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Bloodhound 03-02-2010 03:12 PM

The Bloodhound's Training Log
Wow, cool, a training log. Sweet, lets get it on...
Mmmmmm, silliness. Now lets get to the point.

So the deal is simple, I'm a big ol' sum bitch, but not on purpose, well if you consider being a fat-shit for your childhood and then having a problem losing it, and then yo-yoing, then yes deliberate.

I'm currently hanging around 260-270, 6'1", not where I wanna be at all. If I dropped down to lean I'd be about 155-165(personal opinion, no mathmatical background to that opinion). I have a rediculously bad diet, stemming mostly from my work life. I have a job where I get no lunch break and am constantly on the phone answering calls from patients and facilities (I'm an ambulance dispatcher) so I get little if any time to bring a healthy meal and eat it, or go get something healthy. I need something with the calories to keep me movin' that's also very filling.

My goal is to get down to around 175-180 in MW or a smaller LHW. The closest I've ever been was when I was training for the USMC, around 225-230. But I couldn't ship because of my damned terrible vision.

If anyone who actually reads this cares to help educate me, I'd be interested in knowing about something filling thats also healthy(ish).

I slug down a protein shake after each muscular workout, and have just started drinking green/black tea.

I train in kickboxing, as well as Shotokan, starting recently. For anyone who read this far, 1, thank you, and 2, I have to do all of my workouts based off of pdfs since there are really no schools of any type in my area.

Anyway, since this is a training log, not a pity-party log...My routine as of now is as follows from last week on:
Monday: MMA Circuit...
1. Heavy bag
2. Punch/Kick Drills
3. Shadowboxing

Tuesday: Weight lifting...
4x10 benchpress (wide, close grip)
4x10 recline pulls
4x10 military presses
4x10 chest presses
4x10 shoulder raises
4x10 deadlifts
4x10 squats (no weights, knee injury that I refreshed earlier this month)

Wednesday: Shotokan, blocking/striking kihons.

Thurday: MMA Circuit...
1. Heavy bag
2. Punch/Kick Drills
3. Shadowboxing

Friday: Lazy ****in' whore, slept and did nothing.

Saturday: Shotokan, blocking/striking kihons.

Sunday: Weight lifting...
4x10 benchpress (wide, close grip)
4x10 recline pulls
4x10 military presses
4x10 chest presses
4x10 shoulder raises
4x10 deadlifts
4x10 squats

Monday: Shotokan, Jion 1 Kata.

Tuesday: Shotokan, Jion 1 Kata.

Cbang 03-02-2010 06:29 PM

you want to lose 100lbs?
try to 200 at least

everything sounds pretty good.
kickboxing is good, eat a low cal diet with high carbs
(wake up early to make a peanutbutter or with turkey sandwhich)with a energy bar

this week im getting fat for some reason :/
im 5'8, and just gained 5lbs to 160 :(

Bloodhound 03-04-2010 02:24 PM

Hey, thanks for the advice. I'll try it out tomorrow before going to work.

Wednesday. Ate like a fatty, pancakes for breakfast, bolo...gna...gona (**** it, the everything smashed together meat) sandwich for lunch. And Lasania (**** I am having a shitty spelling day) for dinner.

Spent about two hours doing a decent workout. Trying to build back up some endurance, hoping to be able to stay steady in a workout for around 3 hours by late April/early June.

Did 20 minute of HIIT on the tread, incline 5, which doesn't mean anything since every treadmill has a different measurement for each incline...though I think its around 1/2an inch per setting...gotta research that one.

After the HIIT, went downstairs and did about 45 minutes of Heian Shodan 1 (Shotokan Kata) decided not to keep doing Jion for now after I did some further research and discerned it was a Black Belt kata.

After failing miserably to remember anything past step 7 of the kata, I went on to rolling and GnP with the heavy bag. Did that for the next...around hour.

Slammed down a protein shake, and a 20oz of green tea afterwards. Went to have another bottle, but my grandma yelled at me for not drinking enough water, gotta love it when she supports me like I asked (that's not sarcastic like it sounds)

For today...ate 2 eggs, toast and hashbrowns for breakfast, then some crackers and PB for lunch. Think Grandma said it was pizza tonight, gonna try for something simple like just cheese and try and lessen the cal intake.
[Edit-Nope not pizza, she wanted to kill the leftovers first. So I got to eat bits and pieces of all the shit that's been killing my shape for the better part of a month, YEAH!]

