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luger0 06-12-2010 12:50 AM

Luger's Training program
I started roughly 14-weeks back on a Monday.

I place a high priority on overall endurance Monday/Tuesday, go for maintenance lifting, cardio and runs Wednesday through Friday and do light workouts over Saturday/Sunday.

I have a 70-pound bag in a shed, there is no air or power in the shed. The only amenity within the shed is a pair of primitive shelves on one wall.

Soon there will be a trio of resistance cords and a speed bag. The cords will be a 15,30,& 50 pound.

Within the month there will be a bench-press set.

So far I do a routine of 5-10 sets of 30 for all of my lifts/exercises on the 1st day (Monday) then I double the set-load for the 2nd day (Tuesday)

The exercises are as follows:
1. Regular push-ups, Elevated Regs.
2. Regular diamond, Elevated Diamond.
3. Side Rotated Fist-Push ups, Elevated Fists.
4. Regular Fist-ups, Elevated Fist-ups.
5. Spider-man pushups, elevated.
6. Planche pushups, elevated.
7. Crunches, 40-pound crunch, 80-pound crunch.
8. Elevated leg crunch, 5 & 10 pound ankle weighted reverse.
9. 50 pound and 60 pound Pull-overs.
10. 75-pound bench-press.
11. Curls (dual-armed) 40 & 60 pound.
12. 2.5 pound punch training.
13. 15-30-50 pound strike training (as soon as the cords come).
14. 60 pound squat.
15. 60 pound dead-lift.
16. 60 pound dual armed overhead presses front and rear.
17. 30 pound single handed curls and 50 pounds.
18. 30 pound punches (dumbbell)
19. 30 pound overhead presses and 50 pounds
20. 30 pound sit ups with single-handed dumbbell.
21. 100-pound squats.
22. 100-pound dual arm curls.
23. 100-pound stair climbs.
24. 100-pound walks (30-minutes)
25. overhead pull-ups, weighted.

From 26-28 I try to do at least bi-weekly.

26. light ab curls on machine 60Lbs heavy is at 120lbs.
27. machine overhead press, light 80 pounds and heavy at 140 pounds.
28. hip press machine, light at 80 pounds mid at 180 and heavy at 250 pounds.

29. Cardio/strength mini-circuit: 5 regular push-ups, 5 lateral fist push-ups, 5 vertical fist push-ups, and then elevated versions of these for 5 each, then 5 60lb dual armed curl, 5 overhead dual press @ 60lb, and 5 60lb squats in under 2 minutes.

This is primarily the body workout portion.

Now for my Striking I have a 70-pound punching bag that I plan on attaching 2-45Lbs plates and possibly 2-10Lbs.

I am Working on a blend of boxing and muy thai.

Right now I work on the bag three times a week for at least an hour up to 3 hours. I don't stick to one set I'll mix in as I please.

For monday I work on shin conditioning: sets of 100 roundhouse waist-level or into the abdomen-core and I do at least 4-5 sets.

For Wednesday, I work more on combos with the leg-strike to clinch range with the elbows and knees. I'll throw a heavy roundhouse run to the bag and stay in striking to clinch-range for about 5-10 seconds then dart out and do 10 of these for a set and do 5 or 10 in a workout.

For Friday, I combine all together: The shin-conditioning and combos all in one. Friday's normally run 3-hours.

When I have a training partner I'll do what I like to call fight-pace training. I will use the combos, with leg & hand-strikes at full force, full speed for 5 minutes take 2 minutes off and do 10 rounds in a workout.

This method is where I exert all of my force as fast as possible to see where the breaking point is.

In a few weeks I'll start semi-live sparring with 2 partners.

If anyone wishes to comment and add any conjecture please feel free.

luger0 06-14-2010 09:37 AM

Today, I started at 6:30am.

I put in 4 sets of 15 50Lb dual-curls, 4 set of 10 50Lb Squat, 100 sit-up after stretching for about 25-minutes.

After this light workout I went for 20 minute jog roughly 2 or 2.5 miles.

I sucked ass on the run though, was only able to jog at a quarter of a race pace. I was a cross-country runner back in high-school. Give me a month or two and I'll be able back in running shape...(5m30s was my best 1st mile).

Later today I'll do another light workout like above then head to my shed and put in a 1-1.5 hour session on the bag working on my roundhouse-technique, I'll add in a driving strike as well for the legs.

I will also focus on a combo-set which I'm calling combo one for practical ease. It opens up with a heavy right-roundhouse, the bag doesn't move laterally with this one it actually goes back about a foot to two foot as it is traveling backwards I'll rush-in and put in 6-12 body shots followed by 4-8 head-strikes after the head-strike is done I back peddle and look for an opening.

I'll be doing a bare minimum of 5 sets for the combo one attack with about a minute of rest between each set.

After I finish work on (combo 1) I'll wrap the session up with 2 5-minute periods of mixed full-speed, full power striking.

My goal is to start running about 2 to 2.5 miles a day for a week or two then move to 4 mile-runs for another week or two and go about it like that until I can do an 8 mile run.

luger0 06-14-2010 10:52 AM

I was saying I was going to have the wisdom teeth out, now I will schedule this for the week starting after the 4th of July.

luger0 06-14-2010 07:24 PM

Today has gone well, my training partner has confirmed my leg-strikes are getting crisper this is great news.

I did 15 sets of my combo 1 attack. I sort of went tech savy today heh, I had the partner tape a half-set 5-combos on my cell phone. If and when I figure out how to get the movie off the phone I'll try to get it up on here.

I for the video I had one combo that was shit...the right-roundhouse was horrible, it didn't land flush and I rushed in way to close and it was just crap.

