse to the body. He snapped his elbow down and cracked into my instep. The sound was reminiscent of when you knock on a solid wooden door....only it really ****in hurt! I dropped onto one leg/one knee wincing, hissing and laughing like an imbecile!

I hobbled around for a couple minutes, threw a couple lazy low kicks to see how it felt. Watched in horror as the skin turned dark purple--well not horror, it was kinda cool looking--and talked with my partner about the next aspect of training for the night.

We moved on to takedowns and sprawls. I can't use this in my tournament, but he can, he'll be competing in the Sanshou(Chinese Kickboxing) area of the Festival, where you are allowed to takedown the opponent, you just can't actually ground fight. This wasn't bad, I at least got to continue some MMA based training, while he got to work on something applicable for March.

I have been watching videos on das Youtube of several of the fights from last year, as well as the year before. Some of the guys fighting were laughable; Arm punching, gassing in the first half of the first 2 minute round, wobbling like a weeble with each kick...but then there were others, guys with scary technique, guys who could in one fluid motion change from a lead leg roundhouse into a lead leg heel hook or axe kick. Guys who were hopping up and down in their corner between rounds because they wanted to get back in the fight. These are the guys I have to train for. I'm not training to contend with the abilities of a half-assed local boy, these skilled fighters come from all around the region to fight in this amateur tournament. Its them I have to contend with, and keep my focus on being good enough to beat. Its fun, scary, and exciting as shit all at once!

Diet: I have been eating a remarkably small amount of food compared to where I used to, and I've already seen results. My fight shorts, which could no longer fit in any comfortable way--looking remarkably like compression shorts--now fit more comfortably, though not nearly perfectly yet. I also hopped on a scale for the first time in several months and found I'd lost 7lbs, which is awesome as shit! As for actual eating, I have only been eating 1-2 meals a day. This in and of itself is not bad. Its when only 1 meal is eaten without sufficient nutrients that the body enters survival mode and converts all calories to fat. I have been eating meals of approx 900-1000 calories. With as much nutritional value as I can find. I also hope to buy a multi-vitamin to cover as many bases as posible--I heard Flintstones are nice!

luger0 06-30-2010 11:11 PM

Hey mate,

If anything you should invest in a decent blender.

You say you live at home right and most of the meals you have you have to cook yourself.

Well, if you do up protein shakes you can get a meal in 48-ounces of drink that equals what you average now in a traditional meal.

Squirrelfighter 07-01-2010 10:21 AM


Originally Posted by luger0 (Post 1214331)
Hey mate,

If anything you should invest in a decent blender.

You say you live at home right and most of the meals you have you have to cook yourself.

Well, if you do up protein shakes you can get a meal in 48-ounces of drink that equals what you average now in a traditional meal.

Yeah, I tend to use a blender-like thingy(Magic Bullet)to make protein shakes. I try to bump them to around 150g of protein for safety's sake. Since now I'm training for this tournament I need to be as close to 100% every day of training. I suspect I'll burnout and need a moment to recooperate mentally(by moment I mean a couple days!)pretty soon.

As for food. That's a good ideas, but I think I'm just too much of a former fat kid and enjoy the subtle tastes of properly cooked food! I can rip apart a strawberry smoothie when the mood strikes me though!

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