Today I didn't do a HIIT on the tread, just ran 2 miles...first time I've done that since training for the Corps. Though I wanted to die afterwards and it was only a jog, my cardiovascular endurance is rediculous at this point.

Went into the basement for a heavy bag session, but ended up focusing on the Heian Shodan Kata. I finaly got Heian Shodan 1 down...(yup, just went over 'er in my head)gonna spend another week working on just the first bit before moving on to the second part of the Kata.

What I did actually do on the bag was, worked on head movement and arm placement during punches/kicks. I threw a combination and my lead arm dropped to my hip, I think it only happened that one ever...but I wanted to be sure. I also worked on some counter-kihons that I hope will work when I get some sparring in, hopefully next week or the week after, but they'll probably be really sloppy(or won't even work)at this point.

Bloodhound 03-06-2010 12:12 AM

Today...worked all damn day. Left home around 9:30/45 this morning didn't get home till 8:30/45 tonight. The pb sandwich worked pretty nicely, kept me decently filled up, along with an orange and a 20oz of green tea (also sadly a mtn dew). Ate a bowl of corn flakes for breakfast...but an entire medium pizza for dinner, so it all kinda seemed for naught.

Didn't do too much of anything workout wise today. Wanted to weightlift but ended up just working on Heian Shodan 1. Can't wait until Sunday when I get started on 2.

I moved everything around in the basement(training area minus treadmill) so that I could fit the second 5ft x 10ft mat I plan to buy on payday along with my heavy bag stand, and bench. I also need to buy more weights since I tire of having to rotate the same weights back and forth from holding the heavy bag down to the bench...I saw an olympic bar and 300lbs of weight on sale at Dicks for around 100 bucks, maybe find cheaper at Dunhams, not sure, have to check.

But...feel shitty for being mentally exhausted from work. Looked the bench over and flipped it off before coming upstairs to write this down. I think I'm gonna crash soon. No work tomorrow so hopefully I'll get my pansy ass moving!

Bloodhound 03-06-2010 09:57 PM

Another day, another morale blow. Got up this morning and weighed myself...7lb add. And to make myself feel better, I ate 2 eggs, sausage and hashbrowns gma made with iced tea to drink and orange juice. Didn't feel much better at all...just felt like a douche. Had a bologna...maybe thats the right spelling...sandwich for lunch, and some ritz crackers for a snack. Had fish and some noodley stuff for dinner. Slugged a protein shake down after the workout was over.

For today's workout I did a new drill on the bag.
25x everything with each limb in orthodox and southpaw:
Side Thrusts
Straight snaps
Straight thrusts

I also did Heian Shodan 1 some more. Getting pretty adept at it I think. The footwork was the hardest but I've gotten the steps and the spinning sweep block down almost to a tee I think...

Excited for more mat space to work the rest of the kata. Wednesday can't come any sooner!(payday)

Bloodhound 03-08-2010 09:14 PM

Feelin' alright abouts meself. Didn't eat too grotesquely(i wonder if thats even close) over the past two days. Had nothing really for breakfast, didn't have an appetite. Made a PB sandwich for lunch with an orange and some Green Tea for work. Once I got home I ate a piece of fish and some hashbrowns, with green beans. Then I went out with my friends...ate a burger at a restaraunt...DAMN!

For the workout I did a lot of Heian Shodan 1. I seem unsatisfied with my progress even though I plan to begin 2 on Wednesday when I buy myself another 5ftx10ft mat. I also added another new feature, a tennis ball hanging from a rope from the ceiling...I have a terrible problem with depth perception without my glasses...haven't bought contacts or started saving for Lasik( probably wrong too)surgery. And with the tennis ball on a string I'm able to work on my percieved distance with punches and kicks, as well as body/head movement on the ball's its appearing to be worth the 5 bucks for balls and cord. Other than that I whacked the bag a while, mostly kicks and a few combinations, but it wasn't the focus of the day's workout.