But hey, 1 totally worthless combo out of 5 isn't horrid since I've only done about a hundred attempts so far...

I found out my left leg isn't as useless as I thought prior today. For me it feels totally un-natural for me to use the left leg for a leg-strike.

I was able to pull off a snapping left-roundhouse with fairly good precision.

I worked on high roundhouses with the right as well and continousley struck around 6 foot one of the strikes fell a bit strange it struck the front-center of the bag all of my other strikes would land on the side of the bag.

I love throwing knees and elbows, but it is a pain when they just slide off the bag due to how much sweat is on the bag.

Overall I spent roughly 90-minutes on the bag today.

Is it really a problem in a fight situation dealing with sweat on the upper-torso in regards to striking with your knees or elbows?

luger0 06-15-2010 01:47 PM

I gotta love this pain I'm in, I can barely stand up or walk right now. I will be enduring worse pain where I'll hobble down my stairs to get to the basement in the next few weeks.

I am going through start-up pains from running. It'll be brutal but good. I get to enjoy an 8-hour night at work on top of all this heh..

luger0 06-16-2010 12:37 PM

I put in a nice 3 mile run earlier around 7am again.

I'm on track to maintain the body-workouts as I mentioned with my 1st run.

I plan on heading out and working on the bag for about 30-minutes to see how painful it'll be while getting used to running.

luger0 06-16-2010 05:52 PM

I ended up spending about an hour working on power with the bag today.

I was able to work the left a bit more today so this is progess for me.

I have to wait till I can buy some better gloves for working the bag until I go harder on my boxing skills.

Last night I started making smoothies with protein-powder, cherries and strawberries.

For today I finnished off the strawberries and cherries, I also added in green-bell pepper.

For my shakes I'm putting in about a 6-oz portion of water to 4-ounces of protein powder.

I am not sure how much a 3-pint or 48-ounce shake holds in calories but it's lasted roughly 4-hours.

luger0 06-17-2010 04:16 AM

Sorry guys, I forgot to post for yesterday.

I am starting up a new tear-down process come monday, I am in the middle of getting prepped for it...

My 1st tear-down left my arms in a state of recovery for about 4-days, it got to the point where I couldn't pick up a 2-4 pound pizza without cringing.

I have an 80-pound bag of salt in a trekking pack.

My goal for monday will be a bare minimum of:

10 sets of 10 @ 80-pounds dual-armed curl.
10 sets of 30 @ 60-pounds dual-armed curl.
10 sets of 50 full sit-ups.
10 sets of 15 leg lift crunch.
10 sets of 15 regular pushup
10 sets of 5 fist-pushups
10 sets of 5 pull-ups.
10 sets of 5 60-pound squats.
3-mile run.

For Tuesday I'll double this up.

I need a fresh base again :) It'll hurt like hell doing the 2nd day, but I'll be reaping the benefits.

I have had to lay off the 80-pound lift for a bit I hurt my right wrist a bit during the 5th week of training. This Monday coming marks my 15th week of training!

In prep I'll be doing half the workout I described up until Monday minus the 3-mile runs over Saturday/Sunday those will be my re-coup days from running.

I saw a blurb about Tiger Muy Thai, it would be killer to be able to go over to Thailand for 3-months, I did some calculations and it'd take me roughly $3,200 for the whole deal. Who knows if I'll be that lucky to be able to get some training from there prior to my 1st amateur fight.

Lord willing I'll get the chance.

I've done some wicked shit in the training, One of my worst and favorite drills is putting 10 pounds of wrist-weight on and focusing on technique punching.

A straight right punch will tear my muscles and leave me sore for at least 5 days. I hope to start doing this punch endurance on a regular basis soon.

If I can do the endurance training every other day I should be able to punch through the pain eventually right?

luger0 06-17-2010 04:23 AM

This coming week is going to be full at work one day off with 38-hours, this past week was at 46 and I put in around 30-35 hours of training.

I cannot lie the training is extremely brutal but I'm becoming a hell of a lot more agile at work.

A small history:

Back around 2004 I was working for my high-school and injured my back. I ended up pinching a nerve on the low right side, this eventually led me to believe that I had f..ked up my left achiles tendon. For awhile while I was a cross-country runner I could barely walk.

With the training I am pushing through to become a fighter, I feel more alive than I have in my entire life. With all of the endurance I had with running 5-8 mile runs that meant crap when all I wanted to do when I got home was sit on the pc or coach because my back hurt like hell.

I have been able to get my body into a form it really never has been in before and my chiropractor is shocked every time she sees me now. All of the stretches you guys are talking about are accelerating my recovery. I have never in my life been able to extend my legs to a straight-line and now I can.

It is humbling and I must thank anyone who has contributed to helping me now and who will in the future.

luger0 06-17-2010 10:39 PM

Hey guys,

I've gotten in a good day of body-workouts:

I pushed myself a little further than planned and feel great.

I have done 15 set of 10 80LB dual armed curl, 15 set of 30 60 pound curls, 350 sit-ups and 125 diamond push-up.

The right wrist is a little sore, but I still can throw shadow-boxing drills without it affecting me. If I can't shadow I know I've done horrid on the form of my dual-armed curl.

I'll be heading off for a 7-hour night-shift as an overnight stocker at the grocery-store. I plan on trying to take it easy tomorrow. I'll be getting out around 5am, then I need to take a quick nap get up around 9am go pick my check up get a meal in and at noon head to the chiropractor.

Once I get done there I'll head straight-home and sleep till 7 or 9pm and do an 10pm till 5am shift Friday night.

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