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JakeS 07-01-2010 04:59 AM

Time to Blog, I mean Train
Logging my training seems like the appropriate thing to start doing right now so here I go.

Very General: I lived in Cincinnati most of my life and am going to college in Asheville this Fall.

Pretty General: I will be training all year and hopefully competing 3 months a year on my college's mountain bike team and I want to spend the rest of the year in different fighting disciplines. I think long-term periodization wise varying my sports like that could work out pretty well.

General: I have a strong lifting background. I have a strong cardio background. I did taekwondo(I know it sucks) for a few years, wrestled a season, and have trained in boxing 10 times. and a lot of other unrelated sports.

More Specific: I had my first backyard-ish fight earlier tonight 3, 2 min rounds. Analyzation: I won. I was a able to land 3 stomach shot taekwando-ish kicks (sorry i don't know how to use my shin), had about four take downs (although I had no idea what to do after the takedown), a lot of good crosses, I'm a southpaw, and.............a KO spinning backfist to end the fight thanks to watching youtube earlier today. It was against this dushbag pretty-boy who's swimming for a division1 college next year. He was in much better shape than me but a true girly man....anyways the KO got me exicted about fighting,
to the point where I'm stil up at 5A.M. typing.

Even More Specific: Honestly, half my athletic focus is on mountain biking for the next four years (till I graduate) but I figure I can say "biked today, hard workout" on an MMA forum without issue versus "knocked a dude out today" on a mountain bike forum and people are like wtf is this kid.

Most Speicifically: I made a goal a little over 6 months ago (as my high school athletics wrap up) to compete as an amateur in MMA. From there:

Cardio/Strength: I've already been as fast/strong as I would ever need to be during my school sports training but it went something like this....8th grade cross country: I was a fast little skinny shit....9th grade football: eating and lifting got me jacked up but I lossed some my goal is to have both speed and strength at the same time. Hence, the goals are really just my old bests.

Summer 2011: I'm returning to Cinci for the summers
From Furthest time frame to Current...Next Summer I want to put down the money $300 to go train at JG's gym and hopefully have first fight at end of summer. Not party much and just: work, train, and chill everyday. Maybe even some MMA specific conditioning.

Spring/Winter 2011
Regain all my 1-rep maxes: 215lbs. hang clean, 240-60 lbs. bench, I think squat was around 295lbs. but biomechanically deadlifting is easier for me (long arms and torso) so squat and dealdift over 300lbs. hopefully probably more.......I think I could do most of my heavy lifting work in the winter and spring when there's not much else to do outside.

Spring/Winter 2011
Regain my Stamina, Speed: So obviously almost all my "roadwork" will be bike riding cause of the whole college team thing but I figure I could work in some swimming in the winter and running in the spring to compete with my old running times with a sub 12:00 2mile, and sub 28 or 29 second 200 meter sprint to work both speed endurance/lactic acid parts of cardio and my faster twitching muscle fibers. and hopefully ski a lot

*Pending me having a car at college, theres a boxing gym near my school I may train at in the spring. Also there is a wrestling club at the college, just once a week, but it'll keep my ground game while I'm away

Fall 2010: Adjusting to college, train with the mountain bike team and hopefully compete, just trying to study and make friends.

Rest of summer 2010: Well a couple days ago I put down the $140 it takes to train at Vision MMA in Cincinnati for two months.So I'll try to go like 4 classes a week something like: .wrestlin
and ride my bike like 5 days a week

I'm in okay shape now but I nearly throw up everytime I go hard for like 6 rounds. This winter/fall I'll work strength endurance goals:I'll caculate them later...........I would love to say 60 pull-ups, 500 sit-ups, 400 push ups and 300 bench dips in an endurance workout like they do for the military special forces, but I have never worked at strength endurance that hard and I do like 20 pullups, and 125 pullups and situps, when I work strength endurance "workouts"(if you could even call them that it takes like 15 minutes total). But hey, maybe a year from now....

well if you read all this your either really bored or probly confused by my poor english...anyways typing it all out helps me figure out how I'm going to do it all so thanks for the open space on the internet!