Today, I again didn't have an appetite in the morning, had a glass of milk and another of water though, just to get something in my stomach. Had another PB sandwich for lunch, this time with crackers, and orange and a Green Tea, however I also drank a mtn dew while at work. I had Keubasa(again rediculously bad spelling on my part)on bread with hashbrowns(gma loves to cook 'em)and green beans. I also slugged a protein shake after the workout that follows:

I went downstairs again, more Heian Shodan 1.

Did some Tabata on the bag:
4x80 vertical punchs (30 seconds per set)
Followed by the same with combinations:
jab-cross-hook-cross, jab-jab-cross-hook, jab-cross-jab-cross, jab-cross-backfist-cross

Finished with more depth perception with the tennis ball. I think my distancing is getting to where the normal SOB's is...maybe another month and I'll be secure with my own ability.

Bloodhound 03-17-2010 01:02 PM

Hey, its been a week. And I'm ****ed up again!(not drunk, just broken)

I don't remember my food intake over the past week, though I suspect it is was as terrible as my diet has been usual. Though this morning I ate nada and my stomach has yet to growl, but I do feel the edges of hunger coming on... I think I will stick with the whole, minimum food intake=less fattiness theory, it seems logical. That said I'm going down to one meal in the evening. Its not healthy since it makes the body go into survival mode, but its necessity at this point.

Workout wise over the past week its been more of the same. Heian Shodan 2 is beginning to fall into mucle-memory. I've been doing 25 Drills and shadowboxing as well as just slugging the bag. I also did some weight lifting again and added lunges to my wights workout.

I bought myself a gi off of the internet. I look funny as hell in it, like the stereotypical chunky karate guy. I gotta loose the gut, my ****in belt is barely long enough to tie and have a bit hanging down...neish geit in any way...

As for the brokenness, my gma's wonderful dog decided to go ape-shit and when I tried to wrangle him, I kicked an oak tv stand perty hard, now one of my toes is broken(3) and another is really sore(4) on my right foot. So no more lead/rear right leg roundhouses, or katas, or leg workouts until it starts to heal. So I guess I'm gonna be gettin' my swell on for a couple weeks...awesome.

Bloodhound 03-23-2010 04:43 PM

Five more days...wish it was five more workouts.

I started cutting down on intake over the past few days. Trying to normalize my intake before April 1st when I am beginning a much more rigorous routine than I am engaging in now.

I did some weight lifting on the 19th and 21st. On the 22nd I tried to work some kicks. My left leg strikes are geting significantly better, stopping the bag's momentum entirely or countering it completely with my shitty leg feels pretty good. Started working cresent kicks but found that outsides just aren't gonna work with my right, it jars the (still) broken toe too much. Overall cresents with my left leg are shitty, low height, low power, pisspoor. But its a brand new motion for my body so its gonna take some time to adjust.

Did a bunch of standup work, counters and lots of combinations.

Bloodhound 04-01-2010 10:33 PM

Been a while. Been feeling down on myself and haven't been hitting it really that much at all. I suspect my broken toe had a lot to do with my self-loathing over the past couple weeks.

I haven't been eating well. Not horribly like before, but not good at all. However today I broke with my new hopes of healthy eating and had a baconater from wendy's for lunch. Ate a couple (3) slices of pizza for dinner.

Last night was the first time I was hitting the bag hard again. Did a 25 Drill with everything. Lead right roundhouses were pretty solid and close to max power...but the rear right leg roundhouses had to be at much less power due to the broken toe that has not fully healed yet.

Tonight I ran a fair distance, it remains unknown but I ran almost all of it(except fat kid breakdown moments) and it took around 25 minutes to do it. I had a joking conversation today with a buddy of mine who trains as well about running till you yack. And to my credit, the first time I've run hard since fall, and I yacked on the ground in front of me...and didn't even break stride! I gotta say watching my spew all over the ground in front of me, and still pushing threw it felt great!

With my bettering foot, I hope to regain my Shotokan and hit the bag with full ferocity by the beginning of next week. Heres hoping right! :pray01:

North 04-01-2010 11:08 PM


Would you look at that.

Couldn't help but chuckle when I read this and put two and two together.

Way to hurl bro. That's pretty pro. No really, cool man. Get it on your new shoes, didn't ya?

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