JakeS 07-01-2010 05:06 AM

oh yea, Also I'm 6ft. and 3-4 inches. Within the past four years at my strongest I weighed 210 at my fastest under 170, yea and I wrestled at 145lbs the year before that. I'm at 195 right now and figure I'd fight at 185 but if I'm strong enough, hell, why not fight the slower guys at 205lbs. I'm gonna bike tomm and go to jiu jitsu hopefully. haha and play frisbee golf maybe to work on my focus.

mroutdoorsman 07-02-2010 12:33 AM

Welcome to the training side of the forums! If you need any help with anything or have any training specific questions feel free to ask

JakeS 07-02-2010 02:46 AM

@outdoorsman,Hey thanks for the response, I'm sure I'll take you up on your offer soon......

So, I got up today with my left shoulder (to my power hand) feeling like it had been seperated. The soreness has already decreased substantially but I'm sure glad I wasn't on the receiving end of the punches I threw last night. I have to help my dad move all tommorow and I leave on vacation for a week this weekend so I'll be on my bike everyday but it doesn't look like I'll be training again at the gym until the 12th.

My friend got a picture from the fight last night so I'll try to post it up. I'm in the black gloves and you can see where my left crosses really made a nice dent on the other guys right cheek.

JakeS 07-02-2010 02:53 AM

1 Attachment(s)
Me vs. D1 swimmer pretty-boy

JakeS 07-02-2010 10:07 PM

I moved heavy stuff all day helping my dad move houses. Came home and slept three hours. The soreness on my left arm has gotten less in my shoulder and more in my arm now so I think it'll be mostly gone by tommorow. Again, this week happens to be my vacation week so I won't be in the gym.

JakeS 07-08-2010 11:48 PM

vaca has been great. on my bike everyday, granted most of my mental energy has been spent on girls and partying, I can't wait to get back in the gym next monday.

JakeS 07-18-2010 02:16 AM

Got back from vacation only to find out I have ringworm on my arm, meaning a can't train my ground game right now. I'm still training four days a week like I wanted to but its all standup boxing. I'm also staying with biking 4-5 days a week. Went dirt biking today and swear that the speed and reaction time I've gotten through boxing is making me better at riding.

JakeS 07-28-2010 12:12 AM

I was at the doctor today for my annual checkup and he said he didn't "think" my ringworm was cantagious any longer. I've basically just been doing like 7 four minute rounds of boxing and not much sparring. I have been riding my bike a lot too cause I want to get on my schools mountain bike team. I cant say I'm terribly enthused about either of my sports: fighting, or mountain biking right now because I'm about to enter college without a car for 1st semester meaning A. The only fighting I can do is once a week "wrestling club" (i'm hoping theres a punching bag in the athletic center at the college so I can keep up the decent hands I have now) d B. I'm gonna have so much social, academic, and work crap on my hands plus mountain bike race season... I have a ton of work inside and outside of sports I have to do, and while its all stuff I want to do, its going to take time...probly about a year, before the results (race placings, and actual amateur fights) start showing up...I got a text tonight about another one of these backyard fights. Some "chunky" kid who's like 18 and has a kid is willing to fight me. He boxed for cincinnati high school boxing league for a year. Everyone says I'd beat him but I've boxed with the kids from there before and there tough as s-it. I don't really want to get into a slugfest and get a headache even if I do win, plus I have to say goobye to my girlfriend this week cause of the whole college deal so I'm just too mopy and feeling sorry for myself to get in there and fight a fat kid (we weigh the same he's just outta shape). If I do fight em I'll get a friend to take pics and post em for you folks to see!

JakeS 07-29-2010 02:37 AM

I didn't end up fighting tonight which I am thankful for. Two other kids from my area did fight,,,,one being the kid in the picture several posts above, he was super crazy pissed agressive all throws and wild punches. Then we heard this pop and the other kid starts screaming. He had broke his damn ankle. Closed fracture but still....glad I didn't fight tonight. enough about that

Training wise I started learning kicks today. To my surprise the muscle memory I had from TKD as a 6 year old stuck to me. So my accuracy is actually pretty good I just have to get the pivot, look, lower shoulder, snap with the shin part down. I'm loving the freedom of combos I can throw with the kicks. so much funner than orthodox boxing.

Combos Practiced:

Lead foot comes back a little + punch with lead hand (but it's powered like a cross cause your lead foots back) + Kick with lead foot

Fake or real kick with lead foot + come around with back foot and kick

jab + lead foot kick

& The kick where you just strait kick em in the chest with your heel if they come in too fast

I'm really loving this kicking stuff especially as a southpaw with a little wrestling background cause I have sooo many ways I'm a threat and I can do everything basically from the same mma stance. the more I learn in this sport, the more I like it